Miss Universe 2012

20 Dec

Did anyone else watch the Miss Universe Pageant last night?

I did, and like any good girlfriend, I texted Joseph and told him it was on so he could ogle the gorgeous women and predict the winner on looks alone, like every other male.

My favorites at the beginning were:

Miss Australia

Miss Venezuela

Miss USA

Miss France

Joseph’s were the same if you switch out Miss Venezuela for Miss Russia

Joseph’s absolute favorite was Australia…is anyone surprised?  It was the only blonde out of the ones he liked and he prefers blondes…I wonder if he’s noticed I’m a brunette yet?

Miss USA won – yay America.

Obviously I was cheering for Miss USA but to be honest, I was not impressed with her at all.  I didn’t think she deserved to be in the top 5, much less the winner.  I did not like her evening gown, her answer wasn’t great and she tripped while walking in her gown…I mean, she didn’t fall but she stumbled and didn’t smile afterwards so you could tell it effected her.  Not impressed.

Miss Venezuela (who reminded me of Sophia Vergara but maybe it was just the green dress with dark hair) should have gotten 4th runner-up after she answered her question.  It’s great that she tried to do it in English instead of Spanish but she made no sense whatsoever and it was incredibly awkward..watch it here.  In her defense, she tried and opted to not use a translator, unlike Miss Brazil, but it was awkward and you could tell that she was uncomfortable.  Reminded me a bit of South Carolina in the Miss Teen USA pageant and who could forget that?!

South Carolina

South Carolina
In case you did forget, watch it again.

I think Miss Philippines had the best answer and I really thought she was going to win after that…but I didn’t like her…well, it has nothing to do with her…I just hate the Philippines because we outsource to Manila at work and it makes me want to punch babies because it’s so aggravating.  I’m sure she isn’t a specific one that personally angers me on a daily basis, but sorry, she’s guilty by association.

Miss USA hasn’t taken the title for Miss Universe since 1997 so it’s nice that it has been brought back to America but it made me think that 1) it was rigged and 2) the judges had no idea what they were talking about and were not qualified to be judges…but either way,

Congratulations, Olivia, on becoming Miss Universe 2012.

One Response to “Miss Universe 2012”

  1. Kelli December 21, 2012 at 10:23 AM #

    I loved Philippines!! And you are right, Olivia didn’t deserve it. Oh well.

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