Trans Siberian Orchestra

3 Jan

Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to forget to tell you about the absolutely AMAZING experience we had when we saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Joseph and I went to see TSO on December 21st.


They were only in Houston for 1 night and played 2 shows.  We went to the first one so we could make it to Neva’s Christmas Party afterwards.

We had heard great things about TSO live and we were so pumped to be there!

Let me tell you, I had high expectations from all they hype and I was NOT disappointed!  It was awesome!

TSO started off with giving a check to a local charity using $1 from every ticket sold which I thought was pretty great.

I took a lot of pictures but because of all the crazy lights and movement and whatnot, a lot didn’t turn out great so I took mainly videos…BUT I am too “thrifty” to upgrade my blog to be allowed to post videos directly to here because it is expensive so you’ll have to bear with me on the not-so-great quality of pictures that I have…they just don’t do the concert justice.

Anyhoo, TSO opened with just the piano player…


Then came a few notes on the guitars mixed with a little fire action…


Then they went totally crazy in the best Trans Siberian Orchestra fashion and jammed out with crazy lights EVERYWHERE!


Between songs, there was a narrator telling pieces of a story similar to the Scrooge’s Christmas Carol.

This is the best picture I could get of him...sorry.

This is the best picture I could get of him…sorry.

The narrator had the most amazing story telling voice!  It was one of those voices that gets you excited for what is about to happen in a story.  He was very animated and I seriously want this guy to come tell me bedtime stories!  Here is a clip of him speaking at a different performance in 2010.

We had the perfect seats to be able to see the entire show.  We were kinda far away from the stage but we could see everything.  Plus, a few times during the show, the guitarist and violinist ran to the back of the Toyota Center to two platforms that were raised right in front of us and played a couple of songs.


I liked being straight back because our necks weren’t hurting from having to look at an angle or anything.

I don’t know if it is because I never really thought about it or what, but I wasn’t expecting singers.  I mean, I figured they would have the background singers and things to add to the music but they had people sing full-blown songs and it was really neat.  One woman, Chloe Lowery, had an incredible voice that gave me goosebumps!  She sang “For the Sake of our Brother” and it was ridiculous.  Watch a video of her singing it here.  She starts really picking up around 1:48 but I think it’s worth watching the whole video.  If you can believe it, she sounded even better in person.

The “story” part of the show ended after about an hour and the main guy came on stage and was thanking everyone for coming out.  Then, people started leaving.  Idiots!  After he was done thanking everyone, he said, “Now who’s ready for rock concert?!” (or something like that) and then they proceeded to play amazing songs for another 30 minutes!  I couldn’t believe people left early and missed all of that!  That is why I never leave concerts/games early…you just never know what will happen at the end.

Here are some more just random fun pictures for your enjoyment…


Joseph and I had an amazing time and we have decided that we will make it a Christmas tradition from now on.  Trans Siberian Orchestra is definitely worth seeing every year so if you get the chance to see them, GO!

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