Flying to San Diego and Skiing in Big Bear

18 Feb

I’m baaaack!  Did you miss me??  Of course you did! 🙂

Well, we had a great time in California and I have plenty to share with y’all so it will have to be over several different posts so this one isn’t ridiculously long!

Let’s start with our flight Friday afternoon from Houston to San Diego.  Remember how I said I was praying for David Holmes (the rapping flight attendant) to be our flight attendant??  Well, once we boarded they introduced all 3 of our attendants saying David was in the back!  I got excited and turned around to find a skinny, white guy named David.  Needless to say, there was no rapping on our flight during the emergency procedures…sad day.

We weren’t able to get the emergency exit row so we found an empty row with 3 seats.  Joseph sat by the window and I sat in between him and Jeremy so they would both have more leg room by just crowding my extra space.  That was one of the first times that I didn’t wish I was taller.  Plane seats are perfect for my size people…I don’t know how bigger people can stand it, especially if they have to sit by randos (that’s how I say random people in case you didn’t catch that).

Joseph is way better at pointing out what things are from the plane so it was good that he had the window seat instead of me.  He pointed out downtown to me so I had the chance to say “So Long Suckers!” and laugh at everyone that was still working haha

View of Downtown from our flight

View of Downtown from our plane

We left some of the prettiest weather Houston has seen in a while to get to San Diego the one time it rains!  What are the odds?  Luckily that was the only ugly night we had while we were there.

Saturday morning we woke up, loaded our things, went to breakfast, then headed to Big Bear.  Check out this massive German Pancake that Chloe ate…

German Pancake

German Pancake

Just kidding.  That was Joshua’s but it was so huge that a little Asian lady came over to the table and took a picture to post on Facebook (at least that’s what I think she said).

We drove about 2.5 hours to Big Bear Mountain.  It was gorgeous!  They had just had a pretty great snowfall the night before so we had picked the best weekend of the season to go (that is if you don’t count the murderer on the run, which I don’t).

View from the car

View from the car

Once we picked up the keys for our cabin and were driving over to unload our things, we saw the police station, which happened to be at the end of our road.  Normally I would say that it was comforting to be that close to cops but seeing as a cop killer was thought to be in the area, it didn’t exactly ease the tension.  I thought the entire town would be swarming with cops on the lookout for Christopher Dorner but surprisingly we probably wouldn’t have even thought anything was going on in that town if we hadn’t watched the news.  The only thing that kind of stood out was the news crews at the police station.

News vans outside the station

News vans outside the station

Good news and bad news.  Good news was that we never came across the cop killer…bad news is that we weren’t able to collect the million dollar reward.  But we kept our eyes open for him just in case.

Our cabin was beautiful and in the perfect location: right at the base of Summit Mountain and along the stop for the short bus ride to Big Bear Mountain.

Me and Joseph on the porch of our cabin

Me and Joseph on the porch of our cabin

Joseph, me, and Jeremy bought lift tickets to ski Saturday night, and then all day Sunday and Monday (Joshua and Lori were just on Saturday and Sunday).  We rented our skis and boots from a little place owned by a nice Christian family.  It wasn’t as close to our cabin as others but they were cheaper and we always like supporting family owned places, especially those that share their faith.  Once we had our skis and boots, we changed and headed up to the mountain for some night skiing!  I had never night skied before so I was pretty excited.  We walked all the way to the mountain which really wasn’t that far but if you have ever walked anywhere in ski boots, you know that even 20 feet is further than you really want to walk.  By the time we got to the mountain, my toes were getting a little numb from lack of circulation so I adjusted my boots to the loosest setting.  On our first run down the mountain, I was having a hard time cutting to slow down (I would like to blame on the lack of feeling in my foot) and ended up going ridiculously fast past everyone in our group.  About halfway down this super steep part (I say super steep, it was super steep for a green but I’m not the most graceful skier and it was my first run in over a year so give me a break), right under the lift where everyone was watching, I completely ate it.  When I say completely ate it, I mean flipped over myself, head first, both skis flew off AND I lost my poles.  I heard every bone in my back pop and I had snow EVERYWHERE…even in my mouth.  It was definitely the hardest wipe out I had to date and was actually surprised I didn’t seriously hurt myself.  I collected myself and my equipment as I hear people on the lift cracking up and the rest of our group skis down to me laughing because it was pretty funny.  Luckily I can laugh at myself, even if I am slightly achy.  Joseph helped me up and the boys continued down the mountain as Lori and I used a slower, safer pace.

