Shotgun Sunday

9 Oct

Joseph has been talking about going to the gun range to shoot sporting clays for several weeks now.  So after church on Sunday we finally made our way to American Shooting Centers out towards HWY 6 on Westheimer.  Joseph has been to this place several times to shoot sporting clays and I had been with him and some friends once before to shoot skeet.

If you don’t know the difference between sporting clays, skeet, and trap, you can check out that link to American Shooting Centers.  They explain all of that on there under the Facilities & Pricing tab.

Me, Joseph, Joey, Justin

This was my first time to shoot sporting clays and I believe it was Joey’s first time to go to a shooting range.  He did a great job for his first time!

When we got there, we each paid for 1 round of 50.  We were given one card as a group which is inserted at every station and allows you to shoot the amount of clays you paid for.  The card also allows for one “Show Pair” at each station, along with 3 malfunctions per person.  A “Show Pair” is used to watch how the clays fly so you can be prepared to shoot so the first person at each station doesn’t have a disadvantage.  The malfunctions are in case you pull and the safety is still on or something that causes your gun to not shoot or if the clay is broken while being launched from the machine.

The way sporting clays are set up is with multiple stations, each with 2 machines.  The stations alternate with 4 and 6 clays being thrown so you get multiple chances to hit a clay from each machine.  You can either have each clay thrown individually or in doubles.  Obviously, shooting doubles is more difficult because you have to be quicker.  I stuck to shooting at each clay individually.

Top Left: Box with our card in it to count our shots
Top Right: Remote used to throw the clays when shooter yells “Pull!”
Bottom: Clay target machines that throw the clays

Each person goes one at a time and shoots from the shooting stand at each station.  Someone uses the remote to throw the clays when the shooter yells, “Pull!”  Also, we were given scorecards to keep track of how many clays we hit.

Left: Me throwing the clays for Joseph
Right: Joseph marking down the hits and misses on our scorecards

I will admit that Joseph had a strong disadvantage this trip because Justin and I both screwed up when we were operating the remote for him.  Justin threw the targets before Joseph yelled “Pull!” on several occasions and I accidentally threw from the higher machine instead of the lower which means that Joseph was looking at the correct machine but I shot from the other one, causing him to not be prepared.  Sorry, dear.

Justin, Joey
Joseph, Me

Justin did the best this trip, which makes sense seeing as he has been shooting longer than all of us.  He attempted more doubles than the rest of us, too.

Before and after clays being hit

I unfortunately saw more of the clays in the above right picture after I shot but I still didn’t do too badly, especially for only my 2nd time at the range and first time to shoot sporting clays.

My Scorecard.  I hit 16 out of 50…

I borrowed Justin’s step mom’s gun which is a Smith & Wesson 20 gauge.  I love it but I think it is time to invest in my own.  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a 20 gauge shotgun for me?

American Shooting Centers is a great place to shoot, but I just wish it wasn’t so expensive every time.  I need to find a place that is close but cheaper.  Anyone know of a good place to shoot clays for a thrifty person like me?

I had SO much fun shooting.  It is blast every time.  I mean, even if you don’t hit as many clays as you want, you still get to shoot a shotgun and if that doesn’t put you in a good mood, then you just aren’t a real Texan.

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