“…pure randomness.”

24 Jan

So Obama’s inauguration was this past Monday, which also happened to be MLK Day.  Anyone else find this ironic?  Anyways, there has been a lot of noise about Beyoncé singing the National Anthem at the inauguration.  Many people claim that she lip synced the song.  I didn’t watch the inauguration so I had to watch a clip of her performance.  Did you see it?  If not, here is a clip of ABC News reporting about it.

If she didn’t actually sing it, she faked it very well.  And as we all know from her performance in Austin Powers, she isn’t the best at acting.  Either way, you can tell it is her voice regardless if it was pre-recorded or not.  I thought she did a good job but maybe I am biased because I like her.  What do you think?


Did you hear about the waiter at Lorenzo’s in Houston?  Michael Garcia made national news this past weekend for standing up for a little boy with Down Syndrome.  Here‘s a clip from Fox News interviewing Michael Garcia.

Michael and Milo

Michael and Milo

Apparently Milo, a 5-year-old little boy with Down’s Syndrome, and his family are regular visitors of Lorenzo’s.  Another family came in and was seated near them.  They then moved tables and Michael Garcia overheard the man, in front of his two children, say, “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else (or something along those lines).”  So appalling.  It’s terrible that someone would say or even think something like that, much less say it in front of his children and teaching them to discriminate.  Michael Garcia then refused to serve them.

It’s  nice to see people standing up for others.  I would like to see more of these types of stories in the news rather than all of the shootings that have been taking place.


Have you heard of the new “healthy” Girl Scout cookie?  They are called Mango Cremes with Nutrifusion.  Sounds super healthy, right?

Seriously?  If anyone thinks that any cookie, especially one from Girl Scouts, is going to be healthy, they have lost their dang mind.  ABC is the company that created this “healthy” cookie.  On their website it says:

“It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! Millions of Americans look forward to this once-a-year treat. This year, consumers will have the opportunity to enjoy a new tropical-inspired sandwich crème cookie with major vitamins.  These crunchy vanilla and coconut cookies with a mango-flavored crème filling have all the nutrient benefits of eating cranberries, pomegranates, oranges, grapes, and strawberries. This exciting innovation brings “better for you” benefits to Girl Scouts and is the first cookie of its kind.” (and yes, I said “better for you” in my head the same way Anjelah Johnson does in her Nail Salon skit.  It’s a habit now.)

Just because something has vitamins, does not make it healthy.  And anything that has to be packed with artificial versions of vitamins of course isn’t going to be healthy.  Why not actually put mango in the cookie…there’s an idea.  I would try these just to see what they taste like but not for the hopes of being healthy.  Or maybe I’ll just be fat and happy and stick to Thin Mints.

🙂 yum.


Have you ever noticed how disgusting public restrooms are?  If you know me, then you know I have a bit of a complex when it comes to using the restroom in public because they freak me out with how nasty they can be.  When I started working at my current place of business I realized they had those awesome disposable seat covers and I was pumped! (judge me if you want but I was seriously excited about that.)

Well they remodeled our bathrooms about 6 months ago and put in some water-saver toilets that are the worst thing ever.  They don’t even flush toilet paper all the way on the first flush.  I am one of those people who can’t stand going into a restroom if there is something still in the toilet…I don’t care if it is just toilet paper.  Apparently ALL of the women on my floor don’t wait to see if their business actually flushes because it never fails that every. single. time. I go into the restroom, multiple toilets have remnants of other people’s stuff.  I have to constantly fight the urge to post a passive aggressive flyer in each of the stalls telling the women to make sure the toilet actually flushes everything down.

After about 6 months of dealing with this, I finally accepted the fact that I am just going to have to flush the toilets before I use them seeing as every female I work with doesn’t understand how this works.  I was fine up until Tuesday of this week.

I want to preface this story with the fact that I work in a business environment with intelligent people and the only ones to use our bathroom are the women that work on my floor.  You would think they would be clean, courteous people, right?  HA!

Well, on Tuesday, you will never believe what happened…I went into the stall, did my usual: flush the remnants, put down the disposable seat cover, then I looked down.  I am being completely serious when I say this…there was a human turd on the ground between my stall and the one next to me.  A TURD!  HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!?  What in the world is wrong with people that they don’t know how to poop into the toilet?!  And if by some unholy reason you do miss the toilet, why wouldn’t you clean it up?!  UGH!  It was about the size of a quarter but no less disgusting than if it was a huge one.  I went to tell a girl I work with and she didn’t believe me so she went in there and started to freak out.  She wrapped her hand in basically an entire roll of toilet paper and nudged it to make sure it was actually a piece of doody.  It was.  And when she nudged it, it smeared on the ground.  I immediately started gagging…actually I think I was already gagging at the fact that she was about to touch it…she could have had a HazMat suit on and I still would have found it disgusting.

HazMat Suit

I’m thinking I need one of these HazMat Suits to use the restroom from now on

What’s possibly even worse than that…if you can even imagine…is that the skid mark is still there.  That was 2 days ago!  Why hasn’t someone mopped?!  My coworker called and complained yesterday about the night cleaning staff not mopping and they told her that they mop every night.  So she told them that she knows they don’t because there is a turd mark on the floor that had been there for a while so when we came in today and it was still there she called them again and was told that the bathroom was mopped 3 times.  What are they mopping with?  Air??  Because it is not working.  Makes me cringe to think of all the other horrendous things that are in there that aren’t as visible as a human turd.  Gross.  And now, every time I see a fellow female coworker I can’t help but think it was them that left the doody.


I can’t believe it is only Thursday.  Tuesday felt like it should have been Thursday so this has been the longest week ever for me.  Hope your week is going better than mine!  Remember to watch out for the doody!

One Response to ““…pure randomness.””

  1. mauricia January 24, 2013 at 1:40 PM #

    This post had me literally laughing aloud. I can just see your dramatic self and coworker in that bathroom. What is funnier, I can picture this coworker being “Jessica” in a heartbeat because crazy random stuff always seems to follow you two, especially when you are together.

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