The Next Four Years…

7 Nov

Welp…the votes are in and….America has re-elected, yes re-elected, Barack Obama as POTUS.

Source: Google

You may be asking, “Why?” and you are not alone.  The answer is simple.  Over the past four years as President, Obama has increased the national debt from $10.6 trillion (national debt when Obama took office) to over $16 trillion and also increased the national unemployment rate, as well as gas prices (gas was $1.98 when he took office)…and many Americans said to themselves, “This is exactly the kind of economy I want for four more years!”

So there’s your answer.  OR it may be that many of the American voters knew nothing about anything related to the economy or our nation.  Take this example of Howard Stern’s interviews of Obama supporters for instance…go ahead and listen to the audio clip.  It is sure to brighten your day and fill your bones with hope for our nation.  I’m sure there are plenty of Romney supporters that are ignorant when it comes to the justification of their vote but this is just ridiculous.  In fact, it is quite embarrassing.

I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the Lord knows I give mine often, but I also believe that in order to qualify to vote, you should have to pass a test.  (This is the same concept of my Parenting Test that I feel needs to be implemented.)  I believe every voter must show that they are at least aware of the major topics of the Political Debates.  You should definitely know who is running for office, as well as where they stand on our nation’s most important issues.  After passing that test then, and only then, you can be allowed to vote.  I don’t think this is too much to ask.  Do you?

If you are an Obama supporter, congratulations.  I am not mad at you IF you educated yourself on the different candidates’ stances and still believed Obama to be the best candidate.  That is why we have elections…to voice our opinion.  It is just so irritating to hear things like Howard Stern’s interviews just like it is irritating to hear that someone is simply voting for a presidential candidate based on the color of their skin.

Anyways, what’s done is done and as long as we are citizens of this fine country, we need to learn to get along and work together towards fixing our nation’s problems.

I am just happy that we can put the election business behind us for another four years.

My cousin’s husband really put things in perspective for me this morning via his Facebook status.  Whether or not you are happy with the outcome of this election, I believe his words would be good for everyone to hear.  I’ll leave you with his status:

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