Happy Birthday to Korey!

15 Oct

Saturday night a group of us went out for dinner and games for Korey’s birthday.  Technically his birthday is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOREY! but we celebrated early.

Neva & Korey (I will forgive him for this shirt but only because it is his b-day)

We started off the night at Lupe Tortilla.  They have great Mexican food but boy does it add up!  Joseph and I split some mixed fajitas for $36!  THIRTY SIX DOLLARS…for beef and chicken fajitas for two.  Sure they are delicious but jeez.  (I usually get quesadillas at Lupe Tortilla for this reason but we just wanted fajitas.)  I was in the mood for a strawberry margarita so I got a jumbo one…oblivious to the price…which turned out to be $14!  I wasn’t even buzzed off of that margarita!  For that price I better get a bottle of tequila to go with it!  We ended up spending $70 on dinner which made me light-headed because y’all know I hate spending money, especially on food because I have nothing to show for it except a larger waste-line.  No bueno.

This sombrero was a lamp so Neva wanted to pretend she was wearing it 🙂

The Aggie football game started during dinner.  The game was playing on ESPN-U, which we don’t get at home.  I called Main Event to see if they had ESPN-U before we went to dinner and the girl told me no so that was disappointing.  So we had to resort to Joseph pulling up the play-by-play updates from ESPN on his phone.  Once dinner was over, we drove like 20 feet to the Main Event parking lot.  When we walked in, the Aggie game was on about 10 different big screen TVs!  I was mad at that girl for being an idiot but I was happy that we at least were able to watch the last 3 quarters of the game.

Morgan, Me, Neva at Main Event

Our group wanted to bowl but we were told it would be about 45 minutes until a lane opened up.  This meant that Joseph and I were going to post-up at a table in the bar with a bucket of beer in front of the projector with the Aggie game on it while everyone else went to play arcade games.  This was okay with me because I just spent a fortune on dinner and didn’t really have spare change for arcade games (even though I think they are a lot of fun).

Neva came over about 30 minutes later and said our lane was open so we went and got our shoes and hunted down another TV with the game on it.  Conveniently enough, we didn’t have to search too far…

We were on lane 6 right under the TV (I know that is the Florida/Vanderbilt game being shown but that was just a recap during the commercial of the Aggie game)

We were on lanes 6 and 7 because our friends were nice enough to put us right in front of the TV.  I believe I bowled the worst game since I was 10 years old (a whopping 80 points) and I blame football.  I mean, how distracting is it  to focus on the bowling pins you are trying to knock down when the football game is a mere 3 feet above them?!?  Pretty distracting. Pretty distracting indeed.

Me & Joseph…working those tippy-toes in the clown shoes

Once our hour of bowling was over, the group went to spend the rest of the money on their prepaid cards on arcade games while Joseph and I posted up at a table in front of a TV again.  The game started around 8:20pm and lasted until around 1am!  I swear that has to be some sort of record for the longest college football game ever!  There were more penalties in that game than I’ve seen in a season (slight exaggeration but there were a whole bunch of penalties)!  Luckily for us, Main Event stays open until 2am on Saturdays.  I would have been so mad if they closed before the game was over because we wouldn’t have had any where to watch it.

Somehow, the Aggies lost their ridiculous lead but came out with a W, which was good enough for me.  I think my blood pressure was out of control the whole 5 hours of game time but at least we ended up winning.

I had a lot of fun bowling with our friends (and even snuck in a few arcade games with Neva).  Next time I will eat an appetizer or get a small margarita…or both but I’m glad we were able to go.  Hopefully our friends didn’t think we were too lame for watching the game most of the time!   But they know I love me some Aggie Football!  I just can’t help it!

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