Game Night at Morgan’s

21 Nov

Last Friday, we had Game Night at Morgan and Ruben’s house.

Ruben and Morgan — Aren’t they super cute together?!

Can I just say how much I like board games?  Why don’t people play them more often?!  They challenge your brain and provide a mostly-friendly competition between you and your buddies equaling a night of perfection.  Plus, it gives you the opportunity to forget all the stressful things about having to be a grown up and allows you to be a kid again, even if it is just for a little while.

Morgan made a huge pot of chili for everyone and it was delicious, especially since it was actually cold that night!  We all hung out and munched on the chili while we visited before we went into battle against one another for the games.

Gina and Preston brought their “puppy,” Barrett.  If you remember from my post a while back (if not here’s the link) Barrett is a MASSIVE Great Dane.  Well, Morgan and Ruben also have a “puppy,” named Moose.  Moose is very close in age (about 1-year-old) with Barrett so they are basically dog besties.  And boy, do they like to play!

Barrett & Moose

They made these rowdy boys play in the backyard and on several occasions we thought there were going to bust through a window from wrestling on the back porch.  By the end of the night, they were both covered in slobber and completely worn out!  Barrett and Moose really make me want a Great Dane because they are both SO loving and little cuddle bugs but if I got one, I am not sure I could afford a house because they eat around 10 cups of dog food PER DAY!  Joseph’s dog, Duddley (who is an Australian Shepherd and is absolutely amazing – I will have to do a full post on him soon), only eats 2 cups per day….I’ll stick with that!

There were 12 of us there so we played Cranium!  For those of you who have never played Cranium, you are missing out.  You play in teams and there are different categories (depending on the color): Blue – drawing, sculpting with clay, basically the artsy things; Green – charades, humming a song, turning a person on your team into a puppet and using them to act out something, even though they don’t know what you are doing; Red – true/false and multiple choice questions, basically trivia in every shape, form, and fashion; and Yellow – spelling words backwards, solving a puzzle with missing letters, unscrambling words or phrases.  Because I like to draw, the blue one is my favorite but they are all pretty fun!  You go around the board and the first team to get to the end and get one card right in each of the 4 categories wins!

We had 3 teams of 4 players.  There was the Red Team: Morgan, Paige, and Morgan’s little sister and her boyfriend; the Blue Team (aka the All-Boy Team): Ruben, Bigkat, Mark, and Ryan; and the Green Team: Gina, Preston, Joseph, and me!

The Green Team!

Gina quickly found the play-doh and was distracted so our team started off the game pretty slowly.  Half the time she didn’t even know it was our turn and thought it was our turn when other teams were going…Gina also kept “wanting a challenge” so she would pick the Red Cards, which no one ever picks if they have the choice because they are boring and usually pretty difficult.  After a couple of rounds, we removed her decision-making privileges.

The Boys started off super strong and we all called BS because Bigkat has this game and knew all of the answers.  He would shout out the answers almost immediately on things that not even a super genius should get from the horrendous clues he was given by his teammates.  We joked around saying Bigkat took the cards and studied them every night before going to bed.  We stopped letting them have the Red Cards because at least with the other categories, he had to rely on his teammates for help, which proved to be more challenging than expected.

Obviously, the Green Team (my team) won because we are geniuses.  Or maybe it was because it isn’t difficult when this is your competition…


Thanks for having us over, Morgan!  It was a lot of fun!

I can’t wait to have my own house so I can host a game night…but that probably won’t be for a while so don’t hold your breath!  But I promise when I do get a house, there will be game nights so who’s in for joining us??


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