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31 Jan

I’m sure most of you have seen this already (I know I have watched it several times so far) but I thought I would share just in case you haven’t gotten to see the awesomeness that is Dude Perfect and Johnny Football.  For those of you who have never heard of Dude Perfect, they are a group of 5 Aggie guys (and one Panda) that do ridiculous basketball trick shots.  I’m talking RIDICULOUS!  They have made shots from the stands in a football stadium, jumping off of things, and even out of an airplane.  They have been featured on the news and on talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Regis & Kelly, walked the ESPY Red Carpet and are considered one of YouTube’s hottest brands.  They are incredible.  It’s hard to believe some of the stunts they do but they really do them – and most of the time, it only takes a few tries to get that money shot!  You can find out more information about them and see video clips at their website.

Anyways, back to my original thought process.  One of their videos has been rather popular lately because it features Johnny Manziel (aka Johnny Football, Johnny Heisman, JFF, etc.) doing trick shots with them.  It is pretty awesome.

Check it out here.

Check it out here.

Seriously, is your mind blown right now?  They are incredible and I strongly believe they need their own reality show.  Dude Perfect is by far one of the most talented groups I have seen, super entertaining, very creative, and bring everything back to the glory of God.  They are a great group of guys and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


I know the majority of people in America have set a New Year’s Resolution goal to lose weight and/or get healthy.  Being a nutrition major, I would always hear these ridiculous weight loss methods and schemes that people create to make millions off of consumer stupidity.  I saw a commercial the other day and I think I have found the scheme that takes the cake (no pun intended).

Introducing Sensa.  Have you heard about it?  Maybe you saw this commercial featuring skinny people in swimsuits shaking this package of stuff on top of their burgers, hot dogs, pizza and even ice cream.


Shake Your Sensa Commercial

I am not kidding.  Sensa claims that you can eat WHATEVER you want and lose weight just by shaking this package of Sensa on top of your food before you eat it.  Apparently it is supposed to trigger your “I’m full” receptors and tell you to quit eating causing you eat less than you typically would.  I am going to go ahead and call a loud BS on this product.  Anyone else?  Seriously, who falls for this kind of scheme?!  People, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost ALWAYS is!  Don’t waste your money.  Learn to eat healthy and work out because those are the only two ways to lose weight (and keep it off) in a healthy way.  I mean, how many people have you known that a) have been overweight to begin with (because some people are just naturally skinny and can eat whatever they want and not gain weight – btw I hate those people) and b) actually lost weight by eating burgers, pizza, and ice cream?  I, for one, know zero.


My mom showed me this awesome webpage that has a Picture of the Day everyday (hence the name).  They posted the top 100 “Pictures of the Day” from 2012 and you have to check them out!  They include pictures from NASA and National Geographic to pictures posted on Flickr and Reddit by everyday people.  Some of them are absolutely incredible!

Here are some of my favorites:

An Elephant meets a Sea Lion at the Oregon Zoo

An Elephant Meets a Sea Lion at the Oregon Zoo (obviously I loved this one)

Adaptive Roots in the Concrete Jungle

Adaptive Roots in the Concrete Jungle

The Most Incredible Aurora of 2012

The Most Incredible Aurora of 2012

7 Hours in One Image

7 Hours in One Image

Honestly, I want to post just about all of them because they are all very cool.  It makes you appreciate the amazing planet we live on and how beautiful God’s work truly is here.


If our beautiful planet isn’t really your thing, maybe you would like to listen to people’s lives get ruined on the radio on Roula & Ryan’s Roses on 104.1 KRBE.

All week Roula & Ryan have people email in stating why they want to be on their Roses segment.  Basically what happens is every Thursday, R&R talk to the person who emailed them (typically a female) who believes their significant other is cheating on them.  R&R get the background story then Roula calls the significant other on the radio while the original caller listens in silently.  Roula pretends to be an employee of a flower delivery company who is trying to extend her business by offering the significant other a free bouquet of red roses.  They almost always agree to it and then she gets the name of the person who they want to send them to and the greeting for the card.  It almost never fails that the roses go to someone other than the person they are in the relationship with.  It’s tragic but like a train wreck, I can’t turn away.  I have to tune in or listen to their podcast every Thursday.

If this is something that would intrigue you, check out their podcast for today (this really isn’t a typical one so you’ll have to listen again next Thursday to get a true feel for how this segment works).  Most of the time I think the original caller/emailer is a crazy person because if you suspect your significant other may be cheating, why not talk to them about it rather than put them on the radio and humiliate them along with yourself.  I think my favorite part is how Roula & Ryan call out both callers on the stupid things they say.  Whatever it is, I can’t help but to listen to it, even though I am not a reality TV type of person…


Today is my “Friday” and I am pretty excited about that!

Do you have any Super Bowl plans?  I will be going over to Neva & Korey’s for their Super Engagement Bowl Party (to celebrate their engagement and have friends over to watch the big game)!!

I can’t wait!  Happy Weekend Everyone!


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