Houston Rodeo Line-Up Announced

9 Jan

The 2013 Houston Rodeo Line-Up was released this week and I am pretty excited!

HLSR Feb25-Mar4

HLSR Mar5-12 HLSR Mar13-17

I believe I mentioned this on here a while back but in case you missed it, I am volunteering for HLSR and am on the Gatekeepers committee.  I am so excited because I work 5 shifts: Feb. 28th, and March 10th, 13th, 16th, and 17th.  For the days that I don’t work, I get in for free and can bring one person in with me for free to any of the rodeos and concerts with the exception of March 17th because that is George Strait’s last time to ever play so I’m sure it will sell out super quickly so volunteers aren’t even able to get in for free.  Good thing I am working that day because I will be able to see him anyways! 🙂

Because I am on the Gatekeeper committee and on a team that works the stadium I will either be working the entries of the stadium or the isles to tell people where their seats are and what not.  Word on the street is that the people working the entries get off early and can see the end of each show and the people working the isles don’t get off early but can see everything anyways.  With that being said, I am pretty pumped about my schedule (with the exception of March 10th which is Go Tejano Day. wonderful.)

I was able to buy 4 tickets (which was my limit) for George Strait for my parents, my brother and his girlfriend during the volunteer presale this morning.  I just hate that ticketmaster.com doesn’t let you select the actual section you want.  You can select the level but not the specific section and they kept giving me crap on the ends instead of the side.  Finally I just settled for tickets on the end of one side because I didn’t want to get anything worse and you never know what they are going to throw at you.  So annoying.  But either way, they all get to go see George on his farewell tour and that is good enough, right?

So is anyone out there planning on going to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo this year??  Who do you want to go see?  I predict I will be spending a lot of time at Relient during March.  Who’s with me?

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