10 Sep

On my page telling you about me, I said my cat is the best cat in the world.  I know you are thinking, “Prove It!”  And that is exactly what I am about to do…

1)  You may be saying to yourself, “Cats are stupid” or “I hate cats” or “Dogs are so much better.”  I like dogs too and that’s why Hemi and I get along so well.  SHE ACTS EXACTLY LIKE A DOG.  Hemi will greet me when I get home with love and affection, she comes to me when I call her name, she will do anything for a treat and she is loyal to me and only me.

2) SHE HAS EXTRA TOES!  Hemi is polydactyl, which is actually how I got the name for her.  **Warning: You are about to get smacked in the face with a history lesson** Earnest Hemingway was given a polydactyl cat by a ship captain and fell in love with them.  His home in Florida, which is now the Hemingway Museum, houses somewhere around 50 descendants of his cats (about half of which are polydactyl). If you want to know more about Hemingway cats you can check it out here.  So obviously I named Hemi after Earnest Hemingway, not a Dodge Hemi like some people think…I’ve never even driven a Dodge.

Permanent Mittens

Hemi is actually a little rare even for the polydactyl world because she has extra toes on all 4 paws, making her even more awesome.  Most polydactyl cats only have extra toes on the front feet.  She’s my little freak of nature and I love her for it.

3) SHE IS THE SOFTEST CAT EVER.  Hemi has fur like a chinchilla.  For those of you who have never touched a chinchilla, you are missing out.  They are the softest animal in the world (seriously).  I used to have one as a pet, named Chewy, but he died shortly before we found Hemi.  I am convinced that Hemi is a reincarnation of Chewy because I’ve never felt a cat as soft as Hemi, they are the same color, and the timing was super eerie.


4)  SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.  Like abnormally beautiful.  Just look at her.


5) SHE LIKES TO CUDDLE WITH ME.  Whenever I sit or lie down, Hemi usually will follow me to either be right on top of me or at least touching me.

Look at Hemi, not me. I didn’t know I was going to be in this picture when it was taken.

This is how she sleeps almost every night

6)  SHE HELPS ME DO LAUNDRY.  Okay, so Hemi doesn’t necessarily help, but she thinks she does…either that or she just loves warm laundry.  It never fails that as soon as I take my clothes out of the dryer to hang or fold them, she climbs on top.

Blanket of T-Shirts

Clothes didn’t even make it out of my laundry basket before she found them

At least I was able to fold these jeans before she made them into a pillow

G) SHE LOVES ME SO MUCH, SHE DELAYS ME LEAVING HER.  I don’t know how she does it but the second I think about leaving for an over-night trip anywhere, Hemi knows and tries to stop me either by loving on me, trying to play with me, rolling around on the clothes I have folded so I have to fold them again, or in the case below, climbing in the bag I am trying to pack.

8) SHE SLEEPS IN WEIRD POSITIONS.  Hemi will fall asleep anywhere in any position.  Besides the ones shown below, she has also been known to fall asleep with her head hanging off of the bed or cat-tower, sitting straight up, or tucked under my covers with her head sticking out like a human.

on her back like a dog

stretched out, twisted, and on top of the TV remote

cute, little ball of fur

9) SHE MADE THE CONROE COURIER PET CALENDAR!  In 2009, Hemi was voted by North Houston into the Conroe Courier’s Pet Calendar using the picture below.  So basically, she is famous.

bad quality, sorry. I had to take a picture of the picture that was printed on computer paper…

10)  SHE CAN IMPERSONATE A RABBIT.  Either that or she hates Joseph holding her like that…I’m thinking it may be the latter of the two.

Now, I realize that I may be considered in your book as a “Crazy Cat Lady,” and for that, Hemi is judging you…


4 Responses to “Hemidactyl”

  1. mbneeley September 10, 2012 at 2:12 PM #

    I must agree, Hemi is the best kitty ever !!

  2. Morgan Pineda September 12, 2012 at 9:51 AM #

    I just laughed out loud at the very last pic! I am not a cat person but Hemi is pretty dang cute!

  3. Brittney Barbre September 12, 2012 at 4:37 PM #

    omgsh. you are a nut.


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