“…pure randomness.”

7 Feb

So I was stopped at a red light one day last week when I looked to my right and saw this beauty…

Duct Tape TrunkLadies and gentlemen, that is ghetto at its finest.  That is a trunk with what looks to be an entire roll of duct tape holding it down.  I laughed out loud when I saw it because someone as thrifty as myself can understand trying to save money on repairs but dang…that is slightly ridiculous.  What’s funny is that it appears that they have gone over their original duct taping job a few times with newer tape.  I just wonder how long this car has been in this condition…


Have you heard about the new Stiletto Workouts?

Nicole Damaris came up with the idea after sitting at a Starbucks and seeing women of all shapes and sizes wearing heels that they could barely walk in and she thought to herself, “Why can’t they do this?”  So obviously her first instinct is to make them work out in them…good one Nicole.  I have never really had a hard time walking in heels but ladies, if you have a difficult time walking in your heels I believe the last thing I would suggest would be to do lunges and squats in them.  First of all, you should keep your weight on the heels of your feet for these movements and I don’t think I would trust a 1/4″ round tip heel on my foot to support me without breaking my ankle.  That is just asking for disaster.  If you want to see if they are going to hurt your feet before you buy them, just do what I do — put them on in the store and run up and down at least 3 aisles.  If you trip or your feet hurt afterwards, they aren’t the heel for you.  **WARNING: I am great at walking in heels (not meant to be a toot of my own horn) so that’s why I test out heels like that.  Don’t actually do that unless you know you won’t fall and sprain your ankle because then I will just make fun of you.**


Speaking of working out, I know yesterday I said I wouldn’t talk about it all the time because I even think it’s annoying but I had to let y’all know the milestone I hit yesterday…

I did pull-ups without the help of a resistance band!!

me doing pull-ups yesterday at the gym

me doing pull-ups yesterday at the gym

I know some of you may be thinking that isn’t that awesome but I was super pumped about it.  I haven’t been able to do a legit pull-up since I was in gymnastics which was about 12 or more years ago.  It was such a big deal at the gym that one of the trainers filmed it (I’m kind of the joke of the class because compared to everyone else there I haven’t been doing CrossFit that long, I don’t take it as seriously, and I’m pretty weak) and if you care to see it, they posted it on Facebook on CrossFit OverTake’s page.  But good news is I am getting stronger and that is exciting to me!


Last weekend I went to Babies R Us to get my cousin a baby shower gift.


When I was walking out, in front of me was a family of 4: Mom, Dad, about a 4-year-old girl, and an infant.  They had just purchased a new car seat for the infant, which was in their buggy.  As they were crossing the street the mom told the little girl to hold her hand and I thought it was sweet.  But when I got into my truck, I looked over and saw the mother yell at the little girl about something then SLAM the car door as hard as possible and I thought, “Geez, what did she do in that short amount of time that would make mom so angry that quickly?”  Then out of sheer curiosity I kept watching them because I was in no hurry to get to my next errand.  What do these wonderful parents do?  They put the 4-year-old girl in the back, just in the regular seat, then the mom gets into the passenger seat with the infant on her lap as the dad loads up the INFANT CAR SEAT into their trunk!  SERIOUSLY?? You just bought a car seat for your child yet you are going to wait to remove it from its box after you drive with the kid on your lap the whole way home?!  But then I thought…there isn’t another car seat in the car so I guess they drove all the way here without either kid in proper protective seats…What the heck is wrong with people?!  I just don’t get it.  I was tempted to say something to them but people seem to shoot people over lesser things so I decided to mind my own business and just pray for those poor children.


Valentine’s Day is exactly a week away.  Who’s excited?  Not me.  UGH.  I absolutely despise Valentine’s Day.  Why should there be a day dedicated to showing the person you love that you love them?  Shouldn’t you try to do that every day?  Did you know the average American spends $300 on Valentine’s Day?!  $300 on useless crap!  I don’t need over-priced flowers that are going to die, over-priced (and disgusting) chocolates that will make me fat, or an over-priced stuffed animal that will either go in a garage sale or shoved in the back of my closet for the rest of eternity.  Or there’s always going out to eat and waiting for 3 hours to get a table only to receive the worst service you have ever had because they are too busy with the million other couples around you.

Why yes, I did do a Google search specifically for a Valentine's Day cartoon with an elephant on it...

Why yes, I did do a Google search specifically for a Valentine’s Day cartoon with an elephant on it…those are the only ones that I like.

I’m not saying I’m not the romantic type, I love sweet, romantic things.  But I want them to be done on a random day just because he thought of me, not because there’s a day telling him to do it.  Thus, Joseph and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Our first Valentine’s Day he thought I was kidding about not wanting a gift and made sure to ask me about 25 times if I was serious until finally I told him that if he bought me anything I would be mad at him.  He does nice things for me throughout the year and that means more to me than some generic pink and red gift with hearts and flowers on it.

Also, as a side note I would like to take this time to tell all of you out there that if you ever get me a card for anything: birthday, Christmas, just because, etc.  feel free to take a sheet of paper, fold it in half, and write something to me.  Those are my favorite.  There’s no point in spending $4 on a card then just signing your name because people just throw those away.  I’m being totally serious.  This is your chance to save money around holidays with me and I promise I will love your handmade card and not be upset that you didn’t waste your money on Hallmark.


Tomorrow Joseph and I leave for CALIFORNIA!!!  I am SO excited!

This work week has been the longest evvvverrrrr.  I have never been to California before (or even flown anywhere with Joseph).  We are going to go skiing at Big Bear Mountain for the weekend with his family then we will stay with his brother, sister-in-law, and niece, who live in San Diego, for the rest of the week!  The only thing we have for sure decided on doing during the week is to go to the San Diego Zoo.  Do I really need to explain why I would want to go to the zoo?  Have you people been paying attention to any of my blog posts??  One word.  ELEPHANTS.

So more than likely I won’t be able to post until I return but I will be sure to take lots of pictures and do fun things to share with y’all once I get back!

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

One Response to ““…pure randomness.””

  1. Stephanie February 7, 2013 at 3:19 PM #

    Have a safe and fun trip!! You will LOVE Cali!

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