Happy Birthday Grandma!!

7 Mar

I don’t have much time to post today but I wanted to get one in really quick today to wish a very happy birthday to my wonderful grandmother.

Today she is a whopping 89 years young!  And the woman is still a firecracker!

Grandma & Me

Grandma has taught me so much and I definitely think I get a lot of my personality from her.  She says EXACTLY what is on her mind whether you want to hear it or not and she is incredibly witty.  I think my favorite witty comment she has ever made was when she was 86 and at the doctor.  The doctor said something to her about being in great condition for 66 years old (obviously kidding with her because he knew her age) and she snapped back, “66?!  I was still stripping when I was 66!”  Just for the record, my grandmother is not and has not ever been a stripper but that is just how she is and I love it!  It used to embarrass me and it still embarrasses my family but now I just think it is hilarious!  I’ve learned to appreciate those ridiculous comments she says to complete strangers and have found myself doing the same thing…not sure if it is a good or bad thing yet.  I’ll let you know in 65 years!

My grandmother is an incredible woman.  She raised 4 kids (Mom being the 2nd to youngest) mostly by herself.  She has been widowed since my mom was 7 years old and has completely taken care of herself and her family.  I mean this woman did everything from changing oil in her car to cleaning the house.  One time when she was in her early 80s, my dad drove up to her house to find her on the ROOF of her house sweeping off pine needles!  She wanted it done and didn’t want to wait on anyone else to do it.  She is probably one of the single most stubborn human beings in the world.  But we love her for it!

The very first time she met Joseph she started off by telling him that I was her only granddaughter and that he better be good to me then proceeded to tell him how cute he is.  I think every time he sees her, she reminds him that I am her only granddaughter.  She often reminds me as well.  And I can honestly say that I am proud to be her only granddaughter and I’m happy that I take some of my stronger personalities from her.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!  

Here’s to many more!  I love you so much!!

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