“…pure randomness.”

21 Mar

I woke up this morning with a strong craving for Yoohoo.

I have no idea why but it just sounds fantastic right now.  Please tell me they still make this!  If so, I will be getting one very soon.


I was driving down the highway the other day and noticed this next to me…

photo (3) - Copy

That’s a coke sitting on the bumper of this car as it goes 75mph down the freeway.  I was impressed that it was still there.  Jeeps must have good suspension…


So I’m in the elevator at work all the time and this scenario seems to play out…

I get on the elevator with several people.  My elevator goes to floors 10-17.  I am on floor 15.  It never fails that we stop at some of the floors before 15 and people get off the elevator.  Yet SOMEHOW there is always ONE person left on the elevator with me and it just so happens that they are the one standing CLOSEST to me.

See, we start off like this:

Then, everyone gets out on one of the lower floors except me and another person and we look like this:

I know this happens to some of you guys.  What do you do in this situation?  Do you just keep standing there being awkward or do you move to the other side of the elevator and look like you are freaked out by the person standing next to you??  You can’t win in these types of situations!  Usually I move to the other side because I have issues with strangers being near my personal space.


I don’t like a lot of commercials but I think every single Allstate Mayhem commercial has made me chuckle.

I decided to check out the commercials on YouTube to see if any good ones were on there.  I came across this clip of compiled commercials, most of which I hadn’t seen, and they made me laugh so I thought I would share.

Click here to see the funny compilation of commercials.

Speaking of funny commercials.  My newest favorites are the AT&T: It’s Not Complicated ones.  You know, the ones with the weird kids.

“You could tape a cheetah to her back.”  I don’t know how that guy keeps a straight face while filming with these kids because they crack me up.

These two kinds of commercials are usually the only ones that I will watch while fast-forwarding through my DVRed shows.  What are your favorite commercials??


I’ll leave you with some of the most exciting news I’ve heard lately…well I heard it a while back but then I just remembered it and got excited again.

Yep, it's a 2nd one. Coming this year!

Yep, it’s a 2nd one. Coming this year!

Watch the movie trailer here and here.  You’re welcome.

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