7 Sep

I really didn’t think one of my first posts would be about anything celebrity related but the VMAs were on last night…

First of all, I am not sure why I bother watching this anymore.  It gets worse every year.  The biggest question I have though is, “How can MTV keep hosting the Video Music Awards if they don’t even play music videos anymore?!? It’s all trash TV now!”

Anyways, here are my thoughts on the VMAs this year:

Kevin Hart.  He is a tiny little guy.  I knew he was short from seeing his stand-up shows (no pun intended) but I didn’t realize how short until I saw him standing next to everyone on stage.

Given this is next to Dwight Howard so anyone would look short, but still.

Lil’ Wayne.  Why do they ALWAYS have Lil’ Wayne perform each year?  We can’t even hear the song because so much is bleeped-out due to the explicit language.  Either don’t bleep him out, or don’t have him perform.  I would rather hear all the terrible things he says than to have to wonder if the signal with my cable is skipping constantly through his performance.  And I am pretty sure with all profanity they had to cut out, MTV missed a very important line by Mr. “2 Chainz” where he said something along the lines of turning a “Camel Toe” into a casserole…and Lil’ Wayne when he referred to a female being on her period.  Wow.  How was this song approved? But then, what can you really expect from this?

Jersey Shore.  I saw a commercial advertising the last season of Jersey Shore. FINALLY!  Maybe once that’s over, the IQ of our nation can start to rise…here’s to wishful thinking.

PSY.  For those of you who didn’t know who that Asian guy was that came out from under the stage with host, Kevin Hart, his name is PSY and he has a surprisingly catchy video on YouTube called Gangnam Style.  You can watch it here.  **Warning: This song will get stuck in your head and you will want to learn his sweet dance moves.**

Green Day.  It was nice seeing Green Day perform again.  I haven’t heard anything from them in a while so that was a fun little treat.

Chris Brown.  Chris, WTF is up with your hair?  You look like a fool.  As we were watching the show, my dad said, “Who is that, Dennis Rodman?”  haha cracked me up because it’s so true.

Chris Brown

Dennis Rodman

Alicia Keys.  Interesting performance.  Definitely not her best.  Was expecting a little more but the song sounds like it would be good on the album.  It was neat that they included the Fab 5 but I wish Gabby Douglas would’ve worn a tighter shirt because it was a little awkward that her top fell over her head with every flip and handspring, especially because she is only 16.

And last but certainly not least,

Katy Perry.  I’m sad my girl, KP, didn’t win any awards but I still love her!  Didn’t she look gorgeous?!  I am loving the black hair now that it is back!

Overall, I thought it was awful.  Just bad.  There were a few nice things but I could’ve spent my time doing something productive instead of watching this junk.  Will I learn from this and not watch next year? Probably not.

What did y’all think about the VMAs this year?  Is it just a sign of me getting old and not appreciating MTV anymore or was it bad to everyone else, too?


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