Big Rodeo Week

18 Mar

Well, rodeo is over and I could not be more relieved.  At times it was stressful, frustrating, exciting, amazing, and fun…sometimes all in one night.

I’ll give you a little recap of what I did this rodeo season.

I worked 6 shifts total.  5 of those shifts were this past week…

Shift #1:  Zac Brown Band, Thursday February 28th.

First of all, we were told to meet at 3pm so I got there around 2:30/2:45 so I wasn’t late.  We literally didn’t even START doing anything until 5:30!! I was so pissed.  I had to take off work early to go sit around and twiddle my thumbs for nothing.  –> Not a good introduction to what volunteering is like.

I worked the Coca-Cola gate which is the busiest gate.  Since it was early in the rodeo, everything goes at a little bit of a slower pace so it wasn’t really very eventful.  A lot of my friends came to that show and I was hoping to get off my shift early to join them but unfortunately I’m a rookie so for the first shift, there was no such luck.  BUT they all came through my gate.  Justin came through early in the day so we weren’t very busy so I saw him walk up and was able to chit-chat a little bit.  Later, I was explaining to a man where to go and we were a little busy so once he moved on I looked directly at the next ticket and asked how they were doing.  I hear a familiar voice say, “Pretty good.”  I look up and it was Joseph with Joey and Nicole!  Then Joseph lectured me on that I needed to look at people when I asked them how they were doing and I tried to explain that I had been but just so happened to not do it to him. haha oops.  Then later I was super busy again and didn’t really look up but I went to scan a ticket and some guy (I knew it was a guy from the hands) kept blocking the barcode on his ticket so I couldn’t scan it.  At first I thought that maybe he was special or something so I didn’t want to get frustrated and look up and glare at him but then I saw an Aggie ring and thought, “This guy is just being a punk!”  Then I hear him laugh and look up and it’s Daniel and Ali!!  How is it that the few sets of people I didn’t look at happened to be my friends?!?

Shift #2:  Go Tejano Day, Sunday March 10th.

We were told to be there at 4pm this time.  Still stood around for an hour and a half this time so I decided I would be showing up later for every other shift.  I’m not a child.  If I can show up to my paying job on time at 6:30am, I promise I can show up to an afternoon shift at the rodeo on time.

I worked the Coca-Cola gate again but this time it was MUCH more busy!  Go Tejano day is one of the biggest shows and of course there is a bit of a language barrier so a lot of committee veterans warned us that it would be crazy, frustrating, and to try our hardest to be nice.  I never had any issues.  In fact, I usually had more issues on the other days.

Also, I was entertained by all the sweet Mexican cowboy boots.  Have you ever seen them?

I saw these things everywhere!  Of course, most weren’t quite that extreme.  A lot looked like this…

Not quite as dramatic but still eye-catching.

Shift #3:  Jake Owen, Wednesday March 13th.

I worked inside on the action seats for this shift.  The action seats are on the long sides of the stadium for the first 7 rows.  This was awesome.  Before the show, we had to set out fliers on the seats and we saw Jake Owen warming up!  For my actual shift, I had a front row view of the entire rodeo and concert.  It was awesome.  I wasn’t “allowed” to take pictures because I am an “employee” of the rodeo but last time I checked, I paid a butt-load of money to do this so I snuck some pictures anyways.

This is the view from the spot that I worked for the whole show.

This is the view from the spot that I worked for the whole show.

Left: Jake Owen and band warming up before showRight: My view during the performance

Left: Jake Owen and band warming up before show
Right: My view during the performance  (Sorry for the crappy quality – iphone…)

See that rail down in front of those pictures?  Jake Owen walked around during his performance taking pictures, hugging, and high-fiving people along that rail.  He also just so happened to hop up on the rail RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SECTION and sing an entire song!!  I could literally see the stitching on his clothing.  The man is good-looking, I might add.  And has beautiful teeth!  People in the audience went absolutely nuts!! I had to be a body-guard keeping people from coming down to the edge by him so I wasn’t able to snag a picture of him that close which sucked but it was still awesome to experience that.

