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14 Sep

Today is my off-Friday! Whoop!

I work a 9/80 schedule which means I work an extra hour each day to get every other Friday off. It’s pretty great.  I don’t know why every company doesn’t implement a 9/80 or 4/10 schedule.  I think they would have a lot more satisfied employees if they did.  It makes my job a lot more pleasant to have 3-day weekends on a regular basis.  Plus on those Fridays I can take care of errands I need to run and keeps me from taking off days during the week for doctor and dentist appointments.

Speaking of doctor appointments…I had one today.  I deliberately schedule the majority of appointments early in the morning because they are less likely to be behind schedule early in the morning.  Well joke’s on me because not only did I not get to sleep in this morning, I also had to wait OVER AN HOUR in the waiting room before they called me back to the room.  I then proceeded to wait another 20 minutes before the doctor even came in.  And of course the doctor only stays in there for maybe 7 minutes so it really makes me wonder how they get so behind schedule all the time…who is taking up all their time if my appointment takes less than 10 minutes?!?

Yesterday when I was getting on the freeway, I merged behind a little red car going about 40 mph.  With no one in front of her, she slams on her brakes…for absolutely no reason.  After almost rear-ending her, I get in the other lane to pass her.  As I am passing her, I look over at her (like every driver experiencing road rage) to give her a ‘go to hell’ look and notice SHE IS HOLDING AN INFANT CHILD IN HER ARMS!!!  Seriously.  A baby.  Not in a car seat, in a car going 25 under the speed limit and driving like an idiot.  I swear everyone should have to go through a parenting test before breeding.  There is no way half the people in this world would qualify to be suitable parents.

The other day we made turkey lettuce wraps.  They are really simple to make, only involving a few ingredients, but they are oh so delicious.  I usually make a large quantity of lettuce wraps to take to work for lunch throughout the week.  As I was packing my lunch one night, I knocked the entire Tupperware off the counter and spilled it everywhere on the floor!  I was so upset!  If you don’t know, I am pretty cheap and ground turkey is expensive!  All to be fed to my kitchen floor.

I’m not going to lie, I honestly wanted to cry.  So much delicious food, not to mention money, wasted after only 1 serving.

For all you brides out there thinking of trashing your dress after your wedding, you may want to reconsider.

On August 27th, Maria Pantazopoulos drowned during her photo shoot when trashing her dress in a river.  The weight of her dress after being submerged in water was too much for her to handle and she was taken by the river’s current.  Her body was found 2 hours later.  Such a sad story. Click here to read more.

Maria Pantazopoulos

On a lighter note, the finale of America’s Got Talent was last night.  I was surprised that William Close or, my personal favorite, Tom Cotter didn’t win.  Tom Cotter is a comedian and is absolutely HILARIOUS.

Check out one of his performances on AGT here.

I heard on the ABC news last night about a guy paying for a traffic ticket in Jersey Village (near Houston) in 137 $1 bills in the shape of origami pigs.  Not only did he pay in pigs, he put them all in two Dunkin’ Donuts boxes!  He thought the ticket was BS because of the money trap so he paid accordingly.  He recorded the whole thing on video.  Kind of a slap in the face to cops, but funny none-the-less.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  I, for one, will be enjoying the rain!

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