VS Fashion Show 2012

5 Dec

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was on last night.

Did anyone else watch it?  Apparently I am one of the only females at my work that actually watches this.  Am I weird or is it my co-workers?  I LOVE the VS Fashion Show and I watch it every year.  These models are gorgeous! Not just their rocking hot bods but their faces are actually pretty, too, unlike a lot of models out there.  I love seeing the different outfits that go with the different themes each year.  Also, seeing these women makes me want to kick it into overdrive on getting in shape…either that or I convince myself that they are simply not human…it depends on the year.

The first theme was Circus!


Adriana opened the show – Gorgeous!

I was so pumped because I love the circus and what is a circus without elephants, right?  Well apparently Victoria Secret thinks a circus is just fine without elephants!  They didn’t have a single elephant anywhere – not a costume, not a picture, not a real one – nothing.  So needless to say, I was quite disappointed with them from the start this year.

No elephants plus this creepy thing…



This creepy clown/jester girl gave me the chills.  It’s pretty scary looking to me…but maybe that is because clowns freak me out a bit.

Rihanna was the first performer to hit the stage (Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars also performed).   Usually I think Rihanna is trashy and just horrendous to watch but she actually looked a bit classy in her first performance.

Sure those glasses were not so cute but it is a very large improvement from any other performance I have seen her do and I was impressed.  That is until she came out for her second performance later in the show and went back to her trashy, ghetto self.

Rihanna back to her gangster ways...

Rihanna back to her gangster ways…

There is a VS model, Doutzen Kroes, that looks just like Denise Richards!  So much so that I had to double take every. single. time. she came out on the runway.

Total Dopplegangers!

Total Dopplegangers!

Weird right?  Need more pictures?  Google them together.  Apparently I am not the first person to notice this…

I think my favorite segment was the Calendar Angels.  They said they had a model representing each month.  I think my favorite is December but maybe that’s because I am in Christmas mode right now.


Anyone notice anything wrong with this?  Go ahead, look and see what’s wrong.

There’s only 11 girls!  No model represented November!  I am curious to know if this was a mess up or if they did that on purpose.  Speaking of mess ups during this segment, Erin represented January.  Erin was supposed to go down the runway with a custom-made top hat (as shown in the picture above).  What she really looked like on the runway was this:

VSNoHatAs you can see, she was missing her hat.  There were issues with it right before going out on the runway and the designers/stylists couldn’t fix it before she had to go on the catwalk.  Erin doesn’t look too thrilled to be missing the hat either…she said it was her favorite part of the outfit during dress rehearsals.

I must admit I am slightly embarrassed for all of the models that were so engulfed with Bieber Fever.  Is Justin Bieber even old enough to be around half-naked women?  I do think the Biebs looks a lot better without his lesbian style haircut…now if only he would stop trying to be gangster, pull up his pants, and dress like a respectable male specimen…baby steps, baby steps.

During the Angels in Bloom segment, Alessandra wore a 2.5 MILLION DOLLAR BRA!!  Why in the world would a bra be worth that kind of money?!

She does look good in it though...

She does look good in it though…

I wonder if anyone kept tally of how many models blew kisses to the audience on the runway?  They must learn to do that along with how to wink at modelling school or where ever you learn to be a model.

VSKissesI knew Bruno Mars was a bit on the shorter side but around these giant models with legs for days, he looked like a little person.

He looks so tiny!

He looks so tiny!

Each year VS tends to highlight one specific model and give a little info about her life.  This year it was Candice.

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

Candice grew up in South Africa (how cool is that?!) and was scouted at a flea market when she was shopping with her mom at the age of 15.  They showed some pictures of her as a child and she was absolutely adorable!  I could only find a tiny version of the one they showed during the fashion show so this is the best I could do…

How cute is she?!

How cute is she?!

Overall, I liked the show because I always do but I do have to say the best one I have seen was in 2010 when Katy Perry was the performer.  Maybe I am a little bias because I love me some KP but I swear the outfits the models wore were much better that year too!

Did any of y’all watch the VS Fashion Show this year?  What did you think?

One Response to “VS Fashion Show 2012”

  1. Kooken December 5, 2012 at 2:24 PM #

    Loved it! Agreed I thought I missed November. I am happy to know I was not going crazy!

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