Valentine’s Day

16 Feb

This year, I was sick on Valentine’s Day.  So I suppose it is a good thing that I despise the holiday.  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  If so, please explain to me why.  I won’t judge because I realize I am not in the majority of the world when I hate the day.  But I just don’t get it.  I think love should be celebrated and expressed every day.  And I also don’t think that giving me expensive flowers that will die, chocolate that will make me fat, and a teddy bear that will go in the next garage sale is the best way to show me your love.  You want to rock my world?  Clean my house, do the dishes, let me have a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book….don’t spend money on overpriced junk.  Luckily I am married to a wonderful man who totally gets me.

I think the first time I told Joseph if he bought me anything for Valentine’s Day, I would be mad at him he panicked.  Multiple people told him, “No she’s just saying that and you better get her something.”  So when he asked me again I assured him that if he bought me anything, I would break up with him.  The terror in his eyes told me he was trying to decipher if this was some sort of cruel test.  I told him if he must do something, then he could make me dinner.  I didn’t want to go anywhere and wait for a table for an hour to have crappy service because the restaurant was over crowded and under staffed.   He decided to make me lamb chops with mint jelly which I had never had before and I fell in love – with lamb and with him.  It was so good.

So now, Valentine’s Day is just a regular day with lamb for dinner.  And I am perfectly okay with that.

But anyways, I was sick Valentine’s Day but towards the afternoon I was feeling a bit better so I decided to go to the grocery store so we could actually have food for the week.  I have never in my life seen so many individual men completely confused.  They were all standing in the floral section trying to pick out flowers, balloons, baskets of God knows what, chocolate covered strawberries, cards, etc worth about a tenth of what they probably paid for them.  I felt so bad for them then so thankful that my husband would never be one of those men.  So tell me again how picking out a last-minute panic gift at the grocery store is romantic?  Do you actually eat the chocolate filled with toothpaste or keep the massive “I LOVE YOU” Mylar balloon?  Does that red teddy bear sit on some bed in your house or become a dog toy?  I truly want to understand it.  I am a frugal person so you obviously get why I can’t understand spending $100 on flowers that will cost $17 next week.  I don’t even like Joseph buying flowers in a vase for me.  I tell him if he wants to get me flowers, pick them on the side of the road or get the little individual sets at HEB and I will piece them together in a vase I already have at home.  They look just as good for a fraction of the price and I still know he loves me – in fact I know he loves me even more because he spent less because he knows I love a good deal.

When you are sick on Valentine’s Day, watching TV is a challenge.  I am clearly not the sappy, love-story girl but when I turned on the TV, Titanic was playing.  Why in the world I didn’t change the channel beats the hell out of me but I decided to watch it.  If you haven’t seen the movie, spoiler alert – it’s 20 years old, and I don’t care.  We all know Jack dies at the end and Rose is a selfish idiot for more reasons than just not sharing the raft (although I completely understand that the thing wouldn’t have stayed afloat with both of them on it seeing as he tries to get on it too but it sinks so he lets her get on it by herself)…

Clearly ROOM for two (buoyancy is another issue)

I found this clever pic online – Clearly ROOM for two (buoyancy is another issue)

But it got me thinking about another scenario….if Rose would’ve just gotten on the damn life boat, Jack would’ve survived and they would’ve lived happily ever after….How?  Because she would’ve been on the boat all safe and warm, he would’ve gone off into the water with the ship and froze NEARLY to death BUT HE would’ve been on the floating door or whatever Rose was hogging and HE would’ve been saved by the life boat that came back by blowing the whistle.  So Rose is dumb and the movie made me sad and then pissed and it’ll probably be another 20 years before I can watch it again.  But I suppose love makes you do stupid things…like spend $300 on flowers and chocolate and bears and crap.

So I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Dayheart-eye-emoji

As a side note I feel as though I should explain that I am not a hater of love.  I love love.  I just hate the commercialization and expectations that February 14th gives…I just have the expectations that it should be expressed every day…and not with gifts. Stepping off soap box now…kthanksloveyoubye!

Happy New Year!!

18 Jan

Seriously?!?  2017?!?  I still feel like it should be 2014… honestly where does the time go?  I never believed anyone older than me that said “oh just wait, it goes by faster and faster every year!”  I thought it was a bunch of crap!  But I honestly think I blinked and 2 whole years have flown by!  Have I been in a coma?? Nope.  Just busy living life and thank God I have pictures to prove it otherwise I think I really would believe I have been in a coma for 2 years!  Soooo…to catch you up to speed on everything that happened since my last post that was in *cough* September *cough* through the end of 2016 – here you go!

