“…pure randomness.”

10 Oct

Yesterday as I was driving to work around 6:15am I changed lanes behind a car on I-45 South.  When I got completely behind the car I saw something that took my breath away.  You’ll never guess what it was…go ahead, guess.  I’ll wait.

It was a foot sticking out of the trunk!

Sorry for the bad quality but it was dark, I was driving, and I took the picture with my phone so this was the best I could do…

I had to get right up on this car’s bumper before I realized that it was a fake foot.  Nothing would surprise me in downtown Houston so I had to make sure the foot was fake before calling the cops.  I’ve seen some pretty interesting things on vehicles but this was a first for me.  Talk about getting my adrenaline pumping early in the morning!


Does anyone else have those days where you feel like you see the same random stranger over and over.  It makes me feel like I’m either in the twilight zone or it’s a glitch in the Matrix.  It weirds me out.

check out the full moving animation here #whatshouldwecallme

Take for instance this woman I saw at a restaurant downtown last week.  I saw her there at lunch, then realized she rode my bus when I saw her again that afternoon.  Then I went to Petsmart to get some cat food for Hemi and I almost ran this woman over in the parking lot because she popped up from out of no where.  THEN yesterday on my way home, I was on the freeway yelling at the person driving 10 mph under the speed limit in the fast lane and finally get the opportunity to go around them AND IT’S HER!  What the heck is going on??  I don’t know if this woman has a bunch of Doppelgangers out there or if I am losing my mind or if I am actually seeing this random woman all over the place.  But it creeps me out.  Does this happen to anyone else?


Did you hear about the woman from North Carolina that was arrested for tattooing her 11-year-old daughter??  She apparently tattooed a heart on the little girl’s shoulder.  Her reasoning?  “She asked me to do it.”  Seriously?  Children also ask for unicorns, are scared of monsters in their closet and believe in Santa.  Do you really think an 11-year-old is capable of picking out body art that will be on her for the rest of her life?!? I don’t even think most adults make good decisions when it comes to tattoos…much less a child.  You can get more details on the story here.  She claims she didn’t know it was against the law but this lady did it with her own tools…so my question is that if she is doing tattoos in North Carolina, shouldn’t she know the laws??

Maybe we should tattoo “Idiot” on her forehead…

This is yet another reason why I believe people should have to pass a parenting test before being allowed to have children.


My heart and prayers go out to Aggie Alyson Ledet and her family.  They are mourning the loss of a father, two brothers, and an uncle after a plane crash on Saturday.

Alyson with her sister and two brothers

They were heading to the Aggie Football Game against Ole Miss on Saturday when they hit bad weather and the plane went down.  You can find more information here.  A Facebook page, Pray For The Ledets, has been set up providing information and lets you know how you can help the family as far as donations go, as well as letting you share your prayers with the family.  Such a horrible tragedy for any family to have to go through.

Tragedies like this help us remember just how short life can be and remind us to appreciate the family and friends in our life every day.

Let the people in your life know that you love and appreciate them because life is too fragile to take anything for granted.

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