Houston Rodeo Committeeeee

13 Mar

It’s prime Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo time!!  How many of y’all have been so far this year??

As I have mentioned before, I am volunteering this year.  I’m on the Gatekeepers committee.  Going into it, I really didn’t know what to expect.  One thing that really came as a surprise was how expensive it has been…

I started off having to pay $50 to be a member of HLSR and for some stupid reason, I thought that would be all I had to spend…I mean it was 50 whole dollars.

Then came the committee dues, which were $45.  Okay surely I am done spending money now, right?  Nope.  Here’s all the things I ended up having to buy:

!) HLSR Dues – $50

2) Committee Dues – $45

3) Black felt hat because we couldn’t find mine from Fair Queen in high school – $120

D) Black boots (I already had black boots with white inlay but apparently they “had too much white in them” so I had to get plain black ones) – $200

5) Committee Pin – $7

6) Badge Holder (not mandatory but I had 3 pins I needed to put on and wasn’t going to put them on my shirts every time) – $20

&) White button up shirts (owned one but needed a spare which happened to be purchased from the little boys’ section of Baskin’s because it was about $20 cheaper) – $15

8) Luckily this year I was a team that was inside so I didn’t have to purchase the $75-100 vest or jacket because they give us red vests.

Did you total that up?? IT’S COST ME $457 TO VOLUNTEER!!! VOLUNTEER!! 

Luckily $362 of that was for one time expenses.  The only things I will have to pay for each year are HLSR member dues and committee dues.  I feel like I have to volunteer for the next 10 years to get my money’s worth on all the other stuff.  I will have to buy a vest or jacket next year though…

The bright side?  I do get in free and can bring one guest with me each time, oh and free parking is included and it is right outside of the stadium.  Unfortunately, I have been working most of the nights when performers that I would’ve gone to see are playing.  Oh the irony.

I have gotten to meet some pretty great people and it definitely has good networking potential.

I haven’t taken any pictures in my sweet country get up yet but maybe you’ll be lucky and I’ll get a picture so you can see how incredibly attractive I am in my redneck attire…

Until then, here’s a random picture of a girl I found on google images who happens to be a stadium gatekeeper like me.  I’ve blurred out her face seeing as I have no idea who she is…

I have worked 2 of my 6 shifts and Sunday is the last day of Rodeo.  If you do the math that means I only have one day off from now until Sunday.  I work every day except tomorrow so if you decide to go to a show between now and St. Patty’s Day, come find me and say hi!

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