“…pure randomness.”

19 Sep

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

So pass along the joy to yer mateys and celebrate this marvelous holiday!


I hardly ever have dreams at night.  Or at least I have seldom recollection of them.  Last night was a rarity in my book.  “What was this dream about?” you might ask.  It was about my left hand being ripped off!!  No I am not they type of person that gets to have/recall pleasant dreams, I remember the ones that are sure to scar me for life.  Basically from what I can remember, I was hugging my friend and a vehicle drove by and hit my hand, ripping it from my body.  (why my friend didn’t have her whole body destroyed by said vehicle makes no sense, but then again neither do dreams).  I picked up my hand from the curb, and the two fingers that came off of it and put them back in place like they were just scattered puzzle pieces then my friend rushed me to the emergency room.  Even in my dream I had to wait forever in the ER!  They finally took me back and before they fixed it, I woke up.

When I woke up, my left hand was under my body and had fallen asleep so I guess that made my mind think that it was no longer attached to my body and therefore promoted it to be the body part of choice to have ripped off.  I had to check to make sure nothing was wrong with it because as stupid and unbelievable as that dream was, I was still concerned that my hand was missing.

 Usually I can find things that may have caused me to think such nonsense.  The only thing I can think of is that it was some jacked-up combo of the following instances:

Instance A)  Yesterday I was talking to a coworker about jaywalking to catch a bus before it left me and she said that I needed to be careful because people get hit by cars all the time in downtown (this would be where the vehicle comes in and hits me)

Instance 2)  This past weekend Joseph went duck hunting.  One of the ducks they shot didn’t die immediately so he had to wring its little neck to put it out of its misery.  When he was wringing the duck’s neck, the head ripped off!  True story.

I can’t make this stuff up.

(So I guess this is where the ripping off of my hand came into play)

Instance C)  Pawpaw, my grandfather on Dad’s side, is in a Conroe medical center having surgery on his foot this week.  (possibly where the ER came in)

I know I am struggling to make this dream make sense but I want you to believe me when I say that there has to be a reason other than me being a messed up kid with morbid dreams.  Does anyone out there know how to interpret dreams?


Speaking of my grandfather being in Conroe for medical reasons, my Nanaw (obviously grandmother on Dad’s side) came to stay with us this week so she could be close to easily visit him.  They live in Madisonville/Normangee area so staying with us is much closer for her.

Nanaw with me last night at dinner

This little lady is the one that passed on the genes to create my super tall stature.  She is all of 4 feet, 11 inches and that is stretching it.  It has been good getting to see her this week since I don’t make it out to her neck of the woods as often as I’d like.


Remember when I said Hemi likes warm clothes right when they come out of the dryer? (missed that post or want a refresher? here you go!)  Well she likes sheets even better.  So we can add an 11th reason for her being the best cat ever: She helps me make my bed.  And by help I mean severely delays the process but she is too cute for me to move her so I usually just let her soak up the warmth until she is done and then I’ll make my bed.

Hemi’s not spoiled at all…

Other times, if I am in a hurry, I make my bed anyways regardless of what is in my way…

what’s that lump on my bed under those sheets?


Off ye go, lads!  The plank don’t be gettin’ any longer!  Hope it be a good Wednesday for all me mateys!

Dirty Wench!

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