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Engagement Weekend Continued…

17 Apr

So as I was saying before in my previous engagement post, Joseph confiscated my phone because he wanted me to wait to tell everyone so we could enjoy the night with our family and soak it all in.  I figured he worked so hard to make the proposal perfect that I would just go along with what he wanted…if he wanted to wait, I would wait — even though the whole time I was thinking “My friends are going to be PISSED when they find out I called them the next day…”

We had a wonderful dinner and wine at the Kiepersol Winery Restaurant.  I had lamb chops (which are my favorite) while Joseph had a steak.  It was SO delicious!!  It was a wonderful way to end the night celebrating our engagement with our family without any distractions.  So at this time, I totally understood why Joseph wanted to wait to tell everyone.

The next morning, I woke up bright and early ready to tell EVERYONE!  Then I realized it was 5am and everyone else was still sleeping…so I decided to wait a little bit.  When Joseph woke up, his dad needed help launching the jet skis and fixing a few things around the lake house.

I went outside and asked Joseph if I could PLEASE tell people and he said yes but to wait until he was done helping his dad so he could tell his friends at the same time.  That was a reasonable request although I thought surely his dad wouldn’t mind if he took a time-out from working to celebrate the biggest event of our lives so far but whatever…

Joseph said all he had left to do was clean out the boat house because there was pollen EVERYWHERE and said if I helped it would go by faster and then we could tell people.  So I went down there to help.  We washed off floaties, life jackets, the dock, and everything else in the boat house and as we were finishing up and walking towards the house Joseph says, “Hey, who’s that?!?”  I looked up and SO many of our friends were running down to the water to meet us!!

Surprise College Friends

It was YET AGAIN another one of his wonderful surprises!!  Apparently they had known for a few weeks that he was planning on proposing this weekend and not a single one of them spilled the beans!  I was very impressed!  It was so awesome having them all show up…although it would have been nice for Joseph to tell me to put on some make-up and not sweats and a t-shirt, but I will let that one slide because he wanted it to be a full surprise and if he told me to look cute at the lake, I would be suspicious.

telling everyone the details of the proposal

telling everyone the details of the proposal

After we all settled down, I started bugging Joseph about being able to call my friends that I grew up with.  He gave me my phone and said to go ahead.  I was kind of bummed because that meant that they weren’t going to be there…

So I called them all – as I could, because service out there is not so great…and one by one, they all sounded like they knew what was going on but I figured they all just couldn’t make it out there because they were busy and didn’t know until last-minute.  I was happy that I could finally tell everyone and be excited with all of our friends!


Group of friends that surprised me

We made burgers and hot dogs for lunch and hung out in the sun drinking and having fun.

For dinner, we were making fajitas, and by we I mean the boys were out grilling the meat while the girls were inside chit-chatting (I could get used to that!).

Then all of a sudden the door busts open and I hear loud squeals and am being bombarded with 3 of my childhood best friends – Gina, Neva, and Morgan!

Notice how they are all cute and I am still in sweats without make-up...when will I learn?!

Notice how they are all cute and I am still in sweats without make-up…when will I learn?!

I seriously was not expecting them to show up because they weren’t there with the first group, Joseph let me call them, none of them mentioned it on the phone, and it was already so late in the day.  They had to come later because Gina’s brother had a couples’ shower for his wedding that day and they all rode together.  I was so happy that they made the trip all the way out there so late that night.

The whole group ate dinner, and sat around drinking and enjoying the night with s’mores and games.

Honestly, it was the best weekend of my entire life.  I LOVE surprises and to have THAT many in one weekend was just phenomenal.  I am just so impressed that no one ruined a single surprise for me.  Glad to know I have friends that can keep secrets! 🙂

Thank you to everyone for making this weekend so incredibly special.  Y’all have NO IDEA how much I truly appreciate everything!!  I cannot even put it into words how much it all means to me!  I am still on cloud nine and I don’t plan on coming down anytime soon!  I LOVE Y’ALL SO SO SO MUCH!!!

He liked it so he put a ring on it!

15 Apr

Big news everyone!!


By the amount of views I have already had on my blog today, it seems that everyone is dying to know the story and see pictures so here you go!

Earlier last week Joseph (I thought I was involved in this planning but apparently not) decided to go get dinner with Joey Friday after work.  I can wear jeans on Friday so when I was packing, my mom was in my room asking me what I was wearing and suggested my navy lace dress that I love but I said, “No! I can wear jeans on Fridays!” so she left the room to text Joseph that I wasn’t taking the bait, while I had no idea what she was doing.  Joseph texted me later and asked what I was planning on wearing and I told him jeans and a nice top and he said, “Well Joey is going to be in business casual and I want to get a picture of us with him so maybe you should wear something nicer.”  So I asked if the navy dress and heels would work (since that outfit was already planted in my head from my mom) and he said, “Yes! I love that dress.”

