Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football

9 Sep

**UPDATE! Please see my update at the end of this post**

Yesterday was a big day in Aggieland!

ESPN College Gameday.  First Game of the Season.  First SEC Conference Game Ever.

As soon as we arrived in College Station, I was overwhelmed with a swarm of nostalgia.

Our first game in the SEC Conference was against the Florida Gators.

Rotisserie Gator at an Aggie Tailgate!

Before the game, we visited my old roommate’s tailgate.  So good to see Laura, which usually only gets to happen during Aggie Football Season because she is being a smart kid in med-school.

1/4 Dr. Laura

After visiting Laura and her family, we went over to Nicole’s family’s tailgate.

Me, Kooken, Nicole, Molly

We munched on some pork, potatoes, beans, chips and dips, about a million sweets, and of course adult beverages before going on a mission to find our friends, Dano and Ali.  (I accidentally left my phone at home so this was a little bit more difficult than it needed to be.)  We walked around a bit, pit-stopping at other tailgates, before deciding it was nearly impossible and headed back to Nicole’s tailgate because the game was about to start.

Joseph and I didn’t get season tickets this year because the price went up quite a bit from last year and being the cheap asses we are, we decided against it. -Not to mention the fact that he was only able to make it to 3 of the 7 home games last year due to work.-  After being in Aggieland on game day, we immediately regretted this decision.

There were a few issues with the TV at Nicole’s tailgate so we walked down to another guy’s tent . (I didn’t know who he was but apparently some of my friends did?) Either way, we posted up in his tailgate with him to watch the game.

Then Dano and Ali found us!

Zach, Dano, Ali, Me

The game kicked off at 2:30 and we were all pumped!  The Aggies had a great start, ending the first half with a 17-10 lead.  But then the second half came along…

Anyone who watched an A&M game last season knows that we were pretty good at choking in the second half.  We would lose stamina, make bad plays, and miss perfect scoring opportunities.  But this is a new season, which brings new optimism!

Sadly, we were let down once again.  The Gators scored a field goal and then a touchdown with the extra point, making the score 20-17 Florida.  And that’s exactly how it ended…the Aggies, unfortunately, not scoring a single point in the second half.

Joseph, how do you feel about the game?

If the Florida Gator fans that I met this weekend are any indication of the fans we will meet in the SEC Conference, I am thrilled!  Every Gator that we came across was so friendly and respectful of our school, fans, and property…which can definitely not be said about the tortilla flingin’ Texas Tech fans who would vandalize our statues and buildings when they came to visit.

Ever seen a Gator Pimp Suit?

To be perfectly honest, I was not expecting an Aggie Blow-Out against the Florida Gators.  This was our first game of the season and our first game in the SEC conference.  We have a new coach and a new freshmen quarterback.  Overall, I was disappointed that we didn’t play the same game in the second half as we did in the first, but am still excited for this season.  This is a big change for Texas A&M and I still believe that it is for the better!


**UPDATE:  I was shown this blog today and thought you may want to check it out.  It is a Gator fan’s experience at this game in Aggieland.  Honestly, gave me goosebumps.  So proud to be an Aggie!**

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  1. Brittney Barbre September 12, 2012 at 4:43 PM #

    Wow, Jeff Whittle’s blog gave me tears!

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