Sky Zone

6 Nov

Have any of you ever heard of Sky Zone??  There is a location in Houston off of Beltway 8 South and South Gessner and I highly recommend it for everyone.

Sky Zone is basically a big warehouse full of trampolines!  They have a regular Jump Zone which is just a random area with a bunch of trampolines, a Slam Dunk Zone, a Foam Pit Zone, and a Dodgeball Zone.

I found this deal on Groupon which was for a 2-hour jump session for $16 (normally $21) so a few of us bought it to try this place out.

You have to sign a waiver so you know it is going to be fun!  They also give you these really awesome shoes that have zero ankle support but are high-tops…

Our group started off in the regular Jump Zone.  It basically has a floor of trampolines with some trampolines angled along the walls so obviously we went crazy and tried running on the walls and jumping everywhere like small children hyped up on mass amounts of sugar!

Please excuse the picture quality…my camera wasn’t cooperating.

After about 15 minutes, we looked like this…


We severely overestimated our athletic ability.  Every one of us was thinking, “Crap.  We still have an hour and 45 minutes left of this…I’m going to die.  Why in the world did we choose the 2-hour option?!”

So we decided to take 5 and regain our energy and find our breath so we didn’t pass out.  We walked over to the water fountains and we saw the Slam Dunk and Foam Pit Zones so we thought we would test those out…

The boys tested out the Slam Dunk Zone and apparently it was WAY harder than it looked.

— Joseph —                                      — Joey —                                        — Joseph —

But after a few attempts, they got the hang of it and started doing Alley-oops by getting the guy that worked there to throw the ball to them in the air.  It was pretty entertaining to see a couple of white boys have their dunking glory for a night.

Then we moved on to the Foam Pit Zone!  I had fun with this because it reminded me of being back in gymnastics.

SO much fun!

We cracked up the whole time because it was hilarious seeing what everyone would do.  The first time Amanda (in the Texans Jersey on the left above) went she basically walked/tripped off the edge of the trampoline into the foam and when Kooken (in the gray shirt on the top middle above) jumped for the first time she didn’t realize how close to the edge she was and kinda screamed and fell in face first.  It was a blast doing jumps and flips into the foam but a major pain to try to get out!  It took forever for all of us to climb out of those stupid blue foam blocks.  It seemed like the more we moved, the deeper we would be buried…like quicksand.  Even though the pieces of foam would get in your eyes and mouth and the fact that the pit was probably highly unsanitary, it was still super fun!

After the foam pit, we migrated over to the Dodgeball Zone!

Those kids didn’t stand a chance…

Did we have mercy on the small kids?  Absolutely not.  The boys were ruthless!  The youngest kids were probably around 8-years-old but there were older teenagers playing too so it made it for a fun competition.  It probably wasn’t fair that all of us big kids were on one side but I think small people may have an advantage in this game because they make for a smaller target.

Little Rue.

Take Rue for instance.  (We called the above pictured little girl Rue because she reminded us of Rue from the Hunger Games.)  Rue was the last one standing on her team 2 different times…given she was against about 4 of our guys so there wasn’t much hope for her but she played like a champ.

There were several little cheating kids that would get hit and not go out.  One kid was hit by several of us and stayed in which made us mad but Karma is a biatch because he was slammed in the side of the head by a pretty hard throw.  Should’ve gone out when you were supposed to and then you wouldn’t get hurt, little punk.

After playing dodgeball for a while, we went back to the regular Jump Zone because we were tired of the cheating little kids.  We jumped around like crazy people and Joey and Zach even did some “Tramp Dancin” which was their version of dancing to the music on the trampolines…pretty entertaining.

With about 15 minutes of jump time left, Joseph thought he would be cool and run around the wall on the corner…

Unfortunately for him, he fell and sprained his ankle.  He heard a loud “POP!” and immediately said, “Oh, I’m done!” while laying in that same spot for a few minutes.  When he hopped over to the side, his ankle was already swelling up and he could barely put any weight on it.

Good thing it was within the last 15 minutes so he at least got to enjoy jumping for the majority of the time.

Sweaty messes.

We had a blast at Sky Zone and we plan on going again at some point!   I would definitely recommend it for anyone, any age, but I will warn you to pace yourselves!  It gets exhausting rather quickly!

So who’s down to go next time??

One Response to “Sky Zone”

  1. Kooken November 6, 2012 at 4:34 PM #

    BEST. DAY. EVER! So fun. We really had no mercy on the little kids… except that little girl. I love the picture of you and Broseph.

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