This is SEC Country.

12 Nov


How about that Aggie game this weekend?! Whoop!! I can honestly say that was the most exciting thing I have ever watched on television.  Maybe the most exciting time of my life…I am so jealous of my friends who traveled to Tuscaloosa for the game!  (See Kelli’s blog of the experience: I wish so badly that I could have been there in person to see the Roll, Tears, Roll.

In case you don’t keep up with College Football and have no connection to the outside world via media in any shape, form, or fashion, Texas A&M (#15) beat Alabama (#1) on Saturday on Bama’s own turf.  This game was HUGE!!  It shook up the BCS standings by possibly ending the SEC’s run of BCS titles for 6 years and who better to do that than my beloved Aggies in our first season in the SEC?  Alabama is now #4 and the Fightin’ Texas Aggies have moved up to #8!  Whoop!

So many people shrugged this game off as an easy Bama win but anyone who has kept up with the Aggies knew it was going to be a good game.  Sure Alabama is the defending National Champions, undefeated, and the game was in their house but too many people completely rid Texas A&M off… Before this game A&M was #1 in the SEC for rushing offense, total offense, scoring offense, plays per game, average per rush, pass plays per game, 1st downs, 3rd down conversion offense, AND 3rd down conversion defense.  Does that sound like a team you need to ignore just because we are new to the best league in college football, have a new head coach, and a freshman quarterback?  Absolutely not.

Johnny Football.

This kid is a freak of nature.  As a freshman quarterback, no one even knew who Johnny Manziel was before this football season.  Now, he is a college football household name.  JFF has an uncanny ability to make ridiculous plays out of nothing!  Just when you think he is going to get sacked or throw the ball away, he makes a brilliant run or pass that gets a first down and then some!  It’s beautiful!  I don’t think our O-Line gets enough credit for their job though…You know it has to be hard to block for JFF when he runs all over the place and you never know where he is going to be next.  JFF probably wouldn’t have such great stats if it weren’t for our boys on O-Line so we have to give them some props in his success.  Johnny has over 1000 rushing yards, 15 rushing touchdowns, and 18 passing touchdowns.  Impressive to say the least.

Head Coach Kevin Sumlin.

Kevin Sumlin was just what the doctor ordered for Texas A&M.  He has been an amazing addition to the Aggie family!  He is full of energy and it is nice to see someone new and young change the game for A&M.  Coach Sumlin is now 12-0 on the road (6-0 with Houston and 6-0 with A&M).  With 8 wins in his first season, Sumlin matched the 8 wins by R.C. Slocum in his debut season, which was the best win total by a first-year head coach in school history.  Sumlin can beat this record seeing as we have 2 more games left in this season.

Here are some fun facts for you about the Bama game given to me via email:

1) Alabama had allowed only 6 points in first quarter in previous nine games.  The Aggies scored on each possession of the first quarter for 20 points.

2) Prior to today’s game, the longest rush allowed by the Crimson Tide defense was 22 yards.  QB Johnny Manziel gashed the Tide for a 29-yarder and a 32-yarder.

3) The Aggies took the opening drive and scored a touchdown for the seventh straight game.

D) The Aggies have scored first in the every game in 2012, and their streak of scoring first is now 15 games.

5) The Aggies wrapped up their first perfect regular season road schedule since 1992 when the Aggies were 6-0 on the way to a 12-0 regular season.

SIX) Texas A&M’s 29-24 win over #1 Alabama was the program’s second-ever win over the top-ranked team in the Associated Press rankings.  The other was a 30-26 win over then-#1 Oklahoma at Kyle Field in 2002.

7) It was Texas A&M’s highest ranked road victory, eclipsing the Aggies’ win over #6 Penn State in State College in 1979.

Here are some funny posts and pictures I have seen online since the Bama game:

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

“The devil (Nick Saban) bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat.  He laid that golden football on the ground at Johnny’s feet.  Johnny said: Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again, cause I told you once, you son of a bitch, I’m the best there’s ever been.”

I saw another funny one yesterday about sawing ’em off Alabama but I can’t seem to find it now.  I will post it once I do though.


Even though I am strongly against poaching elephants for their tusks, this is still funny…

Thanks and Gig ‘Em!


One Response to “This is SEC Country.”

  1. Kooken November 12, 2012 at 1:19 PM #

    Best. Day. Ever. Truth about the O-line. It cannot, I repeat cannot be easy to block for him running all over the place like a crazy person. I hate that an SEC team is more than likely not going to the National Championship but that is what they get for saying we cannot compete. Everyone in the SEC hates us…. but the rest of the county loves us right now. Thanks and Gig ‘Em

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