Fun Phant Facts

15 Nov

As you all are probably aware by now, I LOVE ELEPHANTS!  Only because they are the single coolest creature on this Earth, not to mention super cute and extremely smart.  I thought I would share some fun facts about phants with you so you can see why they are so awesome and you can fall in love with them too (if you haven’t already)!

1) Most elephants don’t actually like peanuts.  They will not eat them in the wild and captive elephants are not usually fed peanuts.  This is just a myth.

2)  Elephants are one of only 9 species that can recognize themselves in the mirror.  Others include dolphins, gorillas, chimpanzees, and, of course, humans, but not until they are at least a few months old.

3)  An Asian Elephant can hold up to 3 gallons of water in their trunks; however, they do not drink from their trunks because they are actually noses.  They will suck up water with their trunks and blow it into their mouths.  Elephants will use their trunks for recognizing certain things on the ground by smelling, testing the temperature, and size, moving/picking up objects, bathing, eating, and throwing dirt on themselves.

4)  Elephants can’t run.  Running requires all four feet to be off the ground at the same time but elephants will have at least 2 feet on the ground at all times.  Even though they don’t run, they can charge at speeds of up to 25 mph.

E) Elephants can swim and they will use their trunks as a snorkel to breathe in deep water!

Swimming Phants

Loch Ness Monster Theory – Just a swimming elephant! 🙂

6)  Female elephants can start having calves around the age of 12 and carry their young for 22 months!  A newborn baby elephant weighs around 200-300 pounds!

7)  Elephants can get sunburned!  Can you imagine a little, cherry red elephant?! haha  Elephants prevent sunburns by throwing dirt, mud, grass, and hay on their backs.

Elephant Dusting Itself  – See more awesome pictures like this one here.

8)  Elephants are the only species other than humans to have a death ritual.  When one of their herd dies they will all do a type of scream/cry of mourning then they will bury the dead elephant by covering it with leaves, tree branches and dirt as they stand quietly around them sort of like a moment of silence.  Even if they come across the bones of elephants, they will inspect them, mourn, and often bury them as well.  There have even been recordings of elephants doing the same to a sleeping or dead human.

9)  Elephants can paint!  Many elephants have been trained to paint pictures by picking up a paintbrush with their trunks and putting it to the canvas.  There are even elephants in Thailand that can paint self portraits!!  Don’t believe me?  Watch it here and here.  Absolutely amazing!  What I wouldn’t do for a picture of an elephant, painted by an elephant.  At the circus this past year, Joseph and I saw an elephant put paint to a canvas but it was more of just the act of painting rather than creating a picture.  Still pretty awesome but nothing like the elephants in Thailand.

10) Elephants have a remarkable memory.  They tend to remember people even after only a few encounters.  In the wild, elephants remember each other.  Even after many years, if a herd passes a place where a friend died, they will pause and show signs of mourning such as calling out or bowing down.  This is also how they can learn so many tricks, like the elephants at the Houston Zoo who know over 60 commands!

AND — Last but not least — according to this woman, elephants are larger than the moon…

This woman did NOT win a million dollars…or even $100, I’m sure.


One Response to “Fun Phant Facts”

  1. Melissa Meeks November 15, 2012 at 1:36 PM #

    Made me smile today, thanks!! ❤ Phants!

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