HEB Dinner

You're Bacon Me Hungry

Did you know HEB does these little dinners where you buy tickets and have a multiple course dinner right there in the middle of the store?  Sounds crazy and awkward, right?  Well it is!  But you know what else it is?  DELICIOUS!! Our friend Angela convinced several of us to participate in a HEB dinner that’s theme was “You’re BACON me hungry!”  Every course had bacon in it (which was really all she needed to convince me to go) plus they were paired with a different Saint Arnold’s beer.  Everything was SO tasty!  I would definitely recommend it.  You just have to ignore the people actually shopping for groceries around you hahaha

Hurt Hummingbird at the Lake


I was up at the lake house on the phone with my friend Jessica in the living room when I heard a loud “THUMP!” against the window.  I went outside to see what it was and there was this tiny little hummingbird in the crack of the deck, not moving.  Of course being the animal lover I am, I freaked out!  I thought he was dead!  I got on the ground and noticed he was still breathing but he just wasn’t moving.  I was worried maybe he broke his little neck when he flew into the window.  I picked him up and just soothed and pet him trying to get him to wake up because the poor little guy knocked himself out!  Eventually he came to and perched up on my finger looking around.  I sat there holding him for about 30 minutes.  It was so awesome seeing such a beautiful creature up close and actually being able to hold him.  I love hummingbirds and have always found them fascinating but to see him still and up close was just incredible.  He eventually flew off (but not before I captured a few pictures and videos) and I hopefully went to his little hummingbird family and lived happily ever after.

More Lake House Fun


We always have a great time with family and friends up at my in-law’s lake house where we can relax and enjoy each other’s company!  So blessed!

Making Wreaths


My mom saw a Halloween wreath and wanted me to make one for her friend’s cancer benefit.  So I did.  And I liked it so much, I decided to make one for my house as well because I didn’t have a Halloween wreath yet!  I also made a Christmas wreath for the benefit too….still need to get around to making me a new Christmas one but that’s a project for a different day.

More Fishing


Since we bought a boat, we (or at least Joseph) try to take it out as often as possible.  We gotta get our money out of the thing….which means we still have a lot more fishing to do…That monster fish in the bottom right picture is a drum and he was massive!

Girls Wine Weekend


We took our 2nd Girls Trip/Wine Weekend to Fredericksburg, TX again this year!  A few of us went hiking up Enchanted Rock then we all went on tours to a few different wineries.  And as always, it was so much fun! Great wine and great times were had by all!

Dewberry Farms with my Favorite Girls


I just absolutely love my nieces.  Even when they are being total stinkers, they are some of my favorite people in the world.  We’ve had such a fun trip to Dewberry Farms.  I mean, look at these faces?  How can you not love them to pieces?

Big Ol’ Blueberries


Look at these blueberries!! Random, I know but they are the biggest ones I have ever seen so I had to share…

Dehydrating Things


We bought a dehydrator and decided to try out different things.  So far we have done deer jerky, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, apples, and mangos.  Bananas are by far my favorite.  No, we didn’t dehydrate a cat but doesn’t this banana slice look just like Grumpy Cat?? hahaha cracks me up every time…

Uncle Bill’s 50th Birthday


My uncle turned 50 and we celebrated with him at Papa’s Ice House.

Inflatable 5k


Neva and I did our first Inflatable 5k!  It was really cold but fun!  I expected more inflatable obstacles but I suppose they have to fit in 5k worth of distance in there somewhere…shocker that my least favorite part of a 5k is the running…

Hailey’s 3rd Birthday


This little munchkin turned 3 this year!! Isn’t she precious?!?

Broken Finger


Sooo…I broke my middle finger.  I was playing tug-o-war with Duddley annnnd HE WON! Yay for Duddley.  Somehow my finger slipped weird on the rope and I heard a loud “POP!”  Turns out, it was my bones breaking through the joint closest to my fingernail.  So great, right?  Luckily it was my left hand but you’d be surprised how much you use your middle finger on your non-dominant hand…happy to report that I didn’t need surgery which was originally a concern and the big ugly brace is finally off of my finger!

