Matagorda Bay Fishing Trip

8 Oct

Saturday Joseph, Jeremy, and I went on the guided fishing trip that I purchased for Joseph back in April for our anniversary.

That’s our “guide” behind us.

I bought this trip through a silent auction and paid decent money for it so I assumed it would be professional.  Well, you know what they say about assuming, right?  Makes an ASS out of U and Me.  This was a guided wade fishing trip out of Matagorda Bay, full-day, bait and tackle provided.  We just had to bring our food and drinks for the day.  Perfect, right?  ha.

For what I paid, this was my initial expectation..

After I purchased this trip, I had very low expectations for this guide for several reasons:

1)  The first time Joseph called to schedule it, the guide, Larry, grilled Joseph about where he got the trip and made him call me to figure out what silent auction I purchased it from.  Seriously? You don’t remember donating a several hundred-dollar trip for a silent auction??  Anyways, we scheduled the trip for the 2nd weekend in September and he told Joseph to call him a few days before to remind him…wow.

2)  About 4 or 5 days before our trip, Joseph called this “guide” to remind him of our trip and to find out information such as time and place to meet, what we needed to wear (neither of us had been wade fishing before), etc.  The “guide” told Joseph that he had fallen out of the boat the previous weekend and cut open his foot so we had to reschedule.  So he went through reason 1 all over again.

3) About a week before the rescheduled date of the first weekend of October, Joseph called the “guide” to remind him again.  The “guide” said something along the lines of, “Let me check with my wife to make sure we don’t have anything going on and I’ll give you a call back.”  WTF guy?  This trip was already scheduled so I don’t give a crap if your wife says you have anything going on that weekend!  ugh!  But he calls Joseph back in 2 days and says we are good to go but the wade fishing has been crappy so we would be going out on the boat.  I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to wade fish seeing as I’d never done it before but this was probably better because I wouldn’t be able to go very deep because I am vertically challenged and it allowed me to have my camera so I could take pictures.

4) The day before we are scheduled to go, the “guide” called Joseph to give him details about when and where to meet but I think the call was made for a different reason…he proceeded to tell Joseph that he took out some people recently and they didn’t tip him so it would be nice to get a tip for his services.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  Obviously, we were going to tip but that comment dropped down the amount.  How unprofessional can you get?  Ridiculous.

So needless to say, I was already pissed at this guy before we even left Saturday morning.

We left Houston at 3:30am to be at the dock in Matagorda Bay by 6am.  When we arrived, Joseph called Larry and he said he was in line to buy bait in the shop so we went inside to meet this Notorious Larry the Fishing “Guide.”  The shop was out of live shrimp so Larry told us to grab our stuff and we would ride over to get shrimp from another location.  We did, and when we got to the other shop, Larry told the guys to “run in and get a few pints of shrimp.”  I had to bite my tongue because if Larry wasn’t going inside, how was he going to be paying for the bait?  He wasn’t.  EVEN THOUGH BAIT AND TACKLE WERE INCLUDED.  Another deduction from his tip.

We finally get out to our first spot to fish.  I try to ignore the fact that we had to buy bait because fish won’t bite your hook if you are angry…I made that up but it seemed like a good reason to brush off my anger at the time.

Jeremy and Joseph quickly catch a small red fish and a small trout, respectively.  Neither were keepers but at least we knew there were fish around and that they were biting.  Joseph caught a keeper trout which made me pretty happy.  (Usually I catch the most keeper fish so I was really hoping he would catch a bunch…you know, to build his manly confidence.)  I caught a single baby trout and a tiny gaff top.  A gaff top is basically a catfish but with a long dorsal fin and sharp toxic spines that will hurt pretty badly if they cut you.  Oh and they are incredibly slimy and disgusting.  The gaff top was seriously smaller than my hand.  Embarrassing.

Joseph out-fished both me and Jeremy.  Joseph ended up catching 2 keeper trout but caught a bunch of smaller fish and a large variety.  He caught trout, red fish, gaff tops, hard heads, ribbon fish, and even a small sting ray!

Isn’t he cute?

Joseph’s small red fish

Joseph kept reeling in all of these legit fish while I reeled in a record-breaking (in my opinion) amount of ribbon fish.  For those of you who have no idea what a ribbon fish is (I’d never seen one before this trip), it is basically a shiny, silver eel with a gar face and teeth.  They are super thin and flip around like a waved ribbon (hence the name I suppose).

Ribbon Fish                                                                    Source (left) (right)

Catching ribbon fish is pointless unless you intend to cut them up and use them as bait.  They just steal your live bait or tear up your artificial bait and were really making us mad.  Larry would pull them into the boat and smash their heads with his shoe or break their jaws with pliers…pretty morbid, I know.

Jeremy’s small red fish

Jeremy ended up catching 1 keeper trout and the “guide” caught 3 keeper trout.  I caught a whopping zero keepers for the first time in my life.  So total we had 6 keepers, all trout.

They look much smaller in this picture than they did in person. The smallest ones were a little over 15 inches.

Overall, the trip was fun just because we like to fish…but I definitely prefer going with my dad.  Dad should be a guide.  He is way better than Larry and with him we usually catch fish like this:

Top Left: Dad & Joseph with his white bass
Top Right: Joseph with his 38 pound catfish
Bottom Left: Me with my big white bass
Bottom Right: Me & Dad with my 24″ red fish

3 Responses to “Matagorda Bay Fishing Trip”

  1. Kooken October 8, 2012 at 10:59 AM #

    BOOOOO Larry!

  2. mbneeley October 8, 2012 at 11:49 AM #

    Looking forward to “Bill’s Guide Service” in a couple of weeks!!


  1. Fishing in Seadrift « Sweet . Sassy . and a bit Smart-Assy . - October 29, 2012

    […] This baby was 26 inches!  They only have to be 20″ to keep and my biggest one to date is 24″.  I don’t know who was more excited: Joseph or my dad.  My dad is one of those people who knows a lot about fishing and enjoys fishing but loves seeing us catch big fish.  Dad likes to see the excitement we have when we first hook it and are trying to explain to him what we think we caught before we see it.  It makes it a lot more fun for us seeing him so excited.  That’s one main reason why I like fishing with my dad…other than me being partial because he’s my dad…not to mention the fact that he can usually put us on fish better than the guide we used before. […]

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