Aggies vs. LSU

24 Oct

(sorry about being MIA yesterday…I was at home sick with a fever but good news is the fever is gone and I feel slightly better!)

Saturday was the Texas A&M vs. LSU football game in College Station.  So obviously Joseph and I had to make our way to Aggieland to do some tailgating and watch the game with our friends.

We left Friday night after Holli’s bridal shower and got to Northgate around 11pm (which, by the way, is WAY past my bedtime).  Stephen and his girlfriend, Rachel, rode up to College Station with us and we picked up Joey on the way to Northgate.  We went through our usual routine after finding a legit parking spot:  Started off at Dry Bean for cheap and tasty shots, then went to Sake Bar (real name still unknown to me…it will forever just be known as Sake Bar).  Along the way to Sake Bar, we picked up some friends at Logan’s.

Dano and Ali drove to town from Dallas and met up with us!

Ali and Dano

Northgate was fun because we had drinks for a fraction of the cost they would be in Houston and we ran into a lot of friends we hadn’t seen in a while.  By the end of it, I was a zombie though.  We stayed out until after 2am and after waking up for work at 5am on Friday, I was exhausted to say the least.  The boys wanted to get something to eat, and since it was now after midnight, it was Joey’s birthday so I couldn’t say no.  We tried going to Fuego but the line was wrapped around the building so we settled for Taco C instead (it was about 2:30am now).  There was hardly a line so I parked the car and made them go inside.  Joey returned quickly with a plate of nachos.  When I said, “That was quick!”  He said, “Well I got the complementary nachos at the condiment bar so I didn’t have to wait in line.  They haven’t ordered yet.”  My hopes for leaving there in a decent amount of time quickly diminished.  After AN HOUR of waiting, the boys and Rachel finally returned to the car with their food.  Apparently that’s why there wasn’t a line at Taco C…because the service sucks!

Stephen, Me, Joseph, Joey

I love these boys but if Rachel wasn’t with them, they would have been left at Taco Cabana!

Joseph and I drop off everyone at Nicole’s house and finally get back to Kooken’s after 4am.  At this point I have been up for 23 hours and feel like I could kill someone with just one look.

Thanks for letting us crash at your house, Kooken!

We had good intentions of waking up early to do plenty of tailgating before the game but my body just wouldn’t move before 8:30.  Dan and Ali left around 8am and Joseph started getting antsy so I forced myself to get up.  We woke up the remainder of the house and got everyone moving.  Finally we rolled out around 10am and boy was that a mistake!  Traffic was terrible and parking was even worse.  Normally we find a great parking spot where we don’t even have to pay because we get there so early but this time we had to park about a mile away and pay $10.  No bueno for this thrifty lady.

I had a delightful semi-surprise on Saturday!  Chelsea and Bradley came to CS to tailgate too!!  I say “semi-surprise” because I found out Friday afternoon that they were going to be there.

Top Left: Brad & Chels leaving me out of the picture…not cool guys.
Top Right: Me and Roomie reunited and it feels so good!
Bottom: Bradley, Chels, Me, and Joseph

It was SO good seeing Chels and Bradley.  I hate never getting to see them because it is hard for us to find time when we are all free to visit each other.  Catching up with Chels was probably the highlight of my day.  I miss them so much.  It’s weird.  I knew I missed them but I didn’t realize how badly until seeing them…does that make sense?  Probably not because I hardly ever make sense…but whatever, the point is that I miss them.

The game started off great with the Aggies scoring quickly!  But unfortunately it did not end as great as it had started.  We lost 24-19 to no one but ourselves.  LSU had nothing to do with their win.  We had 4 turnovers, 2 missed field goals, and 1 missed extra point.  Without those errors, we would have won.  It’s disappointing to lose such a big game that we know we should have won but no one can say that the Aggies can’t hang in the SEC.  Well I guess people can say that but those people would be big, dumb idiots and apparently aren’t paying attention to this season.

After the game, Joseph and I decided to tour the MSC seeing as we haven’t been in it since before we graduated.  I was really surprised at how much it still resembled the old MSC and that made me happy.  The Flag Room looked exactly how I remembered it and the stair cases had the same flooring.  It was also great seeing the new, modern twists the MSC now holds.  Joseph got the chance to tour the MSC while it was under construction his senior year for one of his construction classes and all he has talked about since then was the big ballroom with the massive skyfold partition that is 80′ long so of course we had to go see it.  Problem with that was the doors were locked to the ballroom and the lights were off so we couldn’t get a good look at it.  The good thing is that we are awesome and super sneaky and found a way in 🙂

Top Left: Me at the podium
Top Right: Me and Joseph in the big ballroom
Bottom: 80′ Skyfold Partition

When we snuck in, Joseph found the light switches which were way too technical for me to use.  They were on a touch screen and he immediately knew how to work it.  He played with the lights and I ran on stage to take a picture behind the podium, as you can tell from the picture above.  It was a lot of fun sneaking in and playing around in a big ballroom, just the two of us.  Just for the record, we didn’t break anything and Joseph turned everything back to the way it was before he started playing with the switches.

Three things I learned Saturday:  1) Don’t stay out so late when you are a little baby and can’t hang,  2) Get out and tailgate hours before kickoff to avoid traffic and paying for parking, and 3) SEC fans travel VERY well.  I have only been to 2 home games since we joined the SEC and both times the visiting team’s fans were in abundance.  It is great!  I love having a friendly competition and seeing so many fans follow their teams.  It makes for an awesome tailgating experience!

Even though the game was disappointing, I still had a lot of fun visiting Aggieland, as usual.  It is always great to be at my home away from home and getting to spend time with friends to reminisce our glory days in college! ha!


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  1. Kooken October 24, 2012 at 12:36 PM #

    If this shows up twice… sorry! I tried to post a second ago and my internet crapped out. Y’all are alway welcome! We had an awesome weekend minus the football business.

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