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11 Oct

As I am sure you are all aware by now, I am a “thrifty” person.  Some of my friends and family say cheap ass, I say thrifty.  I consider someone a cheap ass if they don’t buy things they absolutely need because they simply do not want to spend the money.  I buy things I need while spending less money than the average person.  I love saving money.  I swear I would probably be an extreme couponer if I had the time and patience (or needed 50 tubes of toothpaste) because it is exciting to get a good deal while shopping.  Because I love getting good deals so often, I thought you may too so I will share some tipsies on how to do it.

1. Groupon/Living Social/Sweet Jack

If you have been under a rock for the last couple of years then you may not have heard about Groupon, Living Social, and Sweet Jack.  These websites give you some pretty awesome deals on things you may already need.  If you have not utilized these awesome websites, do it!  Before you go buy something expensive that you need, look on these websites to make sure there isn’t a deal offered here.  You may get lucky!

Take for instance my new tires.  About a year ago I desperately needed new tires so I knew the first major purchase I was going to make after getting my job would be on 4 tires for my truck.  I looked on these websites and came across a deal at Discount Tire (which is where I was planning on buying the tires anyway).  I paid $30 for a $100 gift card so that saved me $70 right off the bat!

**The catch to these deals is to make sure to note the expiration date before purchasing.**  Some deals can last a few years, others expire quickly within the month.  So I usually will set a reminder in my phone about a month before one expires just in case I hadn’t used the deal yet.

2. Always check for coupons and discounts online before heading to the store.

If you are headed out for a day of shopping and know the specific stores you will be visiting, I strongly suggest looking online to see if they have any printable coupons or advertised deals.

I will use the tire example again.  After I already had the $70 savings, I was about ready to visit Discount Tire and get me a new set of rubber to burn.  I checked the Discount Tire website in November (which is when I bought the deal) and there was an advertisement for Michelin tires for the entire month of January.  If you bought a set of Michelin tires, you get a $70 rebate!  I found some Michelin tires (which happened to be on sale for almost 40% off) and waited until January to use my Groupon (this conveniently expired the last day of January so I got lucky).  Basically I got $140 off  my new set of tires, not to mention the 40% off because the tires were a featured deal at the time.  Pretty great right?

3. Never shop at Hobby Lobby or Michaels without a coupon.

Hobby Lobby and Michaels both have online coupons.  Both stores alternate weeks on when their 40% off coupons are valid so there is always a coupon out there for one of the stores.  They literally have them EVERY OTHER WEEK so there is no excuse for paying full price on crafts!  Both are valid on any regular priced item.  You can also combine coupons at these places which saves you even more money!  I found this little gem online that explains how you can even use other store coupons at these craft stores!  If you like doing crafty things, that link is one you must check out.

4.  Sign up for deals using a different email address.

I created an email address for all of the spam messages from stores.  I use this email every time the cashier says, “Would you like to receive email deals & coupons?”  This is so my regular email address doesn’t get bogged down with the bookoos of emails they send everyday but I can still get the promos.  Bed Bath & Beyond is a must to sign up for because they send 20% off coupons ALL THE TIME.  I have never purchased anything from BB&B without a coupon because it is crazy.  The usually will even take them after they expire.  Ulta, Kohl’s, Petsmart, and tons more all have coupons that they email out.  Some may be tiny savings but if it is for things you would be buying anyway, $1 per transaction can go a long way!

5. Ebates

Ebates is a MUST for any of you online shoppers out there.  This website gives you percentage cash back for your online purchases.  Basically how it works is you create an account for free (zero catch because there is never any fee involved) then before you make any purchases online, go to Ebates and look up to see if the store is available.  If so, click the store and it will take you to the store’s website.  When you complete your order, the store sends information to Ebates so you are credited for your cash back.  Each quarter throughout the year, Ebates mails you a check for the cash back you have accumulated since the last check you received.  It’s that simple.  Ebates has HUNDREDS of stores to choose from so odds are you can get cash back for the online stores you already use.  Ebates even has coupon deals for specific stores to offer you even greater savings.

I desperately needed new tennis shoes earlier this year because the ones I had were over 3 years old and had no tread.  I was just going to get them from Academy but then I got an email from Ebates.  They were doing a promo for Nike and the percentage cash back was 10%!  Plus they sent me a coupon with that promo for 20% off already reduced clearance items.  I thought, what the heck, is probably way more expensive than Academy but it’s worth a shot to look.  I went to the clearance section online and found a pair that I loved.

They were marked down from $170 to $100.  I got them for $70 with the 20% off and the 10% cash back! By the way, they were still $169.99 at Academy!

There is no shame in being thrifty!  You’ll appreciate having that extra money in your pockets when you want a vacation or have an emergency!

Does anyone have any other thrifty tipsies?

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