Congrats to Ali & Dano!!

14 Jan

I know I have mentioned my friends, Ali and Daniel on here before but in case you don’t know them here’s a little background info for you:

Daniel & Ali

Daniel and Ali

July 2006: Daniel and I met our freshmen year at A&M through Fish Camp.  We happened to be in the same camp as little fishies so we knew of each other but didn’t know each other very well at this point.

February/March 2007: Fast-forward about 8 months, Daniel and Joseph were put in the same fish camp as first year counselors and quickly became great friends and roommates.

Joseph and Daniel

Joseph and Daniel

January/February 2009: Fast-forward almost 2 years, Joseph and I were paired up as co-chair partners for fish camp.  Daniel was still his roommate and also a fellow co-chair.  I started hanging out with Joseph and his roommates all the time (only slightly because I had a huge crush on Joseph but that is a minor detail) but his friends ended up becoming some of my close friends.  I started to notice, though, that I seemed to always be the only girl and I talked a lot of trash to the guys about it.  I am not one to loooove hanging around girls but when you are around that much testosterone all the time, you need a little bit of female thrown into the mix!

Fall Semester 2009:  A little bit further down the road, Joseph and Daniel think they have the best plan ever and I think most guys agreed.  They became “House Boys” for the ZTA house.  Their thoughts were, “We will get to hang out with hot girls while we work. Done!”  When in reality they stayed in the kitchen doing dishes but occasionally getting to meet some of the girls during dinner and things like that.  Little miss Ali happened to be a ZTA and worked up the nerve to ask Daniel to their Semi-Formal in December, which for anyone who knows Ali knows this is a big move for her because she is so shy!

December 2009:  Daniel brings Ali to the house to introduce her to the guys (and me)!  I am SO excited to have another girl and proud of Dano because she is super cute!  I visited with her for a little while the first night and she was so (adorably) shy.  And for all of you who know me, I am not even the slightest bit shy and like to chit-chat.  After sitting with Ali and her shy-ness for a bit I told her, “Ali you are going to have to talk to me, even if I have to force it out of you.”  She laughed and probably thought I was kidding, but now I think she realized I wasn’t. 🙂  After a few times of hanging out and me picking her brain, she began to really open up and I have loved her ever since!

Me and Ali

Me and Ali

2011:  Fast-forward a few more years.  We all are graduated and Dano and Ali live in Dallas/Arlington area and begin their careers.  The problem, the rest of us are in Houston :-(.  All of us Houstonians work on convincing Ali & Dano to move to Houston so we can all be able to hang out more often because we missed them.

Fall 2012:  All of our hard work paid off!  Ali and Daniel finally were convinced that they were going to move to Houston and began looking for jobs!  With amazing luck and hard work they both found great jobs in no time and were set to start January 2013.

January 2013:  The plan:  Daniel and Ali move to Houston, have new jobs in Houston, and we all are super awesome friends that get to hang out all the time.  Oh and one other detail…


Last night, while Joseph and I are watching the dreadful game the Texans were playing and getting frustrated and in bad moods, Joseph gets a phone call.  He says things like, “No way!  Are you serious? Man, that’s awesome! Congratulations!”  All while I am sitting at him looking confused and asking who he is talking to…which he completely ignores.  He gets up and walks out of the room and as he is leaving I hear him say, “Ali will have to call Blair and let her know.”  Mental note: Daniel. That’s who he’s talking to.  I assume the excitement has to do with their jobs or moving but I start to get antsy because I am dying to know so I call Ali and say “Hey, what’s going on?  I heard your name when Joseph was on the phone and he sounded excited and he wouldn’t tell me anything, he just walked out of the room…” and she says, “I’m engaged!”  And of course I freak out and get super excited because not only were they moving to Houston with Ali working right down the street from me, but also they were getting married!!!!  It was a total surprise for me because I hadn’t heard a word of Daniel’s plan. (he’s a sneaky one, that Dano!)

Ali was thrilled (of course)!  She couldn’t talk long because they had only like a million people to tell but here’s her version:

Ali thought they had to go to College Station to give an eviction notice to one of his dad’s renters.  But when they got to CS they decided to go to a tent sale first.  (For those of you who don’t know, Aggie Tent Sales are awesome and have a million different Aggie things for cheap.)  Then Daniel said he wanted to see if they could get into Kyle Field because he “heard it was open on Sundays.”  Ali is still oblivious at this point because she thought maybe it was open because of the Johnny Football craze or something and really didn’t think anything of it.

So they went into the stadium and were walking on the track and Daniel said, “Let’s go to the 50 yard line.”  And Ali was like, “Is this illegal?!?” (<– haha adorable)

They went to the middle of the field and he said he has some stuff he wanted to tell her and the next thing she knew, he was down on one knee proposing!!  She obviously said yes! along with “Holy Guacamole!” about 20 times which is funny because she never says that.  Then her family showed up a few minutes after that to take pictures and congratulate them!

Daniel and Ali right after he proposed in Kyle Field

Daniel and Ali right after he proposed on Kyle Field

Great job Dano!! Oh and by the way,

Ali & Dano bling bling

that ring has Ali written ALL over it!  So pretty!!

Congratulations to both of you!  I could not be happier for you two!

The future Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Howard!!

The future Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Howard!!

I cannot wait to celebrate once y’all get to Houston next week!!!  So many exciting things happening all at once!!

I love you both!! Congrats!!


One Response to “Congrats to Ali & Dano!!”

  1. Kooken January 14, 2013 at 5:47 PM #

    Could not be more excited!!!!! Picture of Daniel and Joseph… Dano had a straight thumb bahahah and they look so young! 💎💍💎💍💎💋❤❤💋💋💋

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