Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

20 Nov

Last week, my Uncle Bill gave me 2 tickets to the Texans game.  I was SO excited because I hadn’t gotten the chance to go to a game yet this season.


Uncle Bill has season tickets with several of his buddies so they always tailgate before each game.  Kickoff was at noon so we got to the tailgate around 10am (Uncle Bill had been there since 8am because you are allowed to tailgate up to 4 hours before kickoff).

They had a great set up!  Uncle Bill said they usually have about 40-50 people tailgate with them but this week was a lot slower because of the holiday coming up and the fact that we were playing Jacksonville who had a 1-8 record going into the Texans game on Sunday.  They fried Red Snapper and Catfish and it was delicious!  And of course they had plenty of beer and jello shots.  Joseph and I had to play catch-up seeing as we got there 2 hours after everyone else…we were pretty successful 🙂

Uncle Bill with me

All of Uncle Bill’s friends call him Blair so that was only extremely confusing for me the entire time!  Every time they yelled out to him, I would whip my head around out of habit and they would laugh and apologize.  It was pretty funny.  At least I wasn’t crazy and they were actually saying my name rather than me turning around when anyone yells where, there, chair, or anything else that rhymes with Blair….which I do all the time.

Me and Joseph

When it was a little before kickoff, we grabbed some road beers (to drink along our walk to the stadium) and headed in with the crowd.  A large group of us were stopped at a cross walk for vehicles to pass so a man who was decked-out in Texans gear kept us entertained by yelling, “HOUSTON!” and everyone yelling back, “TEXANS!” and yelling things like, “Dallas can suck it!”  He was pretty intoxicated so I’m not positive he knew what he was doing…

Entertainment at the Cross Walk

When Joseph and I finally get up to our seats, we have trouble finding the proper entrance for our section, 610.  We were seats 25 & 26 (which Uncle Bill told us were on the aisle) but when we walked up to our section, the aisle was at the seat 1 side.  So we went to the other side of the entrance and it was section 611!  The game was starting so we just sucked it up and made everyone stand up to let us by…when I say everyone, I mean ALL 24 PEOPLE…

Thanks everyone on Row L! haha Sorry for being “those” people

When we got to our seats, we noticed we were by the aisle…

But after I walked down them to go to the restroom I realized that the stairs aren’t labeled from the outside so unless you knew what you were doing (which we didn’t) you wouldn’t know you could get to them from there.  Definitely mentally noted for next time!  The good thing was that 4 other people on our row said they did the exact same thing so that made us feel better!

During the first quarter, there was a little game sponsored by the Texas Lottery that mixes up 3 tickets and you have to pick the correct one.  If the person they select is right, their whole row wins Texas Lottery tickets…and guess what?!?

It wasn’t us!  haha you thought I was going to say we won…well, we didn’t.  But the people 4 rows above us did.  Too bad!  We were so close!

Because the Jaguars were 1-8 and the Texans were 8-1 going into this game, we weren’t expecting it to be a nail biter but boy, were we wrong!

In the 4th quarter, the Jaguars were leading the Texans by 14 points but the Texans managed to work their way down the field and cut it to just a 7 point lead.  Jacksonville had a quick three and out and had to punt to us, allowing Houston to score again, tying up the game with, I think, less than 2 minutes left!  The game was sent into Over Time and the Texans won the toss, receiving the ball first.  Both teams kicked a field goal during their possession so it went into Sudden-Death where the next team to score would win the game.  We had possession and Matt Schaub throws an interception on the Houston side of the 50 yard line!!  Everyone’s face just showed pure horror and many people even started leaving.  I don’t understand how people can leave early when a game is that intense!!  What were they thinking?!  Even if they thought we were going to lose, you only have to wait a few more minutes before the game is over.  But whatever, basically the Jaguars only needed to gain a few yards to be in field goal position.  By some miracle from God, Jacksonville failed to move the ball and it was turned over on downs.  Shortly after, Andre Johnson caught a touchdown pass and my blood pressure was able to return to a normal level after I settled down from all of the excitement!

We tailgated with Uncle Bill and his friends for a little while after the game to celebrate the stressful win.  Joseph and I had so much fun!  I love going to exciting games, especially when they aren’t expected to be so exciting but that one may have been a little too close for comfort.  But we came out with a W and that is all that counts for the Texans to be 9-1 and stand on top of the leader board in the AFC!  I can’t wait to watch them go at it again on Thanksgiving Day against the Detroit Lions!

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