Left: me and JosephRight: Lori and Joshua

Left: me and Joseph
Right: Lori and Joshua

Lori and I looked like little twinsies even though our jackets were a little bit different!

After about a 100 more yards, I had to stop to readjust my boots again because my feet were actually hurting and I couldn’t feel my left foot at all.  When we got to the bottom of the mountain I decided that I was going to have to switch out my boots (the problem was that I didn’t have my ski socks on when we tried them out, just my regular ones) and the place was closed for the night.  Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t ski for the rest of the night but I decided I would rather do that than risk not being able to ski at all Sunday or Monday.  Since I had only skied for less than an hour, (and because I am so thrifty) I went up to guest services and told them I was hurt and couldn’t ski any longer that night and they gave me a voucher for the amount of my lift ticket which was good for a whole year.  We already had our lift tickets so I decided I would try to sell it to someone the next day.

Sunday morning, we woke up and Lori decided to exchange her boots with me.  We got a different style and it was incredible how much better they felt and they were WAY easier to get on and off.  The boys had already gone to the mountain so we just met them over there.  Before we got on the lift, we went over by the ticket area and Lori sold my voucher for only $5 less than what I had paid the night before!  It was a win-win for me and the guy because I got my money back (we figured I did $5 worth of skiing the night before) and the guy got $5 off his lift ticket!  We skied by ourselves on the easy green slopes until the boys came over to our side and joined us for a run.  They had been on the blue slopes and told us there was a great photo opportunity at the top of the lift.  I love pictures so we decided we could hang for at least one challenging run in order to take some good pictures.

Photo Opportunity at the top of one of the blue/black lifts

Photo Opportunity at the top of one of the blue/black lifts

After our photo shoot at the top of the mountain, I took my time going down the slopes since they were a little more difficult compared to what we had been doing all morning.  I was doing a decent job and once we were near the bottom Joseph told me to go to the right of a fork because it was easier and once again I caught too much speed and tried to slow down with zero success…that was until I hit the fence.  Yes, I am one of the reasons why they have these fences at the base of the mountain separating the slopes from the bystanders….

surprisingly sturdy fence.

surprisingly sturdy fence.

I hit this fence going about 20-30 mph and somehow ended up with my head on the ground and my back and feet up against the fence while my skis and poles were thrown along my path.  Also, by some strange force of nature, snow had found its way under my jacket and thermals to my bare skin on my back.  I had done the unimaginable: crashing harder than the night before and only in front of just about EVERYONE on the mountain because it was lunch time and people were everywhere!  I don’t know what my deal was this time with skiing.  Before this trip I had been skiing twice and had fallen a total of 3 times in the 6 days of skiing, with only 1 time being a pretty decent wipe out.  This trip, I fell about 5 times and all of them were ridiculous.  Oh well, maybe I will get it next time…

Monday it was only Joseph, me, and Jeremy that skied.  The boys were nice (and tired from the two previous days) so they stayed with me on the easy greens for most of the day.  It didn’t hurt that there were these fun jumps and ramps along the way that you could go on to keep them entertained.  I think Jeremy had more fun than anyone on the jumps.

Left: Jeremy getting about 2 feet of air on one jumpRight: Jeremy and Joseph landing after a jump (Jeremy almost ate it here)

Left: Jeremy getting about 2 feet of air on one jump
Right: Jeremy and Joseph landing after a jump (Jeremy almost ate it here)

Jeremy was way more gutsy than the rest of us.  He would FLY down the mountain at ridiculous speeds and even decided to go on a double black diamond on Monday.  Joseph and I waited at the bottom so I could get a picture and video of him coming down this…

Double Black Diamond

Double Black Diamond

He actually did a pretty decent job.  He didn’t fall once and didn’t have to go as slow as I normally do down the blues.  I wish I could post the video on here but once again, I am too “thrifty” to pay for the video upgrade.  Maybe one day I will suck it up and pay the extra bucks….but it won’t be today…sorry.  I’ll post on Facebook though because that’s free.

After skiing all day, they rest of the group picked us up from the mountain and we returned our rentals and headed back to San Diego.  And guess where we went for dinner??

Yes, there is actually a restaurant called the Elephant Bar!! How awesome is that?!

Yes, there is actually a restaurant called the Elephant Bar!! How awesome is that?!

This was all within the first 3 1/2 days of being in California.  Don’t worry, I still have 4 1/2 more to tell you about 🙂

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  1. Barbara February 18, 2013 at 7:21 PM #

    I am just glad you are home and safe Bla!

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