College Football Bowl Games

8 Jan

Well ladies and gentlemen, college football is officially over for this season. ūüė¶ sad day.

Friday the Aggies played the Oklahoma Sooners in the AT&T Cotton Bowl at Jerryworld (aka the Dallas Cowboys Stadium).

Before the game, a lot of people were talking trash about Johnny Manziel not playing well because of all the Heisman hype with traveling for interviews and celebrating his win…and all of those people were quickly shut up after Johnny scored the first touchdown of the night in ridiculous fashion as always. ¬†Watch that touchdown plus other highlights of the game here. ¬†Every single game, he blows my mind. ¬†The kid is a freak of nature and I love it! ¬†Not only is he great but our entire offense is incredible. ¬†It’s sad that we are losing some of them but I cannot wait to see what next season and the new recruits will bring!

The Aggies ended up STOMPING the Sooners 41-13.  It was awesome seeing how angry Bob Stoops got and how confused their defense was the whole time.  They thought that they had nothing to worry about with the Aggies and JFF for this bowl game and they were so wrong.

Here are some fun facts about the Cotton Bowl this year:

1) It was the Aggies 1st Cotton Bowl win since 1988.

2) Johnny Manziel fell just shy of being only the 2nd 300/200 player in NCAA FBS history with 287 passing yards and 229 rushing yards.

3) The SEC remains undefeated in Cowboys Stadium and A&M won their first game in Cowboys Stadium.

D) The Aggies became the first SEC team to have more than 7,000 yards in a season with their 7,261 yards in 13 games.

5) Texas A&M scored first for the 18th games straight.

6) ¬†In A&M’s last 8 games, they have outscored their opponents 120-3 in the first quarter.

You can find a lot more fun facts about Aggie stats this past season here.


Last night was the BCS National Championship between Alabama and Notre Dame.

I predicted that Alabama would embarrass Notre Dame and a few people argued with me saying it was going to be a good game…it wasn’t. ¬†I was right. ¬†The Crimson Tide beat the Irish 42-14.

Alabama wins BCS National Championship

Alabama wins BCS National Championship

After the first half, when Alabama was winning 28-0 I decided I could go to bed because the game was no longer even holding my attention.  As much as I despise Nick Saban, I was still happy to see a SEC team take the national title.


I participated in a College Bowl Pick ‘Em with Joseph and 9 other people. ¬†Basically what you do is pick the winner of each bowl game (either A or B) and give it rating points (any number between 1-35). ¬†The catch is that you can only use each rating point once so the more confident you are, the more rating points you would give them because if the team you picked to win actually¬†won, you would earn the amount listed as the rating points for that bowl game. ¬†Make sense? ¬†Sure it does, y’all are smart people. ¬†Joseph created this awesome spreadsheet so that he could input the winner and it would automatically add up each person’s points and rank them accordingly. ¬†It’s pretty great…and smart on his part.

Everyone put in $20 and the payout was: 1st place Р$132, 2nd place Р$66, & 3rd place Р$22.  Last year I got 3rd place but none of our jerk friends put in their money so I just got my own money back.  This year we made sure everyone put in money so that way no one would be disappointed like I was last year.  Annnd guess how much I won?!?

None.  I got 7th place with 357 points out of 630.

Here’s a copy of my pick ’em spreadsheet:


The ones in green I predicted correctly and received the rating points in the far right column…the ones in red, I got wrong and received zero points for those. ¬†I did great after the New Year but my terrible picking mixed with some upsets between Christmas and New Year’s kept me from ranking…womp womp. ¬†There were only 2 girls in our group that participated (me being one of them) and the other one won! ¬†Way to go Nicole! ¬†Nicole also won last year so I think there is something fishy going on there…or maybe I’m just jealous…you decide.

Want to know how everyone else did?  Here you go:

Bowl Rankings

Oh well, there’s always next year for me! ¬†I really enjoy doing this every year because it makes it a lot more interesting to watch the bowl games you don’t really care as much about. ¬†And who doesn’t love a friendly competition with your friends, especially when there is money on the line??

I love college football so I am sad the season is over but I am SO ready for next season to watch the Aggies dominate!!

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