Jake got them to turn off all the lights, even the ones on the stage, and had everyone turn their phone lights on while he sang, “Heaven” and it was beautiful.

Stadium of phone lights.  It was beautiful.

Stadium of phone lights. It was awesome.  This picture just doesn’t do it justice.

After the concert was over, a girl was freaking out because she dropped her ring below the action seats (they have small openings like bleachers down there but they aren’t small enough to reach your hand through).  Apparently she and her fiance just got engaged recently and she was in pure panic.  She was about to crawl under them when one of the nice Reliant workers volunteered for her.  I give massive props to this guy because ALL kinds of things get dropped under there – drinks, food, dip spit, and apparently rats are under there too.  While he was under there he let out a blood curling female scream and said, “There’s rats!! AHHH!!!”  He found the ring for her and she gave him a $20.  You could not pay me enough money to crawl around under there.  They only clean out under there after the end of the ENTIRE rodeo.  There was 2 weeks worth of nastiness under those seats! Ugh!

Girl directing the nice guy to her ring under the bleachers

Girl directing the nice guy to her ring under the bleachers

Shift #4:  Blake Shelton, Friday March 15th.

I started off at the Coca-Cola gate (again) then was moved to the Chute seats right before the concert.  I stood on the back of the chutes with the cowboys and their families while I used a flashlight to light the path below for the chute ticket holders to walk during the darkness of the concert.

My view from standing on the back of the chutes

My view from standing on the back of the chutes

Inside of one of the chutes...I always thought they were bigger than this...

Inside of one of the chutes…I always thought they were bigger than this…

While Blake was performing “God gave me you,” there was a couple in the back of the dirt area dancing.  The guy spun her around, stopped, then dropped down on one knee and proposed!  They had friends and family there with them too so they all took pictures of the proposal.  It was pretty cute.

Shift #5:  Luke Bryan, Saturday March 16th.

This shift I worked the Ford gate.  Slowest. Gate. Ever.  If you ever go to the rodeo in the future, go to this gate.  There is never a wait because no one goes to this entrance.  It made the shift seem pretty long but at least it was a pretty day.

It was SUPER windy and everyone’s hats kept blowing off and the girls were having to hold onto their dresses so they didn’t fly up.  One guy tried to pull his ticket out of his pocket and a 20 dollar bill went flying.  I chased it down to give it back to him and he invited me out for a steak dinner.  Obviously I politely declined.  When I got home and told Joseph, he asked why I didn’t go get free steak.  It’s hard dating someone who is so jealous all the time…this coming from the guy who also bolts when a guy talks to me at a bar in hopes that he will buy me a drink so Joseph doesn’t have to…ha.

Shift #6:  Randy Rogers Band, Martina McBride, and the one and only George Straight, Sunday March 17th.

This is one that needs a post all for itself tomorrow but I will give you a little preview of what I experienced…

King George

King George

Yes that is on my camera and no it’s not a picture of the screen. 🙂  But more on that later.

3 Responses to “Big Rodeo Week”

  1. Katie March 18, 2013 at 4:00 PM #

    This literally made me laugh out loud!!

    “this coming from the guy who also bolts when a guy talks to me at a bar in hopes that he will buy me a drink so Joseph doesn’t have to…ha.”

    • ben June 12, 2016 at 11:37 PM #

      Correction on those boots Tejanos do not were those boots as a matter of fact we tejanos would not be caught dead in those stupid boots those boots are from mexico born in a town call matejuala we Tejanos wear ariats tony lama justin etc the same boots George Strait Easton carbon clint black wear so please correct that article

      • sweetsassyandabitsmartassy January 18, 2017 at 7:33 AM #

        I am sorry you are offended by my article; however, those boots are commonly worn on “Go Tejano Day” at the Houston rodeo. I was not saying everyone wearing them are Tejano, I was simply reporting on the boots that I saw that day at the rodeo. I am not even sure why that day is called “Go Tejano Day” anyways because I do not believe the bands that play are considered Tejano either. The boots may not be Tejano, but they showed up for “Go Tejano Day.”

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