Congrats to Neva and Korey!

23 Jan

You guys remember Neva and Korey, right?

Neva and Korey

Neva and Korey

Of course you do.  Neva and I have been friends since 5th grade and I have posted about her (and Korey) several times on here…bunco, game nights, shooting shotguns, her annual Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, and plenty of random hangouts.

Neva and Korey first met when all of us started hanging out at Big Kat and Cory’s house (different Cory, not Neva’s Korey).  Ringing in 2006 at their Black Tie/Lingerie/Toga New Year’s Eve Party was the first time that Neva had been over to their house.  She possibly rang in the New Year a little too hard and ended up getting a wee bit intoxicated and found herself throwing up outside in their front yard ditch by the end of the night.  Korey kept hearing everyone talk about “this Neva chick” throwing up and passing out in the ditch and wondered who she was.  In his mind he formulated her being an exotic looking girl with dark hair based on her name.  After a few more hangouts at Big Kat’s house, he quickly learned that she was the opposite of what he pictured! haha

Neva and Korey

Our big group of friends continued to hang out and Neva was nicknamed “Nasty Neva” because all of our friends learned that Neva didn’t like to shower and had flies swarming her when everyone was at the pool one day.  (Fun Fact: That is what Korey’s family knew of Neva before she even met them! – hilarious)  After we graduated high school in 2006, we hung out at Big Kat and Cory’s much more during the summer.  Over that time period, Neva formed a crush on Korey and ended up asking Korey to go to lunch with her one day when they were working – props to Neva for making the first move!  Boys never seem do these things on their own 🙂  As it turned out, the crush was mutual because they ended up going on their first date on August 1, 2006 to see the movie Click (which Korey asked her to).

They continued dating through college, living in different towns, living together, working, getting a mini bulldog name Addie and a cat named Boo, and Neva getting her Masters degree.  That is 6 1/2 years of love they have shared and life’s big moments they have experienced together! 6 1/2 years!  So awesome!

Neva & Korey

They just went on a cruise with Neva’s family and EVERYONE thought she would come back with an engagement ring on her hand…but they got back this past Saturday and her hand was bare.  Neva and I G-chat on occasion and Monday we spent quite a bit of time talking about wedding related things and that everyone thought that they would get engaged on the cruise but there were lots of moments coming up (her birthday, Valentine’s Day – you know, all the cliché proposal times) so we thought it would be in the near future.  What we didn’t know was that it was going to be the immediate future…

Korey proposed Monday evening once Neva got home from work.  Korey had the day off due to MLK Day being a bank holiday.  Neva got home from work and Kelsi (her little sister) instructed her to meet Korey outside down by the lake.  (BTW their house is on a beautiful lake-front property.)  It was about 6pm so the sun was setting making the sky a very pretty orange.  Korey talked to Neva for a little bit and told her to look back up at the house for a surprise.  That’s when Addie (their precious bulldog) came RUNNING down to them with an adorable red bow attached to her harness that said, “Will you marry me?”  Neva turned around and Korey was down on one knee with a beautiful ring for her.

Neva's Ring

So cute!  Good job Korey!  The ring is gorgeous!

Neva Korey and Addie

I am so excited for you two!  Congratulations!!  I love you both so much!!

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