Mission 1: Get her to wear nice outfit – CHECK.

I drove in Thursday night to stay with him so we could just ride to work together (because our buildings are down the street from each other).  He picked me up after work and as we passed the exit where we were going to meet Joey, I said, “Hey are you going to exit?!” and his reply was, “Don’t worry about it.”  We kept driving north, passing Conroe while I continued to ask him where we were going while he continued to respond with “Don’t worry about it.”  Finally I gave up and just took a nap since I am a small child and fall asleep easily in moving vehicles now.

I wake up and have NO IDEA where we are.  It seems we are out in the middle of no where so I ask him if he is going to kill me and dump my body out here.  His response?  “Don’t worry about it.”  I finally realize we are close to Jacksonville where his parents’ lake house is and just assume that is where we are going and that Joey cancelled on us.  Everyone has asked how I didn’t think he was going to propose at this point and I can honestly tell you it crossed my mind but I quickly erased the thought because I knew his parents were up there but mine weren’t and I thought for sure he would do it with either both sets of parents or neither.  The reason I “knew” my parents weren’t up there was because I had been emailing my mom on her work email address up until the time I left work.  (Later I found out that my mom had gotten a friend from work to log on to her email and text her every time I emailed her and my mom would text back her response and Melissa would email me back from my mom’s email address — Thank you Melissa!! You guys are so sneaky!)

We got to the lake house and I had to run into the house to use the bathroom because he wouldn’t stop to let me go.  This gave him time to grab the ring box out of his bag.  His parents seemed surprised that we were there when we showed up and I had no idea why Joseph didn’t just tell me that we were going to the lake but he always says things like, “Don’t worry about it” or some other joking comment without actually answering me so it wasn’t out of the norm.

Joseph comes back “from the bathroom” aka getting the ring out of his bag and says “Let’s go down to the water.”  He let Duddley, his precious doggie, outside with us and as we were walking down the steps he grabbed my hand. Then I got suspicious.  He was being too sweet.  Usually he holds my pinky because I tend to have clammy hands (yeah gross) and we both get too hot holding hands.

We walked down to the bench swing that I always make him swing on with me and Duddley sat right by our feet in the most perfect position for pictures as possible.  I didn’t know at the time but Jeremy, Lori, and Chloe were all on the pontoon boat, basically right in front of us, taking pictures.  I had no idea it was them because Jeremy had been G-chatting me all day while “he was at work” and had even asked if we wanted to go out to Cedar Creek that night so I wasn’t thinking anyone else was up at the lake house so I didn’t think twice about seeing a random boat in the lake.

Joseph got down on one knee, said some precious things, and asked me to marry him.  Obviously I said yes and cried (I thought I would be tougher than that but I wasn’t).

My Initial Freak Out

My Initial Freak Out

Joseph putting the ring on my finger

Putting the ring on my finger

My New Favorite Picture

My New Favorite Picture

Jeremy yelled "WHOOOO!!!" so I finally realized that they were on the boat

Jeremy yelled “WHOOOO!!!” so I finally realized that they were on the boat

Joseph pointing out both of our families coming outside

Joseph pointing out both of our families coming outside

Showing off the ring to the camera!

Showing off the ring to the camera!

Picture with both families

Picture with both families

Waving at Chloe after she yelled "YAYYYY!!!

Waving at Chloe after she yelled “YAYYYY!!!

Lori and Chloe on the boat

Lori and Chloe on the boat

So happy

So happy!!

This Aggie girl finally has both rings!!

This Aggie girl finally has both rings!!

I love this boy.

I love this guy.

I seriously think that Joseph had Duddley trained for this night.  He was perfect the WHOLE time!

I seriously think that Joseph had Duddley trained for this night. He was perfect the WHOLE time!

The weather was perfect too!

The weather was perfect too!

Celebratory dinner with the family at an amazing winery!

Celebratory dinner with the family at an amazing winery!

The most beautiful ring I have ever seen and it's all mine!

The most beautiful ring I have ever seen and it’s all mine!

Did he do great or what?! It is literally EXACTLY what I wanted plus so much more!

Did he do great or what?! It is literally EXACTLY what I wanted plus so much more!

After we finally settled down from all of the excitement, we went to dinner at a really nice winery where Joseph had made reservations for our family.  He confiscated my phone so we could just enjoy the night together without telling anyone yet….

I’ll get into more details on the next post as to why…

“…pure randomness.”

