Engagement Weekend Continued…

17 Apr

So as I was saying before in my previous engagement post, Joseph confiscated my phone because he wanted me to wait to tell everyone so we could enjoy the night with our family and soak it all in.  I figured he worked so hard to make the proposal perfect that I would just go along with what he wanted…if he wanted to wait, I would wait — even though the whole time I was thinking “My friends are going to be PISSED when they find out I called them the next day…”

We had a wonderful dinner and wine at the Kiepersol Winery Restaurant.  I had lamb chops (which are my favorite) while Joseph had a steak.  It was SO delicious!!  It was a wonderful way to end the night celebrating our engagement with our family without any distractions.  So at this time, I totally understood why Joseph wanted to wait to tell everyone.

The next morning, I woke up bright and early ready to tell EVERYONE!  Then I realized it was 5am and everyone else was still sleeping…so I decided to wait a little bit.  When Joseph woke up, his dad needed help launching the jet skis and fixing a few things around the lake house.

I went outside and asked Joseph if I could PLEASE tell people and he said yes but to wait until he was done helping his dad so he could tell his friends at the same time.  That was a reasonable request although I thought surely his dad wouldn’t mind if he took a time-out from working to celebrate the biggest event of our lives so far but whatever…

Joseph said all he had left to do was clean out the boat house because there was pollen EVERYWHERE and said if I helped it would go by faster and then we could tell people.  So I went down there to help.  We washed off floaties, life jackets, the dock, and everything else in the boat house and as we were finishing up and walking towards the house Joseph says, “Hey, who’s that?!?”  I looked up and SO many of our friends were running down to the water to meet us!!

Surprise College Friends

It was YET AGAIN another one of his wonderful surprises!!  Apparently they had known for a few weeks that he was planning on proposing this weekend and not a single one of them spilled the beans!  I was very impressed!  It was so awesome having them all show up…although it would have been nice for Joseph to tell me to put on some make-up and not sweats and a t-shirt, but I will let that one slide because he wanted it to be a full surprise and if he told me to look cute at the lake, I would be suspicious.

telling everyone the details of the proposal

telling everyone the details of the proposal

After we all settled down, I started bugging Joseph about being able to call my friends that I grew up with.  He gave me my phone and said to go ahead.  I was kind of bummed because that meant that they weren’t going to be there…

So I called them all – as I could, because service out there is not so great…and one by one, they all sounded like they knew what was going on but I figured they all just couldn’t make it out there because they were busy and didn’t know until last-minute.  I was happy that I could finally tell everyone and be excited with all of our friends!


Group of friends that surprised me

We made burgers and hot dogs for lunch and hung out in the sun drinking and having fun.

For dinner, we were making fajitas, and by we I mean the boys were out grilling the meat while the girls were inside chit-chatting (I could get used to that!).

Then all of a sudden the door busts open and I hear loud squeals and am being bombarded with 3 of my childhood best friends – Gina, Neva, and Morgan!

Notice how they are all cute and I am still in sweats without make-up...when will I learn?!

Notice how they are all cute and I am still in sweats without make-up…when will I learn?!

I seriously was not expecting them to show up because they weren’t there with the first group, Joseph let me call them, none of them mentioned it on the phone, and it was already so late in the day.  They had to come later because Gina’s brother had a couples’ shower for his wedding that day and they all rode together.  I was so happy that they made the trip all the way out there so late that night.

The whole group ate dinner, and sat around drinking and enjoying the night with s’mores and games.

Honestly, it was the best weekend of my entire life.  I LOVE surprises and to have THAT many in one weekend was just phenomenal.  I am just so impressed that no one ruined a single surprise for me.  Glad to know I have friends that can keep secrets! 🙂

Thank you to everyone for making this weekend so incredibly special.  Y’all have NO IDEA how much I truly appreciate everything!!  I cannot even put it into words how much it all means to me!  I am still on cloud nine and I don’t plan on coming down anytime soon!  I LOVE Y’ALL SO SO SO MUCH!!!

2 Responses to “Engagement Weekend Continued…”

  1. Kooken April 17, 2013 at 1:20 PM #

    Mission Accomplished! Boom! Surprised!

  2. Stephanie April 17, 2013 at 1:23 PM #

    Congrats again!! 🙂

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