Tiny Lizard


I was sitting in the living room when I saw Hemi playing with something by the front door.  Seemed like she might have a critter (she does that sometimes, typically lizards) so I jumped up to save whatever she was trying to mangle.  Turns out it was the tiniest lizard I have ever seen!  He was so cute!  I took a couple of pics of him then set him on his merry way in the flower bed.

Duddley’s Birthday


We celebrated Duddley’s 9th birthday!  I can’t believe that little stinker is already 9 years old!  He got a puppy latte from Starbucks and a really big bone!  (If you’ve never taken your dog to Starbucks, you should.  They give you a free little cup of whip cream called a puppy latte or puppacchino!)



We had a wonderful Christmas this year!  Great time spent with friends and family!  (Also, Duddley and Hemi both had Christmas outfits…and I’m pretty sure they both hated me for it…)

New Year’s Eve


This year, Joseph and I just stayed home and celebrated New Year’s Eve by ourselves.  Joseph made a prime rib for the first time for our New Years Eve dinner and it was AMAZING!!!  I made a horseradish sauce and au jus sauce along with jalapeno cheese grits and salad (salad recipe courtesy of HEB dinner that we attended earlier in this post).  If only prime rib wasn’t so dang expensive because I would happily eat that once a week.  It was a great year to finish off 2016!

Happy New Year, everybody!!


“…pure randomness.”

9 Sep

Remember that time I said I would be better about posting this year and it turns out I am a total liar?  I do.  And I am so ashamed.  It is like I blinked and literally half of the year is gone!! Where did it go?

Let’s see….there was:

I had Another Abnormal Pre-Skin Cancer Spot Removed


Horrible to have stitches in the crease of your hip…not ideal for sitting…

Gina’s Bachelorette Party in Cancun, Mexico


Gina’s Bridal Shower


Hosted this at my house with the other Bridesmaids and Gina’s Mom

Flooding in Houston


This is in our neighborhood one evening then the next morning

Gina & Kevin’s Wedding


Such a beautiful wedding.  Love Gina and Kevin to pieces!

Our Trip to Africa


Absolutely the best trip ever.  I want to go back right now! (I will post a more detailed blog, possibly multiple blogs, about our amazing experiences in Africa.)

We Bought a Boat

Boat and Fishing.png

Our new boat (Joseph seems to think it’s just his boat) and the fish we’ve caught on it.  Notice Joseph’s and Gina’s large Red Fish and Mom’s massive trout…Yes my fish is tiny but it was the first trout ever caught on the boat so it had to be documented…and no, I didn’t keep it.  It would’ve been bait before it was a keeper….

My 10-Year High School Reunion


Go Wildkats! C/O 2006!

Trips to the Lake House


Spitting Watermelon seeds and fishing with Uncle Joseph

Work Trip + CrossFit Games in California


Had to take a work trip to California so Korey, Neva, and Gina decided to go with me so we could go to the Crossfit Games and support #TeamDensity and Crossfit Overtake!

The Olympics


We had 2 sets of Beer Olympics this year.  One at Zachapalooza (Zach’s birthday weekend) with Teams Texit, South Africa, Jamaica, and Native Americans and One at Neva and Korey’s with Teams Germany, South Africa (year we reused, don’t judge me), Brazil, and Jamaica and we can’t forget the USA Ref who took his role very seriously…

Flooding in Louisiana


One of my co-workers and I drove 50 storage bins to three members of our team that had their homes destroyed by the flooding in Louisiana. The devastation was so sad.  If you can donate something, anything, many people are still in need of a lot of items.  

Sooooo many birthdays


Big Kat, Neva, Kaitlyn, Paige, Joseph, Me, Chloe, Jessica, and Gina….and these are just the ones I caught on camera…

and all kinds of random things in between.


Mom adopted a dog that found her and named her Lady, we did a Walk for Autism Awareness, Bald Eagles apparently visit our neighborhood, our friend Tanner Kloven got a radio station gig and you can listen to him on 103.7 KVIL if you live in Dallas or on the app, Chloe had a dance recital and sooo many more events that I just don’t have pictures of…

I know I say this alllll the time but I really am going to try to be better about posting more often.  I used to post during my lunch break but now that I work through lunch, I can’t do that anymore.  I will figure something out and get better!  Thanks for sticking with me! Love you guys!

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