“…pure randomness.”

13 Dec

Yesterday I was walking in the lobby of my building and saw a sign advertising a blood drive that would be taking place in my company’s other building which was only a short walk away.  I thought to myself, “Hmm..I haven’t given blood in a while and I actually had a good breakfast so maybe I will go in a few minutes.”

So I went up to my floor and asked around to see if anyone wanted to join me and found two other women planning on going so we all went together.  We went early because we figured a lot of people would be going around lunch time and we didn’t want to be sitting there all day.  It was a good call on our part because we got there around 9am and basically had to wait all of 3 minutes before they called us up.  I filled out that little questionnaire letting them know I hadn’t gotten a tattoo this year or have HIV or was in Europe during those random dates they ask about, they pricked my finger to make sure I wasn’t anemic, and they took my temperature and my blood pressure.

After finding out my blood type and looking over all of my stats, the lady helping me walked over to another one and said something that made the other lady come over to me.  She asked me my blood type again and then asked if I had ever given plasma.  I hadn’t so I told her that and she basically begged me to do that instead of whole blood.  She said not a lot of people donate plasma to them (probably because there are places that pay you to donate plasma and the blood center doesn’t) and they are really needing it at the Blood Center and I was a match for it.  I told her that would be fine but the only problem is I tend to pass out and by tend to pass out I mean I pass out. Every. Single. Time.  I’ve donated blood many times throughout my life and I believe there were only 2 times that I didn’t pass out…I was light-headed, but didn’t pass out.  (the reason I was worried about plasma and not whole blood is because you sit up when donating plasma and it can cause you to get light-headed easier than if you are laying down with your feet propped up like when you donate whole blood and also, it takes longer.)

They bribed me with a shirt, even though I know everyone received a shirt, but I agreed to it anyways.

First long sleeve shirt I've received donating blood. Most of the time they are cheap white t-shirts

First long sleeve shirt I’ve received donating blood. Most of the time they are cheap white t-shirts

They told me it would take about an hour, possibly longer, since it was my first time with a plasma donation.  The hooked me up and I felt fine for the first, oh I don’t know, 5 minutes.  Then I started to get light-headed.  I ate some Nutter Butters and drank some Gatorade (you can eat and drink while giving plasma, unlike when donating whole blood) hoping it would go away.  It didn’t so I told them and they leaned my chair back to prop my feet above my head.  They also gave me an ice pack to put behind my neck.  Worked like a charm.

I finished up and when I was talking about it with the workers, we decided that the reason I pass out is because I donate blood/plasma super fast.  I don’t have high blood pressure so apparently I must have some incredible veins because it took me a whopping hour from the time I left my desk until the time I returned to it…that is walking to the other building, signing in, doing the questionnaire and all the tests, then donating, sitting there for a few minutes to make sure I was okay to leave, and then walking all the way back to my building.  It was supposed to take at least an hour just to donate.  I am just so efficient.


Last week when I was waiting for my bus, I saw a homeless man walk up to a trash can and look inside.  This, of course, isn’t uncommon because I see people do this all the time to get out cans or bottles to turn in for recycling or whatever.  Well this man reached in and pulled out a half-empty (or half-full if you are optimistic) Starbucks iced drink.

He sat down on the bench and drank the drink.  It gave me goosebumps and I had to immediately look away because I don’t have the strongest of stomachs when it comes to people eating and drinking gross things and I didn’t want to start gagging.  It was disgusting but also so incredibly sad.  I thought about the sad situation before me for a bit and really appreciated the fact that I can afford food and drinks that aren’t in a trash can.  Then I thought to myself, “Who in their right mind would pay that much for a drink from Starbucks then just throw the majority of it away?!”


Speaking of disgusting…the homeless man drinking out of a trashcan has nothing on what I saw in the parking lot when I went shopping recently…


I stepped out of my truck in a store parking lot and just guess what I saw in the empty space next to me…

I said guess.

Give up?  Here, just take a look:


IT WAS A DIRTY, EXPLODED DIAPER!!  What is wrong with people?!  I was horrified.  I’m sure these wonderful parents didn’t want a dirty diaper stinking up their vehicle but that is why trash cans are made.  Notice how this delightful scene is right next to the handicap spot which you may have figured out is maybe 20 yards from the front of the store.  When I looked up at the store front, what did I see?  Not 1, not 2, but 3 trash cans!  THREE!  They had their options of distances to walk and the furthest one couldn’t have been more than 30 yards away but instead they chose to be lazy, inconsiderate, a-holes and just throw their baby’s dirty diaper on the ground for it to be someone else’s problem.  If I was the manager of the store, I would look through my security tapes, find who did it, and turn them in for littering so they would be fined.  Disgusting.


On a lighter note, the other morning when I was leaving for work, it was so incredibly bright.  I leave a little after 5am so it definitely wasn’t bright due to the sun.  The moon was HUGE and was so gorgeous that I paused at the end of my driveway for a moment and took this picture.


Obviously, this picture does not do it justice because no picture ever does but I was in awe when I saw it.  But then I snapped out of it and realized if I didn’t hurry, I would be late for work so I took the picture and hurried away.  I guess there is a bright side to leaving work that early in the morning.


Need a laugh today?


Do it!

Did you say it?

Joseph and I say this all the time because it cracks us up.  Who comes up with this stuff?


Today is only one day away from Friday!  Hopefully I can make it through the week!  This one has been a crazy one and I am very ready for the weekend.

Anyways, Happy Thursday Everyone!

3 Responses to ““…pure randomness.””

  1. Kooken December 13, 2012 at 9:27 AM #

    I did it … I said raise up lights. hahaha Dirty diapers are everywhere I do not understand why people think the open ground (normally a sidewalk or parking lot with lots of foot traffic) is a good place to leave a smelly diaper. I do not understand people sometimes.

  2. mbneeley December 13, 2012 at 10:38 AM #

    G’Day Mate, I did it too.

  3. The Blood Center December 26, 2012 at 9:42 AM #

    Hello – we just saw your post here at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and wanted to say thanks for blogging about your donation experience! We’re glad your plasma donation was a success and we appreciate your taking the time to save a life!!

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