Taylor Morris

24 Sep

WARNING: Some of you may want a few tissues available for this blog post.

Joseph shared this story with me last week and I knew I had to pass it along to everyone.  If you have ever wanted to be inspired by a single person, Taylor Morris is your guy.

A little background info…

Taylor Morris graduated high school in Iowa in 2007, which means he is currently 23 years old.  He joined the US Navy and was a member of the EOD, or Explosive Ordinance Disposal, team.  These are the guys that get rid of the bombs and other explosives in the paths of the other military personnel.  On May 3, 2012, Taylor was in Afghanistan doing his duty when he stepped on an IED, or improvised explosive device.  The explosion blew off both of his legs, his left arm just below his bicep, and his right hand.  Taylor was conscious through this entire experience.  None of us can come close to even imagining the pain and traumatic experience that he went through.

To us, this would be an extremely horrifying and depressing situation to be in and would probably feel sorry for ourselves, but not Taylor.

Taylor’s story is a feel-good story.  It is one full of love, determination, compassion, and, surprisingly, humor.

Taylor Morris has to have the best attitude I have ever witnessed. Obviously, I do not personally know Taylor and my conclusions have been based on the articles and blogs I have read about him, as well as videos I have seen of him.  Even with only this information, it is clear that Taylor is one-of-a-kind, and I think everyone would agree with me.  He seems to be super positive about his situation.  He has accepted it and has been determined to live life to the fullest and as normal as possible.

Taylor has made remarkable progress.  He is already walking on prosthetic legs that take people years to master and his accident was LESS THAN 5 MONTHS AGO!

The good spirit Taylor possesses is incredible but I think one of the things that stands out the most with his story is the love between he and his girlfriend, Danielle.

Taylor and Danielle
Photo by Tim Dodd

Their love is inspiring.  I mean, they have been through so much together and it seems that they have an amazingly strong relationship that can last through anything.  Their love makes you want to love deeper, stronger and show your appreciation for the people you care about.  It makes my heart swell with joy and just puts a smile on my face even though I don’t even know them!

This morning, Taylor was featured on the Today Show to share his story.  Taylor has captivated the heart of America, so if this is the first you’ve heard of Taylor Morris, I’m sure it will not be your last.

My warning at the beginning was to have tissues available.  This is not due to sad tears but more so for happy tears.  Tim Dodd, the photographer from a few of the pictures above, wrote about Taylor in his blog.  When reading his posts, I cried because I am just in awe of Taylor: everything he has accomplished, the attitude he has kept through this process, the love between he and Danielle, the love shown to him by his family, friends, and even just random American’s letting him know that they appreciate him and his commitment to keeping our country one that is free.  It is incredible!

So I will leave you with Tim Dodd’s blog links, as well as a link to the “journal” written by Danielle.  This is where the tissues come into play.

Do you know my friend Taylor Morris?

Have you seen my friend Taylor walk?

Did you see my friend Taylor come home?

Taylor Morris. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.  <– Here you can read Danielle’s stories as well as make donations to help Taylor’s recovery.

So thank you, Taylor for not only being an American Hero but for inspiring us to keep a positive attitude and strong determination whenever life throws challenges our way.  You are truly an amazing person and the world needs more people like you and Danielle!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them!  God Bless!

One Response to “Taylor Morris”

  1. Tom Wirbel December 12, 2013 at 3:43 PM #

    I got a real good idea what Taylor went though but I kept all my limbs since Nov 1967. The one thing we share is the love of life, family and country. You are truly a lucky man Taylor Morris because you have and give all three.

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