Carrie Underwood

24 May

At the end of April, Joseph and I went to see Carrie Underwood in concert at the Toyota Center.  Joseph bought the tickets for me for Christmas and I was super excited because as I have mentioned before, I have a super girl crush on Carrie.  Joseph bought tickets in the same section that we sat in for Trans Siberian Orchestra because we liked the view from there because we could see the whole stage.


Hunter Hayes opened up the show.  I know I’ve told y’all that I am partial towards him because he used to play at the Willis Birthday Blast and Conroe Catfish Festival when he was a little kid and we used to watch him before he was famous.


Hunter Hayes Concert

This tour was the “Blown Away Tour.”  So it started off with a little video of the beginning of a storm and Carrie walking into a small house and the storm picks her up – very Wizard of Oz-ish – then screen looked like this…


and then all of a sudden the house slammed down and Carrie walked out of the “front door” which was really the screen but it was pretty cool-looking.  I have a video but I am too “thrifty” to buy the video add-on for my blog so you will just have to visualize it from my 4th-grader explanation.  Sorry.


She had several wardrobe changes and she could quite possibly be one of the fastest changers in the history of performers.  She would finish the last line of the song and drop into the stage and the band would finish the song and start the next and she would be back on stage in time for her first line of that song.  It was impressive.

IMG_3738 - Copy

She and her band got on this smaller square stage and were lifted above the crowd and came towards the back of the arena.  She sang a few songs on this stage while it spun around so everyone could see from all angles.  Every time that I have seen a performer do this it is usually just them above the crowd so it was interesting to see Carrie with her whole band…I would be lying if I said if I was on the floor and they were hovering over me that I wouldn’t be freaking out thinking they were going to fall on top of me…that’s a lot of weight to have dangling over your head!

CU Above Crowd

Then Hunter Hayes came out on stage and sang a couple of songs with her.  They thanked everyone for coming out to support them and gave a special thanks to the military men and women fighting for our country.

Carrie and Hunter

When she came out for her last few songs the stage was set up like the corner of a room with a bed that she sat on while the storm that had been brewing was on the screen behind her.


She sang a few songs then went away.  For her encore the screen played a video of an abusive father and the storm got more intense, which obviously meant the big finale was her singing “Blown Away” (but anyone could’ve guessed that because it was the “Blown Away Tour”).  She started off sitting on the bed singing and the storm picked up on the screen outside the house and as the tornado blew through on-screen, pieces of the house were ripped apart until there was nothing left behind her but the bed.  Confetti shot everywhere and the wind (aka big fans) blew all the confetti around as well as her luscious golden locks.

Blown Away

We had a lot of fun.  Carrie Underwood has an absolutely AMAZING voice.  She sounded exactly like she does on the radio.  What I love about her is that she doesn’t seem to have forgotten where she came from.  Carrie seems genuinely humbled by the love her fans give her.  She is donating $1 from every ticket she sells on this tour to the Red Cross to help disaster victims.  She thanked everyone countless times for all the support, thanked the military, and thanked God for all that He has blessed her with.  Carrie Underwood is an awesome role model and I would gladly go see her again if she is ever performing near by!

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