Hemi Update

4 Mar

So I dropped Hemi off at the vet specialist last Wednesday.

I was pretty upset because I couldn’t visit her on Thursday due to having to work a rodeo shift I couldn’t get out of but luckily my mom went by so she wouldn’t be lonely and think we abandoned her.

Mom's visitation on Thursday

Mom’s visitation on Thursday

Hemi had to have a Cone of Shame!!  Poor baby girl!  I gave them the approval to put in a jugular catheter because she ripped out so many of the other ones at Dr. Hartke’s office.  The regular ones were $40 every time they had to put it in and the jugular was $100 but it would be very difficult to rip out so I figured it would save me money because I knew she would rip out the others with her track record so far.  Plus, they could draw blood directly from that instead of poking her with needles every day.  Thus, the Cone of Shame. 😦

Also, since she is such a good patient (insert massive amount of sarcasm here) they had to put her under anesthesia in order to put the catheter in…apparently most cats just let you stick them in the neck without a serious fight.  Not Hemi.  She goes down swinging!  Apparently Hemi has been quite the brat there.  She growls at the workers when they walk by, hisses and swats at them when they open her cage or try to do anything…even changing her litter box.  She has been so mean that they even had to label her…

Extra Caution?!?

Extra Caution?!?

I have a bad child!  I never thought my kids would act up but apparently she has multiple personalities because she has been an angel to me when I go there.  But it’s understandable also because if you were poking and prodding me in a cold cage away from my family, I would be a bitch too.  So maybe she just takes after her mom?

Dr. Stone (the specialist) had me come in each day to feed her because she was not eating for them.  Ideally he wanted her to eat a special diet food with low protein that they had but he said whatever I could get her to eat at this point was fine.  I stopped by Petsmart and grabbed her favorite treats and some food with the lowest amount of protein I could find.  She ate plenty of treats for me and some of the food they provided.

Each morning, Dr. Stone called me (which I thought was nice because he actually called himself…not his assistants or someone else) to give me an update on her renal levels (creatine levels in her kidneys).  When I brought her in she was at 4.2, Thursday morning she was at 3.8 and Friday morning was 3.0.  Saturday morning was 2.9.  He said that he expected that she was plateauing and would know for sure on Sunday when they tested her again.

Joseph went with me Saturday morning to visit her and she was so much more alert and perky than she had been the past few days!



Sunday morning, Dr. Stone called to update me (levels definitely plateaued around 3) and to tell me that she had made a mess of herself in her cage because she had passed some stool and that they were going to bathe her.  I literally laughed and said, “Good Luck!”  Mom came with me to visit her because she missed her seeing as she hadn’t been able to go by since Thursday evening.  Turns out, they were able to bathe her to some degree…

little, wet back legs

little, wet back legs

Her legs were the only thing wet so it didn’t look like they got too far on bathing but she was semi clean and I would just completely clean her once she was able to go home.  Hemi was really excited to see us.  She loved on us and rubbed faces with me.  The Cone of Shame made it a little more difficult but I was able to get in there enough to rub faces a bit.


I thought for sure my forehead was lacerated from that stupid cone jabbing me in the head when she tried to rub faces when I wasn’t braced for it yet.  But it was totally worth it.

Sunday evening they began weaning her off fluids to see if her creatine levels would spike without them.  Dr. Stone wanted her creatine levels to be around 2 or lower so with her being around 3, it means that she is considered in Stage 3 of kidney disease.  Cats vary on their life span once getting to this stage because the better they eat and drink, the longer they can live.

Dr. Stone called me this morning and said that her levels had remained around 3 after weaning her off the fluids so she was able to go home today!!  YAY!!! He wants me to go by between 5 and 6 to pick her up because they still have to remove her jugular catheter (which may mean anesthesia since they needed it to put it in) then will monitor her a little bit longer and get her medicines together for me.  She will have to go back to Dr. Hartke Wednesday or Thursday to check her levels again to make sure they are staying down at home.  Also, she will need to be on antibiotics for a few months to keep her from getting an infection.  I requested pill form if possible because those are so much easier to give her because I can hide them in treats instead of holding her face to force her mouth open and shoot the liquid in.  He said he would give me pills if it was available so that’s good to hear.  I just hope they all come in pill form…

So right now, good news is that she is not getting worse.  She’s not necessarily good but at least she is a little better and gets to come home!  I know she and I will be much happier that she gets to be at home!

2 Responses to “Hemi Update”

  1. Barbara March 4, 2013 at 2:21 PM #

    I am so happy to hear that Hemi is home – I know she is much happier and hope she continues down the course of recovery. Love you Blair.

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