Easter Sunday

1 Apr

Did y’all do anything exciting for Easter this year?  Do you have any Easter traditions?

Joseph and I don’t really have any traditions yet but we switch off  spending Easter Weekend with each of our families.  This year we were with his family.

Originally Joseph and I planned to head up to his parents’ lake house Friday after work (yes we had to work on Good Friday…not everyone gets the holiday off…), stay for the night, then head back to Houston for church on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately Joseph had to be “on call” Saturday for work so we just stayed in town while the rest of his family went up to enjoy the lake. 😦

His family came back Saturday night so we all went to church together Sunday morning.  Each year, his church usually has Easter lilies that people pre-purchase to have on the altar to dedicate “in honor” or “in memory” of someone.  This year, they had Easter roses instead because the new pastor is allergic to lilies.  I love lilies but I actually liked the idea of this better because instead of everyone taking home their lilies that they purchased, they bought rose bushes that were going to be planted in the flower beds of the church after the Easter service.  What a great way to beautify the church!

After the service, we went home to change then went to Jeremy’s house for hot dogs and burgers with Joseph’s immediate family and Aunt Krisse, Uncle Will, and their two kids, Kaitlyn and Brendan.

After we ate, we decided to hide some eggs for Brendan.  I didn’t realize how much fun hiding Easter eggs could really be!  This was the first time I had ever hidden any before and I think I have decided that even if I have to hide them for myself, I will be doing it every year!

To understand the scenario, you have to understand Joseph and Jeremy’s relationship with Brendan.  First of all, Joseph and Jeremy are already pranksters to begin with.  Brendan is only 9 so Joseph and Jeremy are a good amount older than him…well boys tend to pick on each other anyways so basically Brendan has been picked on by these guys his whole life.  He is a good sport about it and gives them crap right back and it is pretty comical to witness.  Now that I have gotten to know him, Brendan tends to turn to me when he gets frustrated with Joseph and I have to defend him or tell him if Joseph is being serious or lying to him (usually the latter).

When we first walked outside, Joseph just dumped the eggs out in the middle of the yard like this…

I made him actually help me hide them but being the jokester he is, Joseph decided to hide all of his high up on the house gutters and on top of trucks so Brendan couldn’t reach them.  We hid a total of 24 eggs and when we went inside to tell Brendan we were ready, his dad, Will, told us he had been watching us through the window most of the time.  So what did we do?  We told him there were 25 eggs to find…

He found some quickly…

Brendan's Easy Finds

Others took a little longer…

Brendan's Harder Finds

After Brendan found them and attempted but failed to secure them himself, Joseph decided to be helpful…

Helpful Joseph

The whole family was outside and watching him hunt for his eggs, getting a pretty good laugh.  As he found more and more and his basket began to fill up, we had him count his eggs.  As he was doing that, Jeremy thought he would “help him count” and took one of his eggs out of his basket without him seeing it and re-hid it.  Where?  In the same spot as one he had already found.  This was repeated several times.  The first time, we convinced Brendan that it was a different spot than the first time but by the 3rd and 4th time, he wasn’t fooled.

Brendan Rehiding

We hid one egg on the hood of his parents vehicle on the windshield wipers (several times) but the second time, his dad thought he would get in on the fun…When Brendan went to grab the egg off the car, Will set off of the panic alarm and it made Brendan jump about 2 feet into the air!  We were all rolling in laughter!  Even Brendan thought it was pretty funny.

Brendan Alarm Scare

For the nonexistent “25th egg” we told Brendan that it was a Golden Egg.  Joseph and Jeremy had been giving him “hot and cold” hints for the harder hidden eggs.  For the “Golden Egg” they led him to the middle of the yard and told him he was standing in “hot, boiling lava.”  After a very thorough search all around him, Brendan was fully perplexed and he started searching his own body!  We cracked up because he said there was no other place in the yard that it could possibly be!

Brendan Searching Himself

While Brendan was searching himself, Jeremy snagged another egg from his basket and re-hid it and Gwen went inside and grabbed a plastic football egg that happened to be gold.  When the guys told Brendan they were joking about the egg being over there and that he was actually ‘freezing cold” he found the 24th egg (for about the 10th time) and Joseph threw the golden egg back to the middle of the yard where Brendan had just searched himself.  They led him back over to the middle of the yard and Brendan was really confused when he found it right where he had been standing the whole time.

The guys finally confessed that there were only 24 eggs and commended him for being such a good sport about it all.  Brendan laughed about it and just went inside to enjoy his candy.

It was by far the funniest egg hunt I have ever seen and I will definitely be participating in more egg hunts in the future but only if I am allowed to hide them…after what I witnessed, I don’t think I would want Joseph or Jeremy hide the eggs for me…


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