Family Reunion

1 Oct

This past weekend I went with Joseph to their lake house for his mom’s side of the family’s reunion.

About 30 people were in attendance, 4 of which were older kids (8-14).  Joseph, Jeremy (Joseph’s brother) and I took the reins on watching the kids while the adults caught up with each other’s lives.

It rained almost the ENTIRE weekend which meant that all 30 people had to hang out inside.  Their lake house has 3 floors so the adults stayed on the main floor while the rest of us were up on the 3rd floor watching college football and playing Risk.  (If you’ve never played Risk, I suggest trying it out…but only if you have 6 hours to waste because it takes forever like Monopoly)

At one point it stopped pouring and just became a light drizzle so we decided to go outside and play football with the kids to burn some of their undying energy.  After getting outside I thought that I should take some pictures so I ran back upstairs to get my camera.  On my way down, I somehow forgot how to walk and slipped down the last 4 steps.  Maybe I should say skidded rather than slipped.  Basically what happened was my super expensive Old Navy flip-flops (sarcasm because I bought them for $2.50)  have ZERO traction and the stairs are made of wood which can be rather slick so combining that with my super speed, my feet slipped out from under me.

I may buy a hazard sign for their staircase

Now I am no rookie to falling down stairs.  My sophomore year in college, I was walking outside (again in super expensive flip-flops) in the rain.  I took a small flight of stairs and my feet slipped out from under me, causing me to come crashing down on my rear end and bouncing down 3 of the steps since I had such great momentum from being an excellent power-walker.  I sat in the pouring down rain for about a minute thinking my tailbone had to be protruding the skin and that I was going to die of blood loss so might as well lay there in the rain.  A precious little Asian guy saw the whole thing and ran over to me and asked if I was okay.  He helped me up and I told him I was fine and he told me, “Neck time, be mo cayeful.”  I thanked him for his help and examined my wounds.  Turns out, I was not bleeding and didn’t even get a scratch but fractured my tailbone.

So back to this weekend’s fall…I did not have the same experience with this fall because my padded rear end did not cushion me.  Unfortunately, the middle/lower part of my back caught my fall right on the corner of two steps.  Also, somehow I slammed both elbows into a step and ended up sitting on the tile floor at the base of the stairs in the middle of the 20 some-odd number of Joseph’s family members.  I thought for sure that my back was broken and that the bones in my elbows broke through the skin.  Joseph’s dad, Jack, ran over and helped me up.  My elbows were swollen and already bruising and my back was burning like crazy.  I told everyone it was just my pride that was hurt and that I was a pro at falling down stairs (in which I proceeded to tell them about the previous story where I broke my tailbone in college).

Awesome right?  Nothing like making a fool in front of your boyfriend’s entire extended family.  Luckily he wasn’t in the house to be embarrassed of me.  When I was a child I think I lost the ability to be embarrassed because I am so clumsy.  Good thing because I probably would have had a complex after that fall.

So I finally hobble outside and get to take pictures of Joseph, Jeremy, and the kids playing football…

Joseph and Brendan waiting for the punt

Brendan snapping the ball to Joseph

Each team consisted of 3 people, and 1 dog.

Joseph, Kaitlyn, and Brendan with the dogs

Jeremy in a huddle with the dogs (Howdy, black & white on the left, didn’t care so much about football as he did playing fetch)

I would like to say that the dogs were the best players for both teams.  I don’t think they understood which team they were on so they just went after everybody that was running with the ball.

Daisy (brown) and Duddley (black)
MVPs for both teams

Both Daisy and Duddley are Australian Shepherds so it is their natural instinct to try to herd anything and everything that moves.  It was pretty comical watching them play with the kids.  Even though it was touch football, they still did some tackling.  Daisy blindsided Brendan by running up behind him and taking his feet right out from under him.  It was hilarious.

Daisy about to jump up for the tackle

Duddley about to take out Brendan’s legs

Even though it was a rainy weekend, I think everyone still had fun playing games and visiting with each other.  They are already planning next year’s reunion and crossing their fingers for sunny weather so we can play on the boats and jet skis.

One Response to “Family Reunion”

  1. Gwen October 1, 2012 at 2:59 PM #

    Great pictures of the kids and dogs! A weekend we won’t forget!

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