12 Apr

This past Tuesday, Joseph and I went to dinner with his parents, Lori, and Chloe.

If this isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen, then you need to get your eyes checked...

If this isn’t the cutest thing you have ever seen, then you need to get your eyes checked…but then again, maybe I am biased 🙂

Joseph put on his little kid smile to match hers.  Chloe really seems to like her Uncle Joseph a lot which is super precious.  It kind of melts my heart.


So have you done your taxes??

If not, you better hurry up!  They are due next Monday!!

Also, Benjamin Franklin was a wise man…

Speaking of taxes, I keep hearing these commercials about getting your refund on a pre-paid Visa card so you can “have the money immediately.”  Do people not know that you can have your refund deposited directly into your bank account?  Then you have a pre-paid card called a debit card.  The only difference is that if you lose your debit card, you can cancel it and get a new one.  If you lose your pre-paid Visa, you are screwed.

I’ve also heard a commercial about a guy trying on tight leather pants and some other guy comes in and says something like, “Don’t spend your tax return on something stupid this year.  Spend it on whatever cell phone company (I don’t remember which one).”  Here’s an idea:  Don’t spend your tax return at all.  Put it in savings.  That’s the smart thing to do.


So I heard the most depressing story the other morning on the radio when I was heading to work.

A woman, Shelia Stadler, in Indiana died of cancer.  Her dying wish was to have her dog, Toffee, buried with her.  Her dog was a service dog and I can see how she would want to be with him because a bond like that is probably incredible.  BUT the dog was a completely healthy, 5-year-old dog.

Her family euthanized him because that was her wish and in Indiana your dog is considered your “property” and you can do whatever you want!  They killed a perfectly healthy SERVICE dog!!  He could have been given to another family in need and helped someone for another 5-10 years!! How sad is that?!  On the radio they were dumbfounded by this (and I agree) but you would be SHOCKED at how many people called in saying they would do the same thing.  Many said, “My dog is my child,” or “No one could take care of my dog or love my dog the way I can.”  Seriously?!  So you are saying that if it were legal to kill your kids you would have them euthanized and buried with you, too?  And that there’s not a single other person that you know that loves animals and would be happy to take in your dog after you die?  You need better friends and family if that’s the case.

Just for the record, if any of my friends and family request this as your dying wish, I won’t fulfill it.  I will GLADLY take in whatever pet you have and treat it with all the love I have to offer.  I think it is incredibly selfish to wish death upon your pet because you leave this Earth.

Do you think this is crazy or do you think I am over reacting?  Either way, I stand by my opinion.  And I’m not saying that I will hate you if you disagree but we probably won’t be able to be friends anymore…so there’s that…


In brighter animal news, Hemi had her 1-month check-up yesterday.

Hems (2)

They tested her blood and did a urinalysis.  She came back stable on all of her kidney levels AND she gained a whole pound back!! WHOOP!!  She still had some blood in her urine which points to part of her kidney being damaged which is not good for long-term but that is something we will have to take a day at a time.  Usually in dogs they put them on daily medication but the vet said she will have to check with some colleagues because this isn’t something you typically see in cats, and if you do they usually don’t survive through what she has already gone through.  But Hemi is stubborn and a fighter and as of right now she is stable and beautiful and I am so happy for that.  We will go back in another month then after that we will probably have 6-month check-ups.  The fact that the vet is planning on 6-month check-ups is comforting because that shows that Hemi can live for a while like this and that makes me the happiest Cat Mom in the world!


While we are on the topic of cute animals, look who Mom found on our back porch Wednesday night.

IMG_3667It’s a little baby turtle!!  He was so TINY!!

I mean, look how little he is compared to this shoe box…


I wear a size 6.5 shoe so this box is already a lot smaller than your typical shoe box.

I introduced the little guy to Hemi because she was very curious.


Don’t worry.  She just gave him kisses on his shell.

It was so cold Wednesday night that Mom and I didn’t want to put him back outside so we thought we would wait until Thursday afternoon when it warmed up a bit.  So we put him in the shoe box and added some grass.


He loved it!  He even popped his head out to say hello!  Isn’t he cute?!

Hemi ate some of his grass when I wasn’t paying attention then threw it back up on my floor but good news is that she didn’t eat him!  I decided to put his box on the bathroom counter and close the door so he would remain uneaten.  Thursday afternoon Mom let him out by the lake so he could go back to his normal little life. 🙂


Anyways, IT’S FRIDAY!!!

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.  –Enjoy getting that out of your head now. muahahaha (evil laugh)

My day has already been pretty great!  Let’s hope it stays that way!  Fingers crossed!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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