“…pure randomness.”

2 Apr

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day.  Do you participate in fooling people?  Were you fooled by anyone else?

I normally am not one to try to fool anyone because I don’t like it being done to me.  I’m too gullible for that holiday…

104.1 KRBE decided to participate in the holiday though.  They had a public service announcement about new taxes going into effect on April 22nd (Earth Day) for vehicle registration.  They said it was going to cost anyone who has a truck or SUV an extra 4% of their vehicle’s worth (according to what is listed in Kelley Blue Book) when they register their vehicle each year.  So if you had a $40,000 SUV, you would have to pay $1,600 for your registration for that vehicle!  They had someone on the line playing the part of the official spokesperson for Texas Department of Transportation confirming the information and giving more details.  People were calling in super angry about it and I bet the DOT office received plenty of angry phone calls before KRBE announced that it was a joke.  I get to work too early in the morning to hear Roula & Ryan’s show but my mom heard it and told me about the joke.  BUT every morning (before 6am when Roula & Ryan are scheduled to come on) the radio station plays recaps from the day before aka Next Day Replay.  Well, I was happy my mom told me about it because this morning I heard the first part of the joke without hearing the end part saying it was a joke so with it not being April Fool’s Day anymore, that could be very confusing for some early listeners!


Did anyone watch the Duke vs. Louisville men’s basketball game on Sunday?  If not, I am sure you have heard about it.

Kevin Ware, sophomore on Louisville’s team, jumped up to block a 3-point shot and when he landed, his Tibia (shin bone) snapped in half, creating a compound fracture (one that penetrates the skin).

It was horrifying.   If you missed it and want to see it, click here and click through the 6 pictures they have of his leg.  WARNING: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!! DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK IF THAT KIND OF THING FREAKS YOU OUT!!   I only put the link instead of the actual picture because I know not everyone can handle looking at that stuff.

Luckily he is only a sophomore so maybe he will be healed completely and be able to play again before he graduates college.  It’s sad.  I don’t understand how your shin bone just breaks like that though!  That’s nuts!  It makes me want to start chugging gallons of milk…


This past Friday night we celebrated Joseph’s birthday in Houston.  And guess who came into town to surprise him??


Joseph & Kooken

KOOKEN!!!  She’s been working nonstop while living in Austin so we haven’t gotten to see her in forever so that was really exciting!  So happy you were able to make it in to surprise him, Kooken!! I love you!!


A little while back Mom and I went to Kroger to grab a few groceries.  When we pulled up, you’ll never guess what we saw…


It was the Oscar Mayer WienerMobile!!!  I’ve always wanted to see that thing ever since I was little and it finally happened!!  I think they were there mainly for the kids but you better believe I hopped in line to check out the inside!

Wiener Mobile

This thing was pimped out with a blue sky ceiling, big screen TV, and super padded, comfy chairs.

They had a little sign showing what the WienerMobile has looked like over the years and I thought it was pretty neat.


I knew the WienerMobile had been around for a while, but since 1936?!  I had no idea!

Have you seen the WienerMobile around anywhere??


I mentioned last week that my cousin, Leigh Anne, was having her baby on the 27th!  Well, Emma Kate was born at 4:05pm, weighing 8lbs 1oz and is 21 inches long!

photo (6)

Isn’t she cute?!  She was already posing for pictures! 🙂  Congratulations Leigh Anne and Shannon!!  I am so excited for you guys!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!

2 Responses to ““…pure randomness.””

  1. Barbara April 3, 2013 at 2:17 PM #

    Hi Blair – the oscar eyer weiner mobile sure is an awesome sight, but I will never forget seeing, also in Kroger’s parking lot, the “Girls Gone Wild” Bus !!!
    It was during spring break several years ago and I remember being so happy b/c Gina was safely in South Padre:)) FAR away from such nonsense and goings on.

    • sweetsassyandabitsmartassy April 3, 2013 at 2:23 PM #

      That is hilarious!! One year when I went to Panama City Beach for spring break we saw the Girls Gone Wild bus too!! Don’t worry, I only took pictures on the outside of it (completely clothed!). haha

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