7 More Days

18 Dec

Christmas is in 7 days – just 1 week!

Countdown til Christmas

(That is given that the world does not end on Friday…)

Have you finished all of your shopping?  I still have a few little things to get, like stocking-stuffers and a few gift cards, but for the most part, I am done.  I have quite a bit of gift wrapping left to do, but hopefully that won’t take up too much time.

I always think Christmas kind of sneaks up on me each year but this year it seemed extra sneaky!  Does anyone else think that, too?  It is kinda frightening how fast this year has seemed to me.  Everyone keeps telling me that it only gets faster each year which is terrifying because I feel like I can hardly remember things from this year!  If it goes any faster I will miss the whole thing!

I will be running around like crazy over the next 2 weeks but I will try to post on here as much as I can.  Between the Christmas gatherings (we have had one with Joseph’s family already but still have 5 more to do…) and remodeling of our kitchen – which is what Mom wanted for Christmas – I will be a pretty busy girl.

Oh, and Joseph and I are going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra perform on Friday!

Here’s a few videos of them:

Christmas Canon

A Mad Russian’s Christmas

And of course the one you see on all the houses with light shows : Carol of the Bells

We have heard so many amazing things about TSO performances and Joseph and I are SO excited!  When we listen to them in the car we both like to pretend to play the instruments or conduct the music – neither of which do we actually know how to do but that’s not the point.

I will most definitely be writing a post about that experience so stay tuned!

One Response to “7 More Days”

  1. Kooken December 18, 2012 at 12:01 PM #

    They are soooooo good!!!

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