Happy Turkey Day!

22 Nov



I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday full of family and friends! Please be safe as you travel! I heard there was a 150 car, yes you read that right, pile-up on I-10 this morning!

Don’t eat too much…I already have and I feel miserable. I am currently writing this as I lay on the floor in my grandmother’s living room because I can hardly move!

Show your appreciation for those around you and really take time to recognize all that you are thankful for!


This is the first blog post I have written from my phone so I apologize if it looks completely messed up. If it looks fine, ignore this comment and I will pretend like I knew what I was doing the whole time! 🙂

Is anyone going Black Friday shopping??


Who doesn’t love getting trampled to death by psychotic people trying to save a few bucks?! People have literally died for Tickle-Me Elmos…one of the many things wrong with this world…

I haven’t participated in Black Friday shopping in quite a while. I like to blame my PTSD from when I was 10 years old…

When I was 10, I went Black Friday shopping with my mom, Gina, and Barbara (Gina’s mom). We had been shopping for a few hours when we went to Best Buy. Gina and I were standing in line to check-out with our moms when we decided we were over it and went out to Barbara’s Mustang to listen to music while we waited on them. After checking out, Barbara told my mom that I could just ride home with her and Gina (we lived next door to each other at the time). But when I went to get in the back seat, we realized it was full of items we had purchased all morning. I told Barb and Gina that I would just ride with my mom. I walk across the parking lot only to see my mom driving off…I turn back around to see Barbara and Gina driving off…let the freaking out begin. I went into a bit of a panic and decided the best thing would be to go inside and ask to use Best Buy’s phone (this was before the days of every 10-year-old or even every adult having a cell phone). Well, Best Buy employees are a big bunch of jerks because they told me they were too busy to let me use their phone! I yelled at them saying, “I HAVE BEEN LEFT HERE!!” They didn’t care. Then I really started to panic. The place was extremely crowded (duh. It’s Black Friday at Best Buy) so I went outside and just sat in front of the store, trying to play it cool because I was thinking I was going to be kidnapped and murdered…
Luckily, my mom decided she wanted to stop by Old Navy and Barb followed her. When they got to the parking lot Mom asked them, “Where’s Blair?” Barb and Gina laughed saying, “She’s with you,” because they thought my mom was joking with them. Mom said, “No she isn’t.” and Gina, being the good friend she is, started freaking out and yelling, “Oh my God! We left her!” Mom quickly turned around and rushed back to pick me up where she found me in front of the store…as soon as I got in the car I started bawling and was SO mad at them for leaving me! I still haven’t let them live it down and I doubt I ever will…


Tomorrow/tonight at midnight, I think I am going to try to fight my PTSD and go Black Friday shopping with my mom. Now if she leaves me, I will at least have a cell phone to use.
I doubt we will stay out long though because neither of us really saw anything in the ads that we just had to buy but there are a few good deals we will try to get. I just hate people, especially people shoving me around because of their selfish, greedy mentalities so I will probably get angry quickly and be ready to go back home and get in bed.

I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens this year! Good luck to everyone looking for great deals! I hope you all get what you are seeking but just remember, a good deal isn’t worth being trampled to death or shot so don’t mess with the crazies out there shopping with you – Black Friday shopping is a dangerous sport!

One Response to “Happy Turkey Day!”

  1. Kooken November 22, 2012 at 5:56 PM #

    Poor Blair! Good luck we go every year. Not only good shopping but great people watching!

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