Helicopter Ride

30 Nov

This past Saturday, Joseph’s Uncle Charlie and Aunt Marcie came to the lake house to visit the family for the day.  The drive for them is somewhere around 5 hours.  You may be thinking, “Now why on Earth would they want to make a trip like that only for the day?!”  One word:  Helicopter.

Uncle Charlie's Helicopter

Uncle Charlie’s Helicopter

The helicopter ride is exponentially shorter than driving and obviously a way more awesome method to travel.  Charlie has his license to fly helicopters and has his very own that they use to make trips such as these.  It is amazing!

Charlie has taken us up several times in the past: at their house in the Hill Country, over Lake Jacksonville in the Summer, and even over the Texas A&M Campus (which was my very first trip and probably my favorite).  This was the first time he has taken me up in the Fall – I say Fall instead of Winter because the trees are still changing.  We all know the trees are changing colors and it is gorgeous from land, but I had no idea how stunningly beautiful it would be from the bird.  Charlie and Marcie told us about the gorgeous views they saw on their way over and even showed us pictures but the pictures can’t even do it justice.  With that being said, I took some to show you anyways 🙂

Isn't it gorgeous?!

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

I find myself in awe each and every time I go up in the helicopter.  I don’t think it is something that you can ever get used to.  The different view points of God’s work just take your breath away.  It truly makes you sit back and appreciate the world around you.

Their helicopter is a 4-seater.  This ride, I went up with Charlie (obviously), Joseph, and Joshua.

Me, Joseph, and Joshua

Me, Joseph, and Joshua

Charlie and Marcie have always been willing to take people up in the helicopter to share the experience with people.  They are probably two of the nicest people I have ever met.  They always welcome everyone with open arms and share so much love.  One time at the lake house, Charlie spent basically an entire two days taking people up and around the lake because when he and Marcie originally landed, the neighbors and all of their friends, kids and kids’ friends that were there ran outside to see what was going on…it’s not everyday you see a helicopter land in someone’s front yard.   I would probably think something tragic happened and life flight was there if I saw it.  Charlie never once turned anyone down or complained if they wanted to go for a ride – even though he had to fly to the nearest airport and refuel two times!  You can tell it is a hobby that they both really enjoy and it’s amazing that they are so willing to share that with the people around them.

Charlie and Marcie – Thanks again for taking us up!  It is always an incredible experience!  Love you both!

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  1. Barbara December 1, 2012 at 2:53 PM #

    What a nice article Blair- keep them coming!

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