Another Hemi Update

15 Mar

Almost two weeks ago, I was able to bring Hemi home!! So exciting!!

on our way home!

on our way home!

At first she was hiding in my closet or under my bed the ENTIRE time minus when she came out in the dark to eat or drink water.  She was super pissed at me and I totally don’t blame her.

I took her to the vet that Thursday and unfortunately we didn’t get very good news.  Her creatine levels went back up to 4.0 but Dr. Hartke was more worried about her iron levels.  Turns out, Hemi’s blood work showed that her iron levels were low meaning she was anemic.  Her iron levels were at 21 and the normal is around 26 or higher.  Dr. Hartke was really worried about this because when cats are anemic it can mean that the kidneys are not producing the hormone that is sent to the bone marrow telling it to produce red blood cells and they can die quickly if the levels keep dropping.  It was causing Hemi’s breathing to be labored like when we go into high altitude and feel like we have been punched in the chest.  Dr. Hartke said that her body can adjust to the lower levels (just like we do after a few days of high altitude) but since it came on so quickly, it was not likely her body would compensate for the low iron.  Not good news and of course I left crying.

Hemi was given a special diet that she will have to be on for the rest of her life – however long that may be.  They gave her wet food and a prescription for dry food that I could get filled at Petsmart.  She hated the wet food, which I knew she would, so I bought her the dry food and she has been eating like a champ!

We made another appointment for a week later, which was last night, to check her levels again to see if her body compensated for the low iron (decent case), if her levels went back up (best case), or if they continued to drop (worst case).

On our way, Hemi was NOT happy with me because she hates riding in a car anywhere so she buried her head by my seat belt under the center console.

hiding Hemi

hiding Hemi

Dr. Hartke took her blood and we waited around for about 15 minutes while she tested it, all the while Hemi was convulsing from being so terrified.  It breaks my heart having to take her anywhere because I hate stressing her out.  The only thing that made her stop was when I put her on the counter and leaned over her, creating a warm, dark cave with my body.

This is Hemi's "Go to hell" look that she gives the vet...some say that she gets that look from me...

This is Hemi’s “Go to hell” look that she gives the vet…some say that she gets that look from me…I think it just comes so natural to both of us.

Dr. Hartke came back and finally after over a month of poking, prodding, testing and stressing, we got our first bit of good news!  Hemi’s iron levels went back up to 26 which was awesome!  She said that the results from last week could have been due to Hemi being diluted with fluids so her blood was kind of watered down, causing her iron to be low.  Also, her Creatine levels went down to 3.6, which was a 0.4 point drop!  Still not great news but it’s better than before so I’ll take it!

We have to go back in a month to check on everything again but as of right now, my pretty little girl is stable and will be happier knowing she doesn’t have to go anywhere for a little while!


Thanks to everyone for your concerned thoughts and prayers!!  It means the world to us! ❤

2 Responses to “Another Hemi Update”

  1. Kooken March 15, 2013 at 10:40 AM #

    that look made me laugh a ton! I am glad she is getting better!!!

  2. Barbara March 15, 2013 at 10:47 AM #

    YEAH for you and Hemi – that is such great news !!!!!!!!

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