Happy Birthday Neva!!

28 Jan

Guess what today is??  (BTW if you can’t guess from the title of this blog post, just leave because that is embarrassing for you…)

It’s Neva’s 25th birthday!!



Saturday evening, a group of us went out to celebrate Neva’s birthday at Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi.  It was definitely a birthday dinner that none of us will be forgetting any time soon…

We were seated at the restaurant and ordered drinks while we waited for the whole group to get there.  Once everyone was there, we ordered our food (because that’s what you do at restaurants so you probably figured that much…).  Slowly, our food was brought out to each person.  And by slowly I mean Joseph and I were done with our ENTIRE meals before other people even received theirs.  Also, I, along with a few other people, ordered soup or salads and those didn’t come out until AFTER I ate my sushi…I didn’t even want it anymore.  BUT that’s not even the best part…

While I was eating my soup (and Korey was eating his soup because that is the only thing out of his entire meal that he had received so far even though half of us were done with our meals), the power goes out.  I’m talking PITCH BLACK restaurant.  Luckily I have a flash light on my phone so I used that to look at my soup to finish eating.

A lady, who we assumed was the manager, came to our table and apologized but was still really rude.  She told us that this has happened several times over the past few days which was irritating because that would have been nice to know before we were seated but whatever.  The lights finally came back on and by this time, Korey is definitely cranky because all the poor kid has eaten is soup and we had been there for over an hour already.  Our waiter was actually really nice and gave everyone a drink on the house (even though I would have rather he just take off the beer I already drank) but it was still nice of him.

Everyone eventually received their food and once we all had full bellies, we paid and went to Gina and Preston’s house to hang out.

When Neva, Korey, and I stopped at the gas station on the way to Gina and Preston’s house, we decided to get a Smirnoff Ice to “ice” someone (if you don’t know the concept of “icing” someone click here for an explanation).  Because Preston’s birthday was last week, we decided he would be the lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) victim.  Neva called Gina on the way and asked her to meet us outside with a gift bag for Preston’s birthday “gift.”  We wrapped it and brought it inside and Neva walked in with the bag and told Preston it was for his birthday.  He got excited and opened it and his excitement faded immediately! hahaha

Did I mention that they only had the HUGE bottles at the gas station?

Did I mention that they only had the HUGE bottles at the gas station?  haha

Preston was a good sport about it but we didn’t make him chug it all at once…just made him drink the whole thing throughout the night.

It was a fun night of all of us hanging out and catching up because unfortunately, we just don’t get to do that very often which stinks.  But the night was definitely eventful and I had a blast!


Happy Birthday Neva!  I love you!!  I hope your day is absolutely amazing!!

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