People’s Choice Awards 2013

10 Jan

Last night was the People’s Choice Awards.  I think this was one of the first times that I actually watched it because I always forget about it and my mom happened to change the channel to it when it started so we decided to watch it…

Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory hosted and she is a bit of an odd gal.  I don’t think I have ever seen a full episode of the Big Bang Theory (even though I’ve heard it is a good show) so I really didn’t know what to expect with her. I felt, like most awards show hosts (minus Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood), she tried too hard to be funny and it was just a little lame.  I will say that her opening dress was super cute on her though.

Kaley Cuoco walking out to open the show

Kaley Cuoco walking out to open the show

The only bit that she did that made me chuckle was a PSA one about Dog Shaming.  She basically imitated Sarah McLochlan on the saddest TV commercials ever about the abused animals and showed pictures of dogs that had been “shamed” and told people they needed to put an end to it.  You can watch the clip of it here.  Also, if you haven’t seen dog shaming pictures before, you really need to do it now so click on that link.  Some are pretty funny and help you appreciate the stupid things your dogs do compared to what some people are dealt with…

Reverse on Dog Shaming - Her dog was in the audience and she is super cute!

Reverse on Dog Shaming – Her dog was in the audience and she is super cute!

Anyways, the Hunger Games stole the show by winning 6 awards!  It won for Favorite Movie, Action Movie, and Movie Franchise.  Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta), and Liam Hemsworth (Gale) won for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry and Katniss won for Favorite Movie Actress and “Face of Heroism.”  And can I just say how much I loved that she used a Mean Girls reference in her speech by saying, “I wish I could break this and throw pieces out to all of you like in Mean Girls.”

Gale, Katniss, and Peeta at the People's Choice Awards

Gale, Katniss, and Peeta at the People’s Choice Awards

My girl, KP, took home several awards as well! Yay Katy Perry!  She won for Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Pop Artist.  Her music video for “Part of Me” won Favorite Music Video and her fans, the “KatyCats”, won her the Favorite Music Fan Following award!

Olivia Munn announced the winner for Favorite Country Artist and it was incredibly awkward.  First of all she said that Taylor Swift wrote “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” about her as a joke before announcing the winner, who actually ended up being Taylor Swift.  Then when TSwift came up to accept the award and give her speech, Olivia pulled a Kanye West move (on a much smaller scale) and kept interrupting Taylor saying that the award should be dedicated to her.  We got the joke, let the girl speak.  Taylor responded with, “This always happens,” in a slightly joking but not joking kind of way…

Speaking of awkward, Adam Sandler won the award for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor and in his acceptance speech he listed out a ridiculously long list of his own favorites that consisted of favorite berry (Halle), apple (Fiona), way to fly (unicorn), tree (the Tree Stooges), and of course he did all of this in his awkward voice that he uses for everything.  I don’t know if it was just me or what but I didn’t find it funny.  Maybe you thought differently?  Watch it here and decide.  I just thought it went on and on (almost 3 minutes long) and half of the things weren’t real and I didn’t understand the humor.  I dunno, whatever.

Adam Sandler giving his awkward speech from a piece of paper

Adam Sandler giving his awkward speech from a piece of paper

This year they added a new category: Favorite Humanitarian.  The lovely Sandra Bullock won and I was not even remotely surprised.  This woman does a lot as far as humanitarian work goes and I just love her.  Sandy is gorgeous and seems to be a really great person!  In her speech she said, “I am not at all being modest when I say I am not doing anything compared to what they do on a daily basis.”  Sandra also thanked the fans for supporting her because they are the reason she is able to write the checks to help these people.  What a class act!

Sandra Bullock accepting the award for Favorite Humanitarian

Sandra Bullock accepting the award for Favorite Humanitarian

I predicted almost all of the winners with only a few exceptions because I didn’t know a single person in some of the categories…maybe I just don’t watch enough television or something.

Here’s a list of the winners (with a few of my comments in blue):

Favorite Comedic Movie Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Adam Sandler
Favorite Comedic MovieTed  (<– Seriously?  I’ve never seen it but it looks super dumb)
Favorite Movie Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Movie Actor: Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite Movie Icon: Meryl Streep
Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games
Favorite Movie Franchise: The Hunger Games
Favorite Action Movie Star: Chris Hemsworth (Thor. so hot.)
Favorite Action Movie: The Hunger Games
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress: Emma Watson (<– Loved her in Harry Potter but it is little strange to me when she isn’t at Hogwarts. Also how did she win over Meryl Streep and Rachel McAdams?)
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor: Zac Efron
Favorite Dramatic Movie: Perks of Being a Wallflower
Favorite Movie Fan Following: Twi-hards, Twilight (ugh.)
Favorite Comedic TV Actress: Lea Michele (Rachel from Glee)
Favorite Comedic TV Actor: Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee)
Favorite Cable TV Comedy: Awkward (Never heard of it.)
Favorite Network TV Comedy: The Big Bang Theory
Favorite New TV Comedy: The New Normal (Never heard of it.)
Favorite Dramatic TV Actress: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy)
Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: Nathan Fillion (only person I recognized from this category but didn’t know he was in Castle at the time-never seen it)
Favorite Network TV Drama: Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Cable TV Drama: Leverage (Never heard of it.)
Favorite New TV Drama: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite TV Crime Drama: Castle 
Favorite Premium Cable TV Show: True Blood
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: Supernatural
Favorite Competition TV Show: The X Factor
Favorite Celebrity Judge: Demi Lovato
Favorite TV Fan Following: SPNFamily, Supernatural
Favorite Daytime TV Host: Ellen DeGeneres (I LOVE ELLEN.)
Favorite Late Night Talk-Show Host: Jimmy Fallon
Favorite New Talk-Show Host: Steve Harvey
Favorite Male Artist: Jason Mraz
Favorite Female Artist: Katy Perry
Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite Pop Artist: Katy Perry (yeah suck it Justin Bieber.)
Favorite R&B Artist: Rihanna
Favorite Hip-Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj
Favorite Band: Maroon 5
Favorite Breakout Artist: The Wanted (This one surprised me.  I figured it would be One Direction.)
Favorite Album: Up All Night, One Direction
Favorite Song: “What Makes You Beautiful,” One Direction
Favorite Music Video: “Part of Me,” Katy Perry
Favorite Music Fan Following: KatyCats, Katy Perry
Favorite Superhero: Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man
Favorite Face of Heroism: Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games
People’s Voice Award: Christina Aguilera (I wasn’t that impressed with her performance and her hair looked greasy.)
Favorite Onscreen Chemistry: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, The Hunger Games
Favorite Humanitarian: Sandra Bullock

Did anyone else watch the PCA this year?  Thoughts?

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