What’s on My Boob-Tube?

18 Oct

I don’t really watch that much TV on week nights but I will usually record a select few shows and catch up on them on the weekends or watch marathons on Netflix.

So what have I been into lately?  Here are some of my favorites:

The League

This show is hilarious!  If you are into fantasy football or close to someone who is, you will definitely appreciate this show.  Even if you aren’t into football, I think this show would still be funny to you.

The League is basically about a group of friends that are in a fantasy football league together.  They do off-the-wall, crazy things and get into awkward situations that make you cringe and hold your side from laughter.  It is pretty inappropriate but at times everyone needs a little immature humor.  It is from the creators of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm and has a lot of the same dry humor and awkward scenarios so if you like either of those shows, I’m sure you would enjoy The League as well.  It comes on FX on Thursdays nights at 9:30 so I highly suggest you tune in tonight to watch it!  Tonight is the 2nd episode of the 4th season but you can catch up on the first 3 seasons on Netflix or watch episodes on The League’s website.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is another hilarious show.  This is about a backwoods family, the Robertsons, that started Duck Commander (makers of duck calls and decoys).  This is more of a reality-based show in that it shows you this family from how they deal with each other to random events in their lives.  Even if a lot of it is staged, it is still entertaining.  Joseph and I have been watching this show a bunch because we both just really got into it.  It cracks us up!  What’s scary is the Robertson clan reminds me too much of my family, but with money.  If you are from a redneck family or can appreciate watching where other people come from and their backwoods ways of living, you will enjoy this show.  The boys, Willie and Jase, basically make fun of their parents and Uncle Si, who I am pretty sure is completely off his rocker.  Duck Dynasty comes on A&E on Wednesday nights at 9.  Netflix doesn’t have Duck Dynasty yet but you can watch episodes at the A&E website.

Grey’s Anatomy

I first got hooked on Grey’s when I saw the preview for the bomb episode during the 2006 Super Bowl commercial.  I’m sure you know the one…it’s the one that made you start watching the show too.  Great marketing on their part because I was definitely intrigued.  Anyways, I know a lot of people who used to watch Grey’s are no longer doing so because they are “over it.”  Well, I have faded to recording the show and watching it later, but then again, I do that with every show I watch so I would still say I am a Grey’s fan.  If you’ve lived under a rock for the past 8 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy is a fictional drama following the lives of surgical interns and residents.  I love medical shows so Grey’s Anatomy is a must-watch for me.  It comes on ABC on Thursday nights at 8.  You can watch past seasons 1-8 on Netflix and the newer ones online at ABC’s website.  If you have never seen the show and want to try it out, I suggest going to the beginning because this is one of those shows that you would be completely confused if you started in on a random episode.  Not as confused as you would be if randomly watching an episode of LOST but still pretty clueless about what is going on.

Private Practice

In relation to Grey’s Anatomy, I also have been hooked on Private Practice.  It is a spin-off from Grey’s following on of the character’s, Addison Montgomery, in her new life across the nation at a private practice (hence the name).  It is a little more drama-filled with more of the main character’s life than the medical aspect but there are plenty of medical situations in every episode.  I am behind a season right now so I am having to catch up through Netflix and am recording the new episodes from Season 6 to watch at a later date.  Private Practice comes on ABC on Tuesday nights at 9.  You can watch past seasons 1-5 on Netflix and the newer ones at ABC’s website.

Music-Reality Shows

I have been catching episodes here and there of the music-based reality shows like the Voice, the X-Factor, America’s Got Talent (this season’s over now), Dancing with the Stars (does this one count as music-based?) and American Idol (when the new season starts).  I am never really great at keeping up with every episode of these shows though because there are usually multiple episodes per week of each and the “results” shows should really take 5 minutes instead of the hour+ that they are normally scheduled for and so they drag on and on and on and on and I lose interest rather quickly.

What shows are y’all watching?  Do you have any recommendations for me?

**Please do not suggest anything like Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore, or Teen Mom because I will block you from reading my blog.  If it is going to be a reality show, it better be of talented or hilarious people, not trashy and depressing ones.


3 Responses to “What’s on My Boob-Tube?”

  1. Morgan P October 18, 2012 at 10:57 AM #

    I am still up to date with Greys and Private P… You should watch Revenge! You would love it…well i do anyway 😉 Haha!

  2. taylorkooken October 18, 2012 at 10:58 PM #

    The league is hilarious! I like scandal and I like revolution. The voice is always a good one.

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