Sand Volleyball Finals

16 Nov

Last night we had our last sand volleyball game.  We went the entire regular season being undefeated so obviously we were in the playoffs.

Team Top Gun (minus Phil)

There was only one other team that was undefeated so it would make sense to just play them for the championship, right?  Wrong.  No BCS ways of determining the champions here.  Let me start out with the fact that I have been kind of frustrated with this league from the beginning.  We had to pay about $50 per person (for the 6 player league) so you would think that we would get what we paid for.  Well the refs were terrible, there were no line judges, and their construction of playoffs was completely stupid.

Mistake #1.  Every team made it to the playoffs.  What was the point of the whole season if everyone can play for the championship on the final night?  This isn’t little league.  You are adults so you should know how to accept not getting a reward when you are terrible.  I don’t believe in that even in little league or with kids because it makes them feel entitled later in life…you have to work to earn your reward.  But I guess people are used to being given hand-outs…

Mistake #2.  The champions won a $100 bar tab and the winner of the consolation bracket won a $50 bar tab…the 2nd place team won nothing.  How does that make sense?  The winners of the losers win a prize but the people who were actually decent all season don’t?  Makes zero sense.

Mistake #3.  The bar tabs won had to be used last night after the game.  The tournament didn’t end until around 10pm and most people have to work on Fridays.  So you want a 6-person team to go spend $100 and get drunk after 10pm on a night before some of us have to wake up at 5am?  I would rather have a t-shirt for winning, or just $100 cash.

Mistake #4.  The referees were absolute garbage.  They NEVER called lifts even when they are blatantly obvious.  You can even tell by the sound they make that they are lifts.  They would also call re-dos if they did not see something which is super frustrating because it would be a great volley between teams that was wasted because they don’t know how to pay attention or they are too lazy to look around the pole in front of their faces.  It really frustrates me, especially because I was a volleyball referee in college.  You would think for $50 a person, we would get someone who knows the rules of the game to ref for us.  There was also only one ref per court…that’s it.  No ground referee, no line judges…just one dumb idiot with a whistle that has seen maybe one game of volleyball in their life.  They didn’t even know the proper hand signals for what they were calling!  So annoying!

This is how we felt about the refs…

For anyone who has played sand volleyball with 4 and 6 person teams, they know that it is much easier to play with 4 rather than 6, unlike indoor volleyball.  There are more bodies with 6 and it is too crowded for me.  Also, with 4 person teams, you only have to rotate serves, not positions on the court so the same people can stay up front and in back and you don’t have to worry about short people like me playing on the front row.

Anyways, in this co-ed 6 person league, you must have at least 4 people to play and at least 2 of those have to be females.  For every player less than 6, you have a “ghost” player.  In EVERY other league I have seen, when the ghost player gets up to serve, it is a side out and a point for the other team, or basically the equivalent to the ghost missing their serve.  Not in this league.  It is just a side out, no point awarded.  So there is a strong advantage to being down at least 1 person because you have more room to play on the court and you don’t lose a point for their serve, while the other team has the opportunity to miss a serve for every player, giving their opponents a point.

Well, the team we were scheduled to play only had 2 guys and a girl ready to play about 5 minutes before our game started.  One of their guy friends showed up to watch so they made him play, making 4 players but only 1 girl, which would make them forfeit the first game.  The game on the court before us went to 3 games so we were a little behind schedule to start.  When they finished their game, the team we were supposed to play recruited the best  girl from the team that lost the game before ours.  This is another thing that I have NEVER seen allowed in any other league.  If you are signed up and committed to a team, you should not be allowed to play for another.  I understand recruiting people who have not committed to another team because everyone’s schedules are different and not everyone can make every game, but you shouldn’t be allowed to play for 2 teams in the same league.

I am frustrated that we even had to play this team before moving on to the championship game because we had already beaten them earlier in the season.  Now they had the advantage with a better player and fewer people on their court.  Unfortunately we lost.  I know it isn’t the entire reason we lost because we beat them before so we should have been able to do it again.  But our whole team was mad.

Overall I was disappointed in our loss but what can you do other than get over it, right?

I am more frustrated by the set up this club had more than anything.  I don’t feel like we got what we paid for but maybe that is because I am so “thrifty.”  I think next time we will definitely play in a 4-player league and possibly at a different